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single25-Jul-2015politics/religionjettles Survey Central Subscriber unsorted31151.6%


Four years ago I asked, is Donald Trump a chump and so I ask again!

a repeat of a survey I did in April of 2011, funny the difference 4 yrs makes!!

13Yes, definitely a chump
0Maybe just a chumpette
7No, he is a real contender
4I have another chumpy remark to make!

posted 25-Jul-2015 12:46pm  
Can't stand him. This is an easy politician to despise though I detest most of them anyway.
posted 25-Jul-2015 12:52pm  
Yes. He's a complete tool.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-Jul-2015 2:32pm  
Regardless of his politics, he comes across as a jerk.
posted 25-Jul-2015 5:40pm  
Somebody's a chump if he's so far up in the polls.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-Jul-2015 7:38am  
The definition for "chump" that I just found is "a foolish or easily deceived person." That doesn't quite fit. He's clearly very distracting, grabbing much of the media attention. People love to hate him, it seems. Some like him for speaking his mind without concern for upsetting others (unlike most political candidates). I don't think he's foolish. His history as a businessman shows he's willing to take risks and will engage in not-so-savory activities for self-promotion. Does he think he can win, I doubt it. But, perhaps if he's surrounded be supports, I don't know. I think more likely he does this as part of some self-promotion scheme or as a distraction to help others. He's getting a lot of attention. Who is benefiting from it?
posted 26-Jul-2015 4:04pm  
It would be nice if he would be a contender, everything he says is pretty much right on target...
posted 27-Jul-2015 11:05am  
Politicians are a tough lot to figure. Most politicians I don't trust. Let's face it, the people do not decide who will be running for office.

I think there has been voter fraud, with illegals voting. How else could Obama become president?

I pray for our nation.
(reply to LJD) posted 28-Jul-2015 5:05am  
> I think there has been voter fraud, with illegals voting. How else could Obama become president?

Not sure it is illegals voting that brings in the dopes (Obummer and party),
I think it is more the 'give us free stuff without working and we will vote for you' dopes that vote the likes of it in.
Sorry folks, can't build a financially stable society on that.
posted 28-Jul-2015 11:41am  
His very existence irritates me.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 28-Jul-2015 3:45pm  
Lysannus, I agree with your assessment.

I think it has been both illegal voter fraud, AND Obama needing to keep his and his people's voter block DEPENDENT. The dependent voter block are being used, but they don't know it.

I don't like the voting machines...too easy to "fix". I like the old paper ballot with good oversight.

posted 28-Jul-2015 6:08pm  
Stupid survey
posted 30-Jul-2015 5:27pm  
Donald quack for President
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Jul-2015 9:07am  
posted 31-Jul-2015 6:54pm  
Donald Trump is what happens when you have an internet troll, except take him offline out to the real-world. I have a tough time believing that Trump believes what he says he stands for. Besides, I don't think his standing in the polls will last in the long run. gives him 8/1 odds. Thats not all that promising.
posted 15-Aug-2015 12:32am  
He is every bit as much of a sellout for being Hillary clintons red herring. He only means to split the GOP vote so that the dems can stay in office
(reply to caviartaste) posted 27-Jan-2017 1:47pm  
Seems like you were wrong, eh?

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