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Do you feel a need to change? And why?


posted 29-Aug-2013 8:51am  
Naw. I'm perfect.
posted 29-Aug-2013 9:07am  
Change is the nature of existence. I try to go with the flow and improve my interactions with others. I try to make positive changes in the world.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-Aug-2013 10:43am  
I always feel a need to improve in some way--I think of it as positive growth. No one is perfect.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-Aug-2013 10:44am  
Except FordGuy, apparently.
posted 29-Aug-2013 11:19am  
Change *what*? Not specific enough. I feel a need to change my trousers if they get too dirty... smile
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Aug-2013 11:20am  
It would be nice to be more motivated and more organized. You would know why if you saw my desk.
posted 29-Aug-2013 12:12pm  
Yes, sometimes. I think it's just a normal thing people do. We get sick of things. Starting fresh can be liberating. Even just thinking about it can help.
posted 29-Aug-2013 1:40pm  
The category is personality. I feel no need to change that.
posted 29-Aug-2013 10:19pm  
Yes I like to change my hair style a different way each day and I get new and different kinds of clothes or change my house around I get tired of the same thing all over again
posted 29-Aug-2013 10:23pm  
My personality is fine just the way it is no need to change that
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Aug-2013 11:51pm  
posted 30-Aug-2013 12:50am  
I need to take care of my health, and not doing a good job.
posted 30-Aug-2013 4:40am  
Yes. Change is good. It keeps me growing and learning.
posted 30-Aug-2013 5:03am  
Nope I like me as me. No change needed.
(reply to LJD) posted 30-Aug-2013 12:37pm  
Like try to eat healthy foods cut out the sugar that is really bad for you all that sugar and the junk they put in our foods such as cutting out processed foods, me I cook and prepare healthy dinner and lunch choices right at home I am told to eat lots of veggies would you believe 2 cups of vegetables for a woman? 3 cups of dairy products it is recommended 1600 calories for women? and 2 cups of fruit as well I was reading this article my counslor gave to me to read
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 30-Aug-2013 10:33pm  
Thank you JessicaWoman. I agree with you, refined sugar is a poison. I rarely eat processed foods, or junk foods. If I do it is generally only on game days at my niece's house, or going out to dinner. .

I haven't the will to cook too much, but try to have good meals,... it is my duty.

I have trouble swallowing, due to my stroke. I am fatigued because of dehydration. The one important thought is our bodies are 70% water, we need to keep water...if we don't the body will have serious difficulties, and eventually not function ...this I was told by a doctor at the hospital. I can feel my body burning inside sometimes. This is why we should eat alot of fruits, vegetables...because of their liquid content. Drink at least a quart of water a day. AND be happy. You can't separate the mind/body/spirit.

Keep up the good work! God bless!
jen Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 31-Aug-2013 10:26am  
always. life is about change after all
(reply to LJD) posted 31-Aug-2013 4:28pm  
Oh and watermelon is loaded with water and really good on those hot sunny days the monsoon rains have come back to Colorado rain everyday out here my doctor she told for a woman 8 glasses of water a day
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 1-Sep-2013 10:49pm  
I can't emphasize enough...drink pure water...I've learned the hard way, dehydration can be deadly.

