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multiple8-May-2006quizbabygirl23 by votes54855.2%


Which of the following ranges contains the correct population of the United States today?

21Between 150 million - 350 million
13I don't know.
8Between 500 million - 750 million
2Between 1 billion - 2 billion
0Between 10 million - 50 million

MiniMary Happy Birthday to Me
posted 9-May-2006 4:20pm  
I believe it is 300,000,000
posted 9-May-2006 4:27pm  
I thought it was about 600 million.
posted 9-May-2006 4:32pm  
Between 150 and 350 million?
posted 9-May-2006 4:51pm  
No clue.
dab Survey Qualifier
posted 9-May-2006 4:55pm  
Last I hear, the US was just shy of 300 million people.
posted 9-May-2006 5:20pm  
I think it's in the neighbourhood of 300 million. Last time I checked, it might have been closer to 200 million, but that was probably a while ago...
posted 9-May-2006 5:21pm  
posted 9-May-2006 5:22pm  
Without looking i'd guess between 500 and 750 million?
posted 9-May-2006 5:29pm  
The population of the United States passed the 100 million mark in 1915 and reached 200 million in 1968.
posted 9-May-2006 5:41pm  
Between 150 million - 350 million.
posted 9-May-2006 6:12pm  
In my reality it's only!

Enheduanna Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 9-May-2006 8:27pm  
It's around 300 million or so, I think. Maybe a little under, around 280 or 290 million.
posted 10-May-2006 1:04am  
I donư know
I'don't even know the stats for my own country LOL
posted 10-May-2006 4:56am  
I'm guessing it's currently between 275m and 300m.

I'm shocked that there are people who don't know this, especially Americans.
posted 10-May-2006 6:40am  
I'd say around 250 million.. I really dont know.. I dont even know the exact population of my own country..
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-May-2006 8:33am  
I was JUST looking at this on the world factbook last night... It's the only reason I know.

posted 10-May-2006 10:26am  
Close to 300 million people.
(reply to ultamate) posted 10-May-2006 5:40pm  
hey can i live in your reality, that would be one big piece of realty, being the only one in the usa. and all that land to yourself.
(reply to Tommyturtle40) posted 10-May-2006 6:25pm  
Sorry darling but my reality only extends to my back yard and I think the birds and squirrels have already taken that over. You're welcome to come visit my reality but be enter at your own risk.  * evil smile *
posted 10-May-2006 7:55pm  
Haven't a clue really, just guessed 150 million-300 million. England has around 60 million (just thought I'd say).
(reply to ultamate) posted 10-May-2006 8:47pm  
OK, but does that mean that when i cross the rio grande you are going to call me an immigrate and send me back when you are tired of me? lol
(reply to Tommyturtle40) posted 10-May-2006 9:01pm  
it depends on if you're a good boy or not.  * winking raspberry *
(reply to ultamate) posted 10-May-2006 9:31pm  
I be good, I be good.
posted 11-May-2006 11:59am  
Somewhere close to 300 millions. Can't know for sure. USA does census every 10 years.
posted 11-May-2006 5:59pm  
Who knows? 500-750 million?
cloudhugger Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-May-2006 2:38pm  
What's with all the math questions!?
gambler Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-May-2006 5:08pm  
Between 150 million - 350 million
posted 16-May-2006 9:00am  
i dont know
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 7-Jun-2006 10:44am  
About 240 million?

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