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essay8-Jan-2008media/entertainmentFauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes38568.6%


What was the first song that you loved?


posted 9-Jan-2008 7:24pm  
Don't remember all of the songs, but some were Hawaiian language 78 RPMs back when I was about 8 years old. My mom liked the mellow hula songs; I liked the more primitive chants (one called "Ula No Weo chant" but also liked other Hawaiian language tunes that were not chants, such as one called "Ka Anoi Hula" and another called "Holoholo kaa" (automobile ride comic hula). I've never been to Hawaii but when I was a kid I thought I'd like it there. My mom had met someone who had lived there and had all these records so when I heard some of it I got interested in it too.
posted 9-Jan-2008 7:30pm  
"My Diane" I think it was called, back in the early 60's when I was a kid.
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Jan-2008 7:35pm  
FoxTurtle loved A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down, from the Mary Poppins Movie Soundtrack when he was four years old, so...
posted 9-Jan-2008 7:41pm  
The Music- David Usher
posted 9-Jan-2008 7:55pm  
Spirit in The Sky where I am going when I die ; this was such a good song
posted 9-Jan-2008 8:05pm  
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside
posted 9-Jan-2008 8:50pm  
I honestly can't remember. The first song I remember being my 'favourite' (and still is!) was 'Friends' by Michael W Smith & Amy Grant.
posted 9-Jan-2008 9:32pm  
How the hell would I remember that? It was probably something country.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Jan-2008 9:46pm  
I'm not sure if it was the first song I loved, but the first one I remember loving was Trooper's 'Raise a Little Hell'. I knew all the words to it by the time I was 5, and sang along whenever I heard it.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Jan-2008 9:53pm  
I don't remember. Probably "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" or something.
posted 9-Jan-2008 9:55pm  
I don't remember.
posted 9-Jan-2008 10:47pm  
Brown eyed girl by Van Morrison, I still love that song.
posted 10-Jan-2008 2:54am  
Oh What a Night
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 10-Jan-2008 7:49am  
> Spirit in The Sky where I am going when I die ; this was such a good
> song

I love that song!!
posted 10-Jan-2008 7:51am  
Son of a preacher man, by Dusty Springfield. boy, is this going to age me!
posted 10-Jan-2008 9:58am  
Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul
posted 10-Jan-2008 10:57am  
I don't remember, but I currently love "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters.

Concert is 01-23, can't wait!
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to ausfox) posted 10-Jan-2008 1:09pm  
> Oh What a Night

FoxTurtle loves that song, so... yes
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Amanda) posted 10-Jan-2008 1:10pm  
> Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul

laughing out loud yes FoxTurtle thinks this is an awesome answer, so...
posted 11-Jan-2008 5:05am  
Mull of Kintyre

.. I was 2.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (53 seconds ago)
posted 11-Jan-2008 8:03am  
It's really hard to say... it may be a song by Barry Manilow... or, "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" (I remember my family getting excited over it while driving down to Florida in the station wagon, in the mid to early 70s - but, even then it was a joke too). Also, "Seasons in the Sun" ("We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun..."), I pretty sure I was into that as a kid. I was such a jerk when I was a kid. Later, I recall being into "Blinded by the Light" which is actually kind of cool and less creamy. I'm pretty sure I was into "American Pie" too, but everyone was.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (53 seconds ago)
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 11-Jan-2008 8:04am  
"Pop Goes the Weasel" rocked my world at some point.
posted 11-Jan-2008 8:17am  
hrm...i have loved many many songs.
but i didn't know what loving a song was, until i heard the greatest song of all...and that is the song, that is my child's voice
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to bill) posted 11-Jan-2008 11:31am  
laughing out loud
posted 12-Jan-2008 10:12pm  
That Helen Reddy song with the words..."it's so nice to be insane, no one asks you to explain, you're a little touched you know, Angie baby"
(reply to FauxLo) posted 12-Jan-2008 10:15pm  
I had to listen to my sister sing that song over and over- she loved it, she would dance and parade around the house singing it so much I got tired of it. But if you saing it for me... wink
(reply to ausfox) posted 12-Jan-2008 10:17pm  
I love that song too!
posted 13-Jan-2008 7:51am  
'Crazy', by Patsy Cline.
posted 13-Jan-2008 10:26am  
House of the rising sun, by The Animals. I bought a 45 of that song for a dollar. and played it over and over.I just went and seen the Animals in concert jan 11th. 08. It was so awesome time. now its 40 yrs . since I bought that 45. and I still love that song.
posted 13-Jan-2008 11:44am  
Another one bites the dust - Queen
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 14-Jan-2008 2:00pm  
laughing out loud yes
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Jan-2008 8:01am  

Probably "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera.
posted 17-Jan-2008 11:29am  
It was probablly either "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" or "Wish you were here"
I remember listening to Pink Floyd's "Collection of Great Dance Songs" over and over again when I was in high school working on big project.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Jan-2008 10:18am  
Puff the Magic Dragon, and Two Little Boys...

I had a tape with them on, and they both used to make me cry. I don't think I've heard either of them in a good 15 years.
posted 21-Jan-2008 5:09am  
The Rose by Bette Midler
posted 27-Jan-2008 12:11am  
Hot Legs by Rod Stewart. When I was very little I LOVED that song and sang it really loud when it was on. I danced to it too.
posted 1-Feb-2008 12:24pm  
At 3 or 4 years old, a 45 single of Davy Crockett theme, also loved 45 of "Plink, whistle. thump, and a boom" a song about musical instraments...Also loved a 45 of "Little Black Sambo"...

When I got older, loved some 78's of "Two Black Crows" (Two black guys and their antics) and "Amos and Andy"
posted 2-Mar-2008 9:50am  
The Unicorn song.
posted 27-Sep-2008 2:04pm  
When the going gets tough: Billy Ocean

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