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multiple31-Jan-2015personalityPsychopath by votes24254.2%


Do you feel that your personality is relatively consistent?

For example;

If you are extroverted...are you always pretty much that way?
If you are polite...are you always pretty much that way?
If you are rude to others...are you always pretty much that way?

You get the picture (I hope) of what I am asking.

1Not sure.

posted 31-Jan-2015 11:01am  
Yes. Consistent for the most part. Introverted, nonconformist...
posted 31-Jan-2015 12:52pm  
Yes. I've always been gregarious, a social person. I can strike up a conversation with about anyone.

I'm always courteous, but my health is failing. Only about a year ago, did I change alot, I'm somewhat fearful to go far places. I can't travel without someone with me to places I'm unfamiliar. I've noticed so many changes since my stroke 5 years ago. BUT, my personality, attitude has not changed.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 31-Jan-2015 1:10pm  
I think so.
posted 31-Jan-2015 1:49pm  
No. I change like the weather.
posted 31-Jan-2015 6:55pm  
A friend I had when I was a teenager recently saw me after 30 years and said that I was the same as I was.
I was a little surprised because I had thought I'd changed, but maybe not.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Feb-2015 6:39am  
I am consistent for me.
posted 1-Feb-2015 9:08am  
Yeah, I have a pretty stable personality.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Feb-2015 5:45pm  
Not really no. I think I present myself differently at work than I do in my personal life. I come across as more confident and chatty. I'm pretty good at making small-talk with patients and fellow staff members who I encounter professionally. Stick me in a social situation and the small-talk dries up. It was funny, because an elderly lady tried to engage me in conversation at the bus stop not long ago and I could barely respond (although I was also exhausted that day). Give me that same lady at work, and we could have had a lovely chat about all kinds of things. I think a lot of people at work who don't know me well wouldn't guess that I have to spend a huge amount of time quietly by myself at home in order to be able to face another day of constant interaction. In many ways, when I am at work, I am playing the character of Dr Biggles. It's a part I feel comfortable playing but I couldn't keep it up 24/7. It's had a big impact on my social life because it's so much harder to be able to face spending time with other people out of work than it was when I got more alone time during the day (e.g. in the eight years I spent as a university student, I had a lot of private study time in the library during the day, so was happy to get together with friends in the evening).

I'm also pretty much always polite, but I can get very irritable and pissy/snarky when I'm feeling under a lot of pressure. The last month has been a really difficult one with work. I've had some very distressing experiences at work. I've been reassured by a lot of people that I haven't been at fault, but there have been three cases in that time that have really upset me. The last one happened on a night shift three days ago and I actually cried publicly at work for the first time since I was a brand new doctor. I've been feeling pretty wound up and unhappy since a block on on-call shifts I did after Christmas. As a result, I've definitely been pissier with people than I would be usually. I even snarked at a friend after my recent bad night shift. I can also pretty much guarantee that I'll be vile to at least one nurse on the phone when I am on-call and the likelihood increases the more stressed I am feeling. If I spend 20 minutes trying to assess a very unwell patient, it's not uncommon to receive between 5 - 10 bleeps in that time, each of which takes me away from the patient. I'm inevitably going to be pissy to any nurse who can't tell me the name of the patient they are calling about. I always feel worse afterwards.

Thankfully, I have a week off now so I can recharge my introvert batteries (though I had my Dad over today and am planning to see my family and a couple of friends at some point) and hopefully de-stress. The de-stressing part is harder as you can't just walk away and leave all that self-doubt behind and you can't remove certain images from your mind. If I can't get my head right this week, then I'm going to struggle when I'm back in work and again, that wouldn't be consistent for me as I tend to take most things in my stride.
posted 1-Feb-2015 11:06pm  
Yes I am kind and polite all the time
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Feb-2015 3:15pm  
For the most part but there are some variations.
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Feb-2015 9:59am  
Yeah pretty much, obviously , certain situations call for restraint and tact- Weddings, funerals, business meetings etc
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Mar-2015 8:18pm  

posted 28-Mar-2015 6:45pm  
Yep... all the time

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