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essay21-Aug-2007sex/relationshipsBob_808 by votes61752.7%


What was your first sexual encounter?


they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Aug-2007 7:27am  
It happened on Pamaleen Ct....
posted 21-Aug-2007 7:44am  
Not to sound like an idiot but it depends on what you consider an encounter. I'm still a virgin, but I remember this 'different' story from when I was younger like 10 years old, I stayed over this guy's house whose mother was lending money to this other women who was friends with my mother. Anyway this women thought I should stay over their house for the weekend with this womens kids, both male. Anyway the first night I slept there in the same room as the oldest one we talked about kids sort of stuff and them their was a silence because we hardly knew each other and he abruptly asked if I wanted to sex smiley:::shock. I replied "Ah no thanks" he asked me the next night too, I was completely shocked. I haven't seen him since.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Aug-2007 8:05am  
kissing girls in the playground in 1st grade
posted 21-Aug-2007 8:42am  
I haven't really had one yet.
posted 21-Aug-2007 8:51am  
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Aug-2007 8:55am  
my first sexual encounter was at 17 yo with who i thought at that time would be the only love of my life........... i don't know what else i want to include.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Liss) posted 21-Aug-2007 8:56am  
> Excellent.
excellent is always good!!!

(reply to jettles) posted 21-Aug-2007 10:25am  
Yup smiley:::grin
posted 21-Aug-2007 11:10am  
It was with my grandpa.. at 8.

My first by choice was at age 10 with a cute boy in his basement on a pool raft.

How romantic
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Aug-2007 11:49am  
My cousin trying to molest me (unsuccessfully).
posted 21-Aug-2007 12:24pm  
I keep waiting for it....I am all ready for it.............and then I wake up smiley:::frown (any suggestions)
posted 21-Aug-2007 12:42pm  
That depends on the definition of "Is"
posted 21-Aug-2007 4:14pm  
I already talked about it here.
posted 21-Aug-2007 4:38pm  
Um... It was with my then girlfriend just before I shipped off to Operation Desert Storm
posted 21-Aug-2007 4:44pm  
I had an encounter with my hand around 11 years old.
posted 21-Aug-2007 4:53pm  
Never you mind
posted 21-Aug-2007 8:34pm  
Theresa, 11 years old. She freaked me out.
posted 21-Aug-2007 8:46pm  
I was 15, she was 13. We had been dating for about 3 months. One time I went to knock on her window at night, and she let me in. Once I was in her room, one thing led to another, and we both lost our virginity that night. It was the most awesome thing I ever felt. Twenty years later, I still remember every moment like it was just yesterday. Now, that I look back, I realized I ran a great risk of getting caught, since her parents were sleeping in the room next door..
posted 22-Aug-2007 12:41am  
A wild party in the bitter winter of 1989. It was a night to remember.
posted 22-Aug-2007 4:37am  
It was inappropriate, that was my first sexual encounter, okay?
posted 22-Aug-2007 5:22am  
posted 25-Aug-2007 6:03pm  
Boy scouts I mean catholic school ermmm School gymnasium .... I cannot remember
posted 8-Sep-2007 4:10pm  
In a dorm room at age 17. Didn't have sex, but was first sexual encounter.

posted 9-Sep-2007 12:00am  
In your fudging dreams, loser! laughing out loud
posted 23-Sep-2007 10:40am  
There was a substitute teacher who lived down the street from me, I would go to her house and she would give me beer, dress me in her clothes, and make love to me.
posted 8-Oct-2007 9:50pm  
I was very very young.. I'm going to use the one that happened when I was 12. It wasn't a bad thing.
posted 10-Oct-2007 3:45am  
It was with a boyfriend ... We'd been sleeping together for a couple weeks, but not "sleeping" together ... And every night he'd try to get into my pants. Finally, I just got pissed and "Fine!" (literally) and it was weak. I was disappointed. He sucked. We split up. Now, sex rocks!
posted 1-Nov-2007 7:20am  
Being sexually abused. still affects me now
posted 15-Mar-2008 4:23pm  
i was 15 and it was at the prom at the school in an empty class rooom on a desk and it was aweful the guys penis was so small
posted 6-Jul-2008 3:32pm  
when I was 14...she was 14...lasted all summer long...every day, almost
posted 29-Dec-2008 5:58pm  
I was 15 she was 16 it was crazy!
posted 20-Jun-2009 6:01pm  
My first sexual encounter occurred shortly after birth when I had part of my penis removed. Some call it circumcision. I call it sexual child abuse.
posted 25-Jul-2009 1:19am  
My bf raped me on his bed. We broke up and I moved to another state
posted 23-Jan-2012 6:23am  
I was 10 my brother was 12. We played our 'games' when parents were out. Led to mutual masturbation, is that a sexual encounter? Stopped when I was 16. Nice memory.

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