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multiple29-Jun-1998possessionsLorax by votes541251.0%


Which of the following forms of insurance do you have? (Through work, purchased personally, or whatever...)

40basic medical
17home owner's
8personal property (other than home or car)
6PMI (mortgage insurance)

posted 29-Jun-1998 5:09pm  
All but home, since my SO owns the home and has insurance on it and its contents.

***Reality: I lost my engagement ring to the tune of $1000 and they paid promptly and easily. That was worth all other insurance I've ever gotten. I lost it during water volleyball :)

posted 29-Jun-1998 10:34pm  
Accidental death and dismemberment--if I lost my hands, I'd need to get a new career. Some of my property is covered by Tom's renter's insurance. ***The one good argument for life insurance is that, even if no one is dependent on you, you really don't want to stick the people you care about with the bill for burying you.
posted 30-Jun-1998 7:50am  
There are 2 kinds of life insurance, one is called term (which I get through work as do many people), the other is more of an investment for when you die and you want to pass on some cash to your inheritors (which I don't have). You only need life insurance if you have dependents (or semi-dependents), if someone in your life would be in serious trouble if you stopped paying for things.
posted 30-Jun-1998 8:15am  
None! Not a one.
posted 30-Jun-1998 10:52am  
I wouldn't bother with life insurance, but it comes with the job.
posted 30-Jun-1998 12:25pm  
that about covers it ... we couldn't get PMI because my husband has had brain surgery, has high blood pressure AND diabetes (imagine your dietary choices!! no salt, no sugar) .. since the mortage is based on his VA pref, we couldn't get that insurance (and you may have guessed, he can't get life insurance anymore either) ...
posted 30-Jun-1998 3:45pm  
I haven't found anyone around here that offers pet insurance, though.
posted 30-Jun-1998 7:28pm  
I'd have less insurance if I had to pay for it myself. I'd ask my employer to give me less insurance and just give me the money, but the government would take a big chunk, so it's not worth saving it. All hail the wisdom of the masses, encouranging me to save less efficiently and helping to support the evil insurance companies.
posted 30-Jun-1998 8:16pm  
Gee, I thought the only insurance most companies carried was dental, medical, and life.
posted 1-Jul-1998 8:44am  
I chose life and home owner's, although it will be another month before i actually have them. I also have basic medical, dental, and car. Medical, dental, and life will be through work.

as phi said, you need PMI if you have less than 20% equity in your home. The bank requires it. Some banks will allow you to put down 10% or even 5%, but usually there are lots of penalties and legalese and high interest rates. The idea behind PMI is that you are more likely to default on a mortgage if you have less than 20% equity in the home.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 1-Jul-1998 12:02pm  
I have an "umbrella" insurance policy, which protects me if people decide to sue me for things not covered by my other policies, like if they slip on a path on my property and hurt themselves. Mostly the types of suits people would often do if they thought they could get something from you. I don't have medical coverage because I can afford to pay for just about anything that might happen to me, but I've been thinking maybe I should get some kind of medical insurance just in case I end up unconscious at a hospital and they don't believe I can afford to pay.

*** daver - actually, if you have a mortgage, you're generally required by the bank to have insurance. If you have a car, some states will require you to have insurance before they'll let you register it.

*** daver - good point, I forgot about that.

*** oh yeah you usually need title insurance when you get a mortgage as well. It's not very expensive though.
posted 1-Jul-1998 1:55pm  
also aircraft liability and hull
posted 1-Jul-1998 9:39pm  
Luckily I didn't need PMI. I really should get life insurance on the mortgage. My kids will be cursing me forever if I die before it's paid off!!! ***'re right about the Title Insurance. It's a one shot deal though. ***to all of you who know what PMI is...THANK YOU!! I deal with people on a daily basis who pay for it every month and have no idea what it is.
posted 2-Jul-1998 4:50am  
We have a lot of insurance to protect our assets. We have insurance on our condo in FL which is a rental property, boat insurance, and a separate policy to cover Tom's Rolex and my diamond. I also have disability insurance (mandatory--my company pays for it).
posted 2-Jul-1998 9:58am  
posted 8-Jul-1998 4:00am  
I had to get life insurance when I was an exchange student, because the program required it to cover the expenses of getting my body home for ritual disposal.
posted 9-Jul-1998 12:39pm  
Vision. Why put "basic" medical when there's no other medical option? Several of the ones I chose I would not buy for myself, but receive as job benefits.
posted 16-Jul-1998 11:51am  
None, right now, and I'm not very happy about it. Reason #781 why I need a job.
posted 28-Jul-1998 1:01am  
Oh, yeah, I have AD&D too, again through work. As for mortgages, I believe you need PMI if you have less than 20 percent equity but you need homeowners insurance (you know, fire, flood) if you have any sort of mortgage.