This week, my husband, son, and I are going on a fat burning diet, or some call it the cabbage soup diet. I have my stock pot ready to go tomorrow. My step-son , in Montana, said he's been on it for a week, and lost 8 lbs. My son is trim, but said he'd go on it in the evenings. I have no more choices, I must get back in shape to live.
(reply to LJD) posted 2-Sep-2013 11:21am  
Thanks for the recipe I will have to get on the library computer to print this out it sounds good I have lost a lot of weight myself
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 2-Sep-2013 1:45pm  
If I were younger, I could fast on water only for a period of time. I did it once for 7 days. I felt great. But, without supervision, no one should do that for more than 3 days. This diet, as I see it, is "fasting, with some food".
posted 2-Sep-2013 4:58pm  
I get bored quickly and easily.
(reply to LJD) posted 2-Sep-2013 6:13pm  
My car broke down they have not looked at it well over a week I will say something about it tomorrow meanwhile at least I am riding my bicycle all over town some of these hills around here are so steep I get a workout climbing those hills huff and puff
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 2-Sep-2013 6:32pm  
Good for you! Riding the bicycle can be fun, and good exercise, but don't overdo, and be safe!. I need some kind of activity. I used to, until my stroke, was really active, but it sucked my life energy. Take care, and be sure when you go riding, take a water bottle.
(reply to LJD) posted 2-Sep-2013 9:54pm  
Yes I need to carry a water bottle with me and make it a habit when I was driving my car I would always have a water bottle when my car broke down on the highway and got towed back home my water bottle got left in the car I have plenty more cold ones in my fridge I love a bottle of ice cold water and tea homemade tea yum so good it has been so Hot" outside 90deg.
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 3-Sep-2013 12:49am  
I have a big drawer loaded with different teas. I like tea. Sounds like you're well equipped with some cool water on hand.

90 deg. is TOO hot for me! Keep cool!
posted 3-Sep-2013 9:58am  
Yes. We all like to change for the's just making it happen that is hard to do .
(reply to LJD) posted 3-Sep-2013 3:03pm  
Even 90deg. in California as well and I live up here at 7300 feet above sea level pretty dag burn hot outside and being on a bicycle I did check in on my car they told me maybe Wednesday or Thursday that would be nice problem with my car it is so old 20 years old and my car has seen better days, cars are much like people in a way because parts wear out one by one or something wrong with the car nearly all the time time for the car doctor Mechanic when a car dies it is like me and you the heart of a car is it's battery and electrical system if that all fails goodbye car just like with us our hearts work the same way?
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 4-Sep-2013 3:03am  
After studying the Chinese Five Element Theory in medicine, I must tell you God designed us masterfully. We need not to die young, but circumstances dictate. As I've said, I only wish I knew 30 years ago, what I know now.. The body needs nutrients to exist, sustain, but with today's diet, it isn't any wonder so many people are passing before their time. We can't separate the mind/body/spirit. We need to touch these elements in health, happiness. Stress is a killer! My faith has sustained me.
(reply to LJD) posted 4-Sep-2013 4:51pm  
Same here long as we try and keep the faith alive in our life and lives stress kills people to much of it, people are dying an early death due to cancer I see plenty of people in their 30's and 40's and even 50's pass away before their time and some are not healthy at all some people care less about their health no matter what you tell them just like talking to a wall?
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 4-Sep-2013 11:52pm  
This is the second day of our soup diet. My husband said he craves bread, crackers, in other words, CARBS. He's done well, but had a little diet coke this afternoon. I've followed the diet faithfully. I've noticed I have a tendency to drink more water...strange. I make no demands on my husband about going anywhere, so I mentioned watching City Confidential, or Forensic Medicine, and that's what we do in the

Cancer is nothing more than deficiences of the body. It's a change in our foods/drink/environment. I watched a clip that said one element is iodine in the diet. The food industry has taken natural iodine out and puts in bromine. Iodine is so important in our diet. Some of the additives stops the ability of the glandular system to work. This affects our immune system. Keeping up the immune system is imperative.

I wish you good health!
posted 11-Oct-2013 6:03pm  
Yes, I let my emotions ruin my life. I have clinical depression and anxiety. My last girlfriend left me because I self harm and my anxiety. Of course that only made me worse from there, but if I am ever going to be happy again I need to beat this on my own. Part of me thinks I need her, but either way she's no longer here so changing on my own is my only chance. I need to change my self destructive ways and stabilize my emotions or it will get out of hand again and it will kill me.
posted 13-Oct-2013 1:52pm  
Yes. I doubt I'm the best me I can be and realize I have flaws that can be worked on. And I also like learning so sometimes I change by learning new things or different ways to go about things I already know.

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