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multiple3-Jan-2008work/schoolIseult by votes37269.4%


Which of the following university courses would you be interested in taking? - pick as many as you like.

Within last 3.5 years of my university education I took 17.5 credits. In addition to that, I will be taking 2.5 more credits next semester and graduating with an HBA in Geography (Honours Bachelor of Arts) with general BA in Classical Studies. I was curious which of the courses I took would you be interested in taking? Most of these courses I took only because they were required. Don't worry about the course codes if you don't know what they mean, and disregard all the prerequisites.

12CL121 - Classical Mythology
11GG391 - Wildlife & Land Resources
10CL102 - Roman Civilization
10CL226 - History Of Ancient Rome
10PH101 - Introduction to Philosophy
10RS302 - New Religious Movements
9CL231 - Egyptian & Mesopotamian Art
9LA101 - Introductory Latin
8AR101 - Archaeology: An Introduction
8CL101 - Greek Civilization
8CL212 - Ancient Tragedy
8CL225 - History of Ancient Greece
8EN201 - Survey of Literature from Its Beginnings to 1785
8GG367 - Geographies of Human Development
8LA102 - Latin
7AN103 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology & Archaeology
7CL214 - Greek Art & Archaeology
7CL215 - Roman Art & Archaeology
7GG102 - Introduction to Human Geography
6GG272 - Population Geography
6GG281 - Atmosphere & Hydrosphere
6GG290 - Global Resources & Environment Issues
5AR102 - Archaeology: Methods, Theory and Practice
5GG101 - Introduction to Physical Geography
5GG258 - Research Methods I
5GG270 - Cultural/Historical Geography
5GG353 - Western Europe
5GG364 - The Urban Systems
5GG388 - Introduction to Physical Climatology
4GG282 - Lithosphere & Biosphere
4LA203 - Intermediate Latin
3GG232 - Landscapes of Great Lakes Basins
3GG251 - Cartography I
3GG254 - Geography Information & Analysis
3GG260 - Principles of Economic Geography
3GG384 - Glacial Processes
3GG474 - Seminar in Cultural Geography
3I wouldn't be interested in taking any of these courses.
3I don't get it - what am I supposed to do again?
2GG351 - Cartography II
2GG369 - Geographic Information Systems I
2GG399 - Third Year Field Studies

posted 4-Jan-2008 12:20pm  
None of these sound like they would keep my attention. Maybe global resources & environment issues. The survey of literature sounds interesting some what.
posted 4-Jan-2008 12:46pm  

GG281 - Atmosphere & Hydrosphere

GG282 - Lithosphere & Biosphere

GG290 - Global Resources & Environment Issues
- Wildlife & Land Resources

I have already taken 3 terms of art history- love those Greeks!
posted 4-Jan-2008 1:19pm  
None really and especially not any of the "CL' courses. All of my courses were architecture, engineering, construction management and art. I took average of 18 credits every semester.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Jan-2008 1:55pm  
If I didn't have enough on my plate as it is, I would be pretty interested in a lot of these.

I'd skip the Archaeology because I've studied that before (when I was 16 - 18), and invested a lot of time reading about it as I wanted to be an Archaeologist until I was about 15. A lot of the Classical courses sound interesting, but I had friends who studied similar subjects at university and I heard enough about them to be pretty sure I wouldn't want to do any more than dip into them. The Survey of Literature sounds like it could be an interesting overview, but could also be fairly dry. I'm not all that interested in Geography and the areas that I do find more interesting (population modelling) I did with a different slant in my first degree (and will probably study more in my current degree when I get onto epidemiology). Cartography could be interesting though and I'd like to do some more Climatology (I've done it from a biological perspective - but a more geological perspective would be good). I'd really like to do some Latin - it would help me massively with my medical studies! I also wish that I'd had the opportunity to study Philosophy before - I'm just now starting to find my way with some major philosophers - so I'd definitely take that . I'd also love to take the New Religious Movements as although (perhaps because) I am an atheist, I am fascinated by religious belief and theology.

That's plenty to keep me busy!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Jan-2008 2:34pm  
These all sound interesting to me! I checked them all! A few of them overlap a little with some courses I took as an undergraduate or graduate student, but most of them don't. It sounds like you took some great classes. Have you decided what you're going to do after you graduate?
posted 4-Jan-2008 3:00pm  
Wildlife and Land Resources....maybe.
New Religious Movements...sounds interesting.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Jan-2008 3:05pm  
Philosophy, new religious movements, urban systems, and almost all (if not all) of the geography ones.
posted 4-Jan-2008 5:02pm  
I would be very interested any of the Roman history or the Eygptian one.
posted 4-Jan-2008 6:35pm  
New Religious Movements -- Cultural Geography -- Human Geography -- Western Europe -- The Urban Systems -- but I wouldn't want to take them in a school. I'd like to have these and many other educational courses in comprehensive software so as to be able to study in the privacy of my own home. I detest schools.
posted 4-Jan-2008 9:18pm  
AN103 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology & Archaeology
CL102 - Roman Civilization
CL225 - History of Ancient Greece
CL226 - History Of Ancient Rome
EN201 - Survey of Literature from Its Beginnings to 1785
LA101 - Introductory Latin
LA102 - Latin
LA203 - Intermediate Latin
PH101 - Introduction to Philosophy
posted 4-Jan-2008 9:26pm  
New Religious Movements sounds like a course I would be interested in along with History of Ancient Rome
and Western Europe sounds like a class I took back in high school Western Europe it was real good
(reply to LindaH) posted 4-Jan-2008 9:29pm  
> Philosophy, new religious movements, urban systems, and almost all
> (if not all) of the geography ones.

