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multiple4-Dec-2001personal attributesjkiehart by votes110866.0%


Which of the following nervous habits do you have?

57Foot tapping/shaking
50Nail biting/picking at nails
41Chewing, biting lips
36Knuckle cracking
30Playing with hair
29Grinding teeth
27Back/neck cracking
24Laughing/giggling under stress
8I have no nervous habits
4Sucking teeth

jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Dec-2001 8:44am  
nail biting, knuckle cracking and foot tapping/shaking........... attractive huh??
posted 5-Dec-2001 8:53am  
I do almost all of these! I'm not so much nervous all the time, I just drink too much coffee!
posted 5-Dec-2001 9:03am  
Nail biting, knuckle cracking, Chewing,biting lips and sighing.
Does this mean I am good in bed.
(refers to
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 5-Dec-2001 9:06am  
I sometimes pick whiskers from my beard
(reply to romkey) posted 5-Dec-2001 9:26am  
lol In the UK - Whiskers is a brand of cat food.
posted 5-Dec-2001 9:37am  
Most of the ones on the list and I also play with my jewellery and lip ring.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Dec-2001 11:25am  
I do fidget sometimes generally I can stop myself. I smile more when I'm under stress (like being interviewed) but I don't think that comes across too badly.
posted 5-Dec-2001 11:35am  
What if I do any of these, but they are not nervous habits, I just do them? Whistling, nail biting, vertebrate popping, and foot tapping I do all for other reasons. It feels god to pop the vertebrates, whistling is fun, and being ADHD, I'm usually moving, like tapping my foot. Grinding teethe and nail biting are just bad habits.
I do fidget with my shirt if I'm nervous.
(reply to Dino) posted 5-Dec-2001 11:36am  
It is in the states, also.
posted 5-Dec-2001 11:44am  
sighing, fidgeting, rolling my eyes when I am annoyed
posted 5-Dec-2001 11:47am  
Oh, yeah, and playing with my necklace. I slide the gold"J" back and forth.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Dec-2001 12:08pm  
I'm a huge fidgeter. If I have drawstring pants on, I will sit there rolling and unrolling the ends of the drawstrings.
posted 5-Dec-2001 2:39pm  
D: All of the above.

I'm a very nervous person.
I don't bite my nails anymore, I just pick them.
posted 5-Dec-2001 2:46pm  
I tend to rapidly move a leg, either one, while sitting down, my leg is balanced on the ball of my foot and I sort of move my heel up and down. I don't think it is a nervous thing though. I've never seen a female do this, but once at a university cafeteria I counted 5 other guys doing the same thing under the tables.
posted 5-Dec-2001 3:54pm  
Okay, I constantly shake/tap my foot and fidget. I play with my hair when I'm board, and I bite my lip when I am upset.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to kaleb777) posted 5-Dec-2001 4:22pm  
I do that!!! Not nervously though.......

