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essay8-Apr-2004ethics/moralitydanielle001 unsorted881358.5%


How do you feel about boys who want to live as a girl?

This question also has a followup question,

This is a chance for you to say whatever you like about the subject in an essay type answer.


posted 9-Apr-2004 1:39am  
If that's what they want, then that's what they should do.
posted 9-Apr-2004 2:01am  
It's their life and their right. It doesn't bother me in any way.
posted 9-Apr-2004 8:07am  
I feel all tingly inside.
posted 9-Apr-2004 8:12am  
Whatever floats your boat!raspberry
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Apr-2004 9:51am  
I wish them the best of luck.
posted 9-Apr-2004 9:58am  
I think it takes a LOT of guts. If a person is transgendered, it is a battle but it is worth it because they can never be happy being the gender they "aren't".
posted 9-Apr-2004 10:00am  
It's their business.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 9-Apr-2004 10:02am  
I'm concerned. I have absolutely no moral problems with it, but it's a huge undertaking, especially if you want to undergo surgery to change gender.

It can be really tough to be a teenager, period. When you have issues involving gender and sexuality it's even worse. I'd be concerned that a teenager may make decisions that they may not have enough experience or support to inform. But I'd give as much support and guidance as I possibly could.
posted 9-Apr-2004 10:24am  
I think it's HAWT!
(reply to bill) posted 9-Apr-2004 10:25am  
Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!raspberry
(reply to mandy) posted 9-Apr-2004 10:31am  
Yes, but I was kidding. wink
posted 9-Apr-2004 10:41am  
If they feel that they are trapped in the wrong biological body or whatever it is their choice to live as how they want. Anyone should be able to live the way they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.
(reply to bill) posted 9-Apr-2004 11:07am  
So...I'm the weird one once again....*sighs*
posted 9-Apr-2004 11:10am  
I've known a few transgendered men and, by and large, they characterize their situation as this: they were born with a birth defect - they have a penis. They have always felt uncomfortable/wrong about their gender. That said, I'm not sure at what point human beings are mature enough to make permanent decisions (such as surgery) in a rational way. I know that I was incapable of making balanced rational adult decisions that might have serious repercussions until I was in my 30's.
posted 9-Apr-2004 11:15am  
There are alot of social standards that this goes against. There is also a heavy price to pay for going against these standards. I am absolutely FOR a person living their life as they fit as long as it causes no harm to others. I think a person in this situation may need a mentor, someone who's done just the same, to point out the positives and negatives of living their life this way. I have no problems with it but in today's society many people do. It also has alot to do with Geography. If you live in San Francisco, no one will turn their head but if you live in the south, you may want to opt for running shoes over high heels.
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Apr-2004 11:36am  
I don't judge them based on that.
posted 9-Apr-2004 11:47am  
It depends on who the boy is. If it's my friend's brother's girlfriend's aunt's brother-in-law then I don't have a problem with it. But, if it were my son, then I'd be totally against it.
posted 9-Apr-2004 11:48am  
"If you live in San Francisco, no one will turn their head but if you live in the south, you may want to opt for running shoes over high heels."

Well said, my dear, well said. grin
(reply to mandy) posted 9-Apr-2004 11:49am  
Anyone who isn't weird in some way isn't being honest with themselves. But, you know that.
Weird is normal. I'm weird because I don't want kids and probably in a dozen other ways.
(reply to bill) posted 9-Apr-2004 12:53pm  
Do people tell you you are weird because you DV8 from wanting to procreate?....if so, that sux. frown
posted 9-Apr-2004 1:59pm  
I suppose it depends on how many boys...I can imagine it would get quite crowded in the bathroom if she were getting ready for a night out...
(reply to romkey) posted 9-Apr-2004 2:17pm  
Do you really believe that it is possible to surgically alter one's gender? It seems to me that, given the fact that gender is determined by chromosomes on a cellular level, all that can be accomplished by surgery is genital mutilation. I know it isn't considered very PC to point this out. wry smile
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Zang) posted 9-Apr-2004 6:13pm  
I think it's possible to surgically alter your body to fit your gender identity, anyway... beyond genital mutilation there's reconstructive surgery (I suppose really "constructive" surgery), so there's a bit more to it than just mutilation.

But you're right, you certainly can't change your DNA to XX from XY, and speaking very literally you can't actually change your gender.
posted 9-Apr-2004 7:09pm  
What ever makes that person happy is what is most important. What I think isn't.
posted 9-Apr-2004 7:30pm  
Do what you want. Doesn't bother me.
posted 9-Apr-2004 10:04pm  
Fine, some are really women born in a male's body and there's nothing to do about it.

Why is it that men (well, many men) can become such lovely looking women and women rarely make good looking men?
(reply to romkey) posted 9-Apr-2004 10:05pm  
Okay. Now, suppose I play devil's advocate:

A man, believing himself to be a gorilla, consults a medical practitioner and is told that he can have a surgical procedure which will bring his body in line with this belief.