I took Western Europe back in high school in the 70,s they are good classes and study the planets in our solar
system is another good one
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 4-Jan-2008 9:31pm  
I like psychology, sociology, demographics, philosophy, etc. I'm not much into planets, but I like looking at the sky thrugh a telescope. Ancient history doesn't interest me much.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 4-Jan-2008 9:31pm  
Is a religious movement a holy crap?
(reply to LindaH) posted 4-Jan-2008 9:41pm  
> I like psychology, sociology, demographics, philosophy, etc. I'm not
> much into planets, but I like looking at the sky thrugh a telescope.
> Ancient history doesn't interest me much.

Philosophy sounds interesting and psychology and did you see or hear on the news about all that foamy stuff
washing up to shore looked like bath bubbles or something all brownish looking it was strange whatever that was
and there was lots and lots of that stuff in the ocean
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 4-Jan-2008 9:45pm  
Turtle farts!
(reply to LindaH) posted 4-Jan-2008 9:47pm  
> Is a religious movement a holy crap?

Sounds like it to me Linda , and those Presidential Candidates one he is a Baptist preacher running for President
and another one he is a Minister running for President and yes you guessed it right Linda ?
The Evangelicals are supporting them and giving them the votes
Barack Obama people are going to really vote for him from what I am seeing right now and wow can you
imagine that an African American President ??
(reply to LindaH) posted 4-Jan-2008 9:50pm  
> Turtle farts!

Fox Turtle farts hee hee that is good that explains all that foamy junk in the ocean washing up on the beaches
(reply to LindaH) posted 4-Jan-2008 9:55pm  
> Is a religious movement a holy crap?

The religious movement is taking over the world
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 4-Jan-2008 10:28pm  
I've applied to colleges (I don't know if you know that in Canada there is different between colleges & universities - college diplomas take less time to complete, are cheaper, and the curriculum is more focused, but the approach less academic and certain people look down on them) for Computer Programming. I would like the explore a career in GIS. I went to to look into GIS jobs, and all of them required programming skills. After that, I might go for like a certificate in GIS/spatial modelling or maybe even a Master's, who knows.
posted 4-Jan-2008 10:34pm  
I wouldn't mind taking any of these courses again, except: all the art courses (bored me to death and killed my GPA - I took three separate art courses and in all three of them got Cs no matter what I did (although I didn't do all that much), Cultural/Historical geography (the professor was racist again Europeans and the material was boring), Economic Geography, the Urban Systems, and Population Geography (although I did get to sleep during the lectures...).

So far the highlights have been: my first year Latin (professor was amazing), Field Studies (bird course and we did get to go on a three day field trip to Niagara region), Ancient Tragedy, the two stats courses, and GIS.

For my final semester, I am taking Glacial Processes, Introduction to Physical Climatology, Cartography II, Western Europe, and Seminar in Cultural Geography. I am excited about the first four. Seminar in Cultural Geography is a 400 level course, and we must have at least one to graduate. Since it put it off until my last semester, I had to pick between that, Models of Systems (which is so boring that I can't even begin to describe) and Coastal Geomorphology (which is at 8.30am).
(reply to Iseult) posted 5-Jan-2008 11:52am  
Why was the Cultural/Historical Geography professor racist?
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Iseult) posted 5-Jan-2008 12:04pm  
I didn't know that about colleges and universities in Canada--it sounds like the British system.

What is GIS? Something involving geography and information systems? What kind of work would that involve doing? Having the skills in computer programming will be valuable regardless, I think.

Oh, I just looked at the list and figured out what GIS is. So what kinds of things would you do in a GIS job? Is there a particular area of GIS that you like?
posted 5-Jan-2008 12:13pm  
gaaaaahhh...hurts my head to even think abut it..
(reply to Liss) posted 5-Jan-2008 4:13pm  
She was very harsh against Europeans and their conquest of North America. I might be exagerating in calling her 'racist', a more accurate description would be 'overly critical and extremely biased'. I just hated that class and I hate her.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 5-Jan-2008 4:18pm  
Well, the greatest thing about GIS is that it can be used in any field. It started off mostly for academic purposes and for environmental sciences, but today it can be used in anything. I would like to stay within some sort of science. Whatever is needed, whether it's private or for the government. Looking at retail markets would be fun, too. I would just like to stay as far away from urban planning and urban development because that field is so dry and boring.

I am not particularly interested in mapping just beause it requires so much attention to detail and in the end very few people truly appreciate your work. Remote sensing is always fun, but I imagine there is a lot of work to be done with it.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Iseult) posted 5-Jan-2008 4:23pm  
Environmental science and geology both are very interesting, I think. I hadn't thought about market research and the like, but it makes sense that it would be related. It sounds like you have lots of great options, at any rate.
posted 6-Jan-2008 12:54pm  
To save time and my eyes, I will say most or all of them, I love information but alas I am to far along in my life to stop and go back to school (not really that's just an excuse). I especially like the ones on geography and philosophy.
posted 9-Jan-2008 10:26am  
A lot of the courses I've done are similar to these.
posted 31-Jan-2008 8:39pm  
All of the archeology, history, Roman, Greek courses.
posted 26-Dec-2009 9:55pm  
I would be interested in taking all of them if I had the time and money.

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