See, not a guy thing! (I hope smiley:::surprise)
posted 5-Dec-2001 5:19pm  
Lots of these- guess I'm just a nervous creature.
posted 5-Dec-2001 5:34pm  
Nail biting/picking at nails
Playing with hair
Chewing, biting lips
posted 5-Dec-2001 6:05pm  
Good Survey
(reply to kaleb777) posted 5-Dec-2001 9:38pm  
somebody once told me the leg-shaking thing was a masturbation-replacement thing..... I don't know but I've noticed lots of guys do it!
posted 5-Dec-2001 9:41pm  
I do some of these when I'm bored.
When I'm nervous...I just pretend I'm the Queen of Fudging Everything.
Fools people every time.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Dec-2001 1:36am  
and smoking...
posted 6-Dec-2001 1:59am  
Just about all of those! I'm very high strung.
In job interviews I really have to concentrate on not biting my nails.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Miaow) posted 6-Dec-2001 5:24am  
posted 6-Dec-2001 6:40am  
I stutter when I'm nervous, usually because I'm trying to get all of my words out in a hurry before people lose interest in what I'm saying.
(reply to Cain) posted 6-Dec-2001 8:20am  
I do that, too! And I blend words together. And then my boyfriend laughs at me and I get SO MAD!
Like, I would make "so mad" "smad" and he would go, "Smad? What the hell is smad?"
(reply to jkiehart) posted 6-Dec-2001 10:22am  
The other thing I do is when I'm nervous, and I can't decide between two words to use in a sentence, so I manage to make a combination of the two. Like if I want to say 'When I'm (either nervous or scared)I stutter' and I'll say scervous. It's amusing if nothing else.
(reply to Cain) posted 6-Dec-2001 12:34pm  
Yep. Me too! And when I do that, I'm generally already "riled up," and it's not a time I can laugh at myself or take a joke.
(reply to Miaow) posted 6-Dec-2001 12:38pm  
It couldn't be a masturbation replacement thing, let me tell you. Maybe it's additional to masturbation? smiley:::wink
(reply to Biggles) posted 6-Dec-2001 12:40pm  
I've never seen a girl do it. You butch thing you. smiley:::wink
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to kaleb777) posted 6-Dec-2001 1:21pm  
Aaaaaaark!!! I am *not* butch! No really. I just used to look like a boy.........And only when I was littler!!

Just because I don't wear tops down to there, boots up to here, invisible skirts and a tonne of makeup!!

Butch indeed! lol
posted 6-Dec-2001 6:46pm  
oh no! I checked WAY too many of them!
posted 6-Dec-2001 9:33pm  
i have the problem of screaming when under pressure. jk. rowlings
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to mandy) posted 6-Dec-2001 10:11pm  
pretend?? I thought you were! smiley:::wink
(reply to romkey) posted 6-Dec-2001 11:07pm  
I even fooled you!!!!!!!
posted 7-Dec-2001 7:56am  
None, but i used to have some of these, let me try to recall, ok: fidgeting, pacing, and laughing under stress (not so hot when your freind is trying to tell you about some tragedy they are experiencing)
posted 7-Dec-2001 8:04am  
Oh, I do smoke when under stress. I don't really get nervous anymore, but i still get stressed.
posted 7-Dec-2001 8:19pm  
I'm not nervous.
posted 8-Dec-2001 4:05am  
i think habits are what make us, us so we should accept them....except if they really annoy other people
posted 9-Dec-2001 9:24am  
wow way too many
posted 9-Dec-2001 5:11pm  
Knuckle Cracking
Back & Neck cracking
Foot tapping
Leg shaking
skin around my finger-nails biting
Hard candy eating.
posted 9-Dec-2001 8:13pm  
I pull on my thumb... and it pops...
posted 10-Dec-2001 6:36am  
Damn, I'm nervous. Shouldn't drink any coffee at all. Ever.
(reply to Dino) posted 10-Dec-2001 6:42am  
I thought the cat food is called Whiskas? Well, I dunno.
posted 10-Dec-2001 8:48pm  
I'm sure I have them but I can't think of any right now. I used to suck on my hair when I was in 4th grade. Very nasty!
posted 11-Dec-2001 1:52am  
Boy!!!I guess I'm a total mess!!!
posted 11-Dec-2001 8:44am  
When feeling anxious I have a tendancy to scratch my legs, especially at night.
posted 11-Dec-2001 8:30pm  
I lick my lips too much.
posted 12-Dec-2001 1:18am  
I'm generally a calm person, however, I bite the inside of my mouth on occasion, which is a nervous habit. I've had this habit since my youth.
posted 12-Dec-2001 5:20pm  
I have alot of nervous habits...
(reply to kaleb777) posted 12-Dec-2001 7:10pm  
Yes. Maybe you just need to be doing it ALL of the time..... smiley:::smile
posted 21-Dec-2001 5:56pm  
I pace.
posted 2-Jan-2002 3:08am  
Grinding Teeth.
That is why my dentist sends me cards for my birthday,
Valentines, Easter, ST. Patty's ...ect. I should own stock in his company by now.

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