Do you think that this would be good medical advice?
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Zang) posted 9-Apr-2004 10:16pm  
I can't really answer that question. It depends a lot on what the man's life and mental health would be like without the procedure. It also depends a lot on the effects of the procedure.

I don't think that's really comparable to the trans-gender example, though.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Irene007) posted 9-Apr-2004 10:17pm  
I've been attracted to k.d. lang once or twice... wink
(reply to romkey) posted 9-Apr-2004 10:59pm  
Why isn't it comparable?
(reply to romkey) posted 9-Apr-2004 11:08pm  
Yeah but I'll never mistake her for a man! But I've been fooled by some men!

I always thought her quite attractive in her own way too!
posted 10-Apr-2004 12:57am  
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Zang) posted 10-Apr-2004 7:59am  
I think it's not comparable for a couple of reasons:

1. transforming yourself into a gorilla likely means diminishing yourself mentally, and probably losing your ability to speak

2. as a gorilla you have no hope of living anywhere near normally in human society. as the opposite gender, you do have some chance.
posted 10-Apr-2004 10:43am  
I don't feel about them.

I can't think of a word at the moment that means the same thing as indifferent sans all the negative connotation.
(reply to romkey) posted 10-Apr-2004 3:32pm  
But if someone were to believe themselves to be a gorilla, they wouldn't need to surgically alter their brain or speech abilities. They would simply act out the role. The desire is not to live normally in human society. The desire is to live as a gorilla. Let's suppose the person is independently wealthy and owns some land with an orchard...

Come on, cut me some slack here, I'm just trying to make an analogy. smile
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Zang) posted 10-Apr-2004 5:35pm  
I'll cut you a whole banana tree! wink
posted 11-Apr-2004 12:52am  
I posted another survey related to this one asking about what you would do if you had a bro who told you he wanted to be a girl
(reply to Amanda) posted 11-Apr-2004 12:54am  
but, B_L_fan, I have 9 different pairs of heels and only one pair of running shoes and they have 3 inch soles on them. wry smile
posted 11-Apr-2004 1:14am  
Of all the hot girls i have ever seen in my life, 2 of the hottest were born male, one of them is my brother. smile
(reply to danielle001) posted 11-Apr-2004 1:51am  
Hey, it's your funeral. grin
(reply to Amanda) posted 11-Apr-2004 2:26am  
B_L_fan, explain, How it would be ok for some other boy but not your son?
(reply to Amanda) posted 11-Apr-2004 2:32am  
It's also something I have got to do, for myself. I cant go on pretending to be a boy.
(reply to romkey) posted 11-Apr-2004 11:40am  
Okay then honestly, is this good medical advice?
(reply to danielle001) posted 11-Apr-2004 11:47am  
Do you think you could pretend to be a boy who likes to wear dresses?
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Apr-2004 12:51pm  
I couldn't answer that without knowing what constitutes good medical advice and without a lot more experience dealing with transgender medical issues.