reality: I know for certain that in CA, posting a $50,000 bond got you out of the insurance requirement in 1988. I imagine the amount might have changed but this was after the last round of insurance reform in CA so I'm quite sure you can still do this. And if you get in an accident in MA that's not your fault, your rates do not go up.

posted 28-Jul-1998 1:11pm  
*** Wow! I realize there are only 11 voters so far, but I'm really surprised that so many of you have life insurance! I guess that's the one thing we're guaranteed on collecting on - we'll all die sometime. Maybe I should look into this...

***Reality: New Hampshire doesn't require car insurance. Live free or die!

posted 28-Jul-1998 3:09pm  
****reality - actually, NH does not require car insurance or a bond or anything. you can buy a car, register it, and drive it to your hearts content. until i bought a house, i did just that.
posted 28-Jul-1998 4:51pm  
**reality: Huh? It's a bet, and the house takes its percentage as always. You're not forced to take it.
**romkey: For most states, car insurance is not required. Proving that you can pay certain minimum damages (whether through insurance, bond, having huge wads of cash or whatever) is. I imagine (but do not know for certain) that mortgage insurance is the same way.
**reality: How do you equate no insurance with no responsibility? (Oh, and btw, a bond is fundamentally different from an insurance policy.)
posted 28-Jul-1998 5:09pm  
insurance is all a scam anyways. **medical dental and life I have through work. dental and medical because I need to keep my teeth well and I expect my body to breakdown any time now.. it is basically so that the services are cheaper to me if I need them. life is cheap enough that it don't matter. Daver: actually, you are required in many places to have insurance. car is mentioned(and the one I consider the biggest scam). I'd be curious to know a state that doesn't require it. Both MA and VT do (those are the only states that I have lived in). If I live my whole life without having an accident, how much money have I throw away for nothing? Assuming I get into an accident and it isn't my fault, do my rates go up? If I get into an accident and it is my fault, even a minor one, how much to my rates increase to reflect the portion that they had to actually pay back on the largish amount I have given them already? ** NH and CA (the two mentioned) require a bond(I am also informed that MA has that option as well). that is a form of insurance, the difference is that you aren't paying a company and it is a set amount. basically, you are guarenteeing that you can pay(that amount) if there is an accident. it is still required, and if you don't have the required large deposit of cash, you have to have insurance. The implication that I was making is that you can't just buy a car and drive around. There is a requirement that you pay (or have money) if there is an accident. This is as it should be, you have to have a responsibility. I just don't like the insurance companies, but I can't afford to sock away that much money for a bond at the moment. ! really? interesting. so drivers have no responsibility if they cause an accident? I should move to NH. *!!* this is getting way too long winded. I equate a bond with insurance because a bond says 'if I get in a accident, I have the ability to pay for this accident, and I will be using this bond to do so, so there.. nyah'. insurance says 'I am betting that I won't get in an accident, but if I do, then I will be paying for it because I have this insurance'. They are equal (but different) in my mind because in either situation the accident is covered by the person who caused it. if you have no bond, and no insurance there is no accountability or responsibility because if you don't have any money, and you cause an accident, you aren't paying for it. and the state (by not requiring something like this) is basically saying that you don't have to pay for it. your next manuver, if you are sued or whatever, is to go and declare bankruptcy (after you get the cash to do so) which absolves you of the debt and is cleared from your financial record in a matter of years. end result. the person you smashed up loses. you are out nothing(other than the cost of declaring bankruptcy). I realize that there is the issue of possibly losing your license or jail time. and I also realize that most of the ideas I hold are probably incorrect. yes my view is hypocritical, but only to a degree. I don't like car insurance, but there should be some way of showing that you can/will pay if there is an accident. If you could donate towards a bond over a course of years (with an endcap) then I would be in favor of that.
posted 19-Aug-1998 10:51pm  
currently, none.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Jul-2008 11:53am  
Life insurance, car insurance, and in 1 month: medical! yay!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Jan-2018 7:01pm  
I have contents insurance and am a member of a medical defence union, which is essentially insurance so that I can seek legal advice and have a personal lawyer in the event someone decided to sue me or I were facing criminal charges for reasons related to my profession. I've had assistance from them once, over a case where the police were trying to get me to breach someone's confidentiality without going through the correct channels.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Jan-2018 1:26pm  
Medical, dental, car, and homeowners.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Jan-2018 11:27pm  
life, car, medical, dental

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