Looking very narrowly at just direct medical issues, any surgery that's not necessary to correct a problem like a tumor or a broken bone would be unnecessary and not a good medical decision. But people are more than flesh and bones, and if having a penis is going to make someone miserable for the rest of their lives, why should they have to live that way? Isn't being able to do what you want with your body a most basic right?
(reply to romkey) posted 11-Apr-2004 1:30pm  
Certainly, but our society seems to think otherwise. It isn't acceptable to inject heroin into your own body. It is acceptable to mutilate the genitals of infant males, but not infant females...
(reply to danielle001) posted 11-Apr-2004 1:46pm  
You should do whatever you feel is right. If you think that it's the right choice for you to live as a female, then who am I to try and stop you. I don't know you and don't care what you do. But, when it comes to my son, that's not going to happen. He can live as a female once I'm dead and gone. (Not that I ever see him wanting to!) I think that all parents want their children to be "normal".
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Apr-2004 1:47pm  
Is there something you need to tell us? Are you really a gorilla trapped in a man's body? It's okay, Zang. We'll all still love you. Just let it all out! grin
posted 11-Apr-2004 4:51pm  
Actually this is mone of my business.Is it any of yours?
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Apr-2004 6:40pm  
I don't think it's acceptable to mutilate anyone's genitals unless they give permission. There's so much propaganda about circumcision that I have no idea whether there's really a sound medical basis for it. I think it's fine for someone to decide to inject heroin into their own body, as long as they're willing to bear responsibility for the consequences.
posted 11-Apr-2004 7:00pm  
I would like to add something else to this, and yes" boys can be girls if they are truly serious about this and I mean very serious? You see I am a transgendered female becoming more and more of a woman every day and I have been on hormone replacement therapy for almost 2 years as of right now and you will need counseling every week of the year and be on hormone replacement therapy for 1 year the hormones help you to become a woman and this is real expensive along with counseling and the surgery I just cannot afford? right now, I expect it to cost me between $30,000.00 to $100,000.00 real expensive and I did not mention electrolysis this is real expensive as well getting rid of facial hair and around my vagina any hair. Plus insurance will not pay for the surgery it comes out of my wallet, and yes you will develop breasts as in my case it takes a very long time 2 years I have to wear a mastectomy bra until my breasts get much bigger and you have to change out your closet from-male to-female clothing I did all this at the thrift stores and department stores, and as I said before church is real important number one your spiritual life belief in God. And there are families who will not support you and not want you to go through with this and they will not allow it as in my case growing up I lived a double life 2 different people and at the age of 48 here I am now a woman at last I have reached that point and all started at the age of 47 a year ago and I was in the emergency room and near death and I was planning my funeral? I was so sick over a year ago because I could never ever be who I am right now and I had to fight for my rights to be who I am because there where people in my life before who tried to stop me and tried to change my mind and it would have killed me if I had listened to them, but I took charge of my life and I decided right then and there to start my hormone therapy to become a woman and it has saved my life today? my blood pressure is where it should be 124 over 74 and before my sex change my blood pressure was always at 140 or 150 over 80 and my cholesterol was sky high it has come down as well and I have never ever gotten sick for the last 1 and half years I am healthy as I have ever been in my life this sex change has made all the difference in the world so boys can be girls if they are real serious about this they will need counseling every week hormone therapy every day of the week this is a very long process and the younger they are the better chances of becoming a girl and then a woman, the older they get their chances are worse? And you will get picked on and teased as well watch out for your neighbors they can be very prejudice towards you and biased you have to stand up for yourself, and fight back not let people harass you or intimidate you it will be very difficult for you. And being a woman in this world we watch out where ever we travel by ourselves check out our surroundings if something does not feel right I get out of there as fast as I can I trust my instincts. I check to make sure nobody is following me I look around the parking lot where ever I park my car.
posted 11-Apr-2004 8:48pm  
I do not think it is a big deal really. I feel people who have an urge to be or live as the opposite sex are like this for a reason and are most likely genetically pre disposed to be this way. I know from my own experience growing up, I have always been attracted to the oppisite sex,and am happy being the gender I was born. It is because of this that I don't feel it is a choice or some weird psychological problem. I feel sexualality has a broad spectrum that people just do not want to except because then they would need to look at themselves in a far to scary light. Please exuse my spelling- I was born lazy!
(reply to Amanda) posted 11-Apr-2004 9:09pm  
grin laughing out loud

Very Good!
(reply to romkey) posted 11-Apr-2004 9:13pm  
You're just way too evasive to get into a good debate with. But thanks for playing. You still get the lifetime supply of Jiffy-Pop! wink
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Apr-2004 9:36pm  
If chromosones decide who we are(boy or girl) then we would be able to prove that people who wish to be the opposite sex are genetically defective. And if it is more than just our chromosones then how can it be explained that two hetrosexual "normal" parents can give birth to a male with his chromosones all in place, that later feels as if he was born the wrong sex. We do not know everything their is to know about the human mind or body so to base your comments on chrom's is really silly.
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Apr-2004 9:56pm  
Oh by the way, there is a less than one percent diffrence between your genetic makeup and that lovely gorilla you are so fond of, so maybe your inner gorilla will some day shine through! Good Luck Coa Coa! Oh I'm sorry....Good Luck Zang!
(reply to smackiernan) posted 11-Apr-2004 10:08pm  
Your first statement sounds like a logical proposition, but it isn't. Essentially you are saying that because gender is determined by chromosomes, people who wish to be the opposite gender are genetically defective. Gender IS determined by chromosomes. That is a fact. Wishing to be the opposite gender is a state of mind. I would think that it is much more logical to propose that societal expectations of behavior based on gender stereotypes and delusions based on mass hysteria would provide a more rational explanation for these desires than defective genes. This would also easily explain your second predicament with the "normal parents". Certainly we don't know everything about the human mind & body. That goes without saying. However, it doesn't make my comments any sillier than yours; any more than the fact that my comments are more articulate than yours make your comments sillier. wink

I thought that it would be more to the point to engage in a dialogue about the pros and cons than to blandly agree with the supposition. I'm a bit of an iconoclast that way! raspberry
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Apr-2004 10:09pm  
Sorry, I'm not intentionally being evasive. I'm not a doctor and don't want to offer medical opinions. I'm happy to offer opinions based on my own observations and morals but they're necessarily limited and I want to recognize those limitations.

Thanks for the popcorn! wink
(reply to romkey) posted 11-Apr-2004 10:14pm  
I'm not a doctor either, but that doesn't mean that the warning bells wouldn't go off if he started dancing around the office shaking a rattle when I went in for a check-up. People should have opinions about what constitutes good medical care.
(reply to Zang) posted 11-Apr-2004 10:30pm  
Oh Zang forgive me but you are wrong and silly. Your reply only makes mine more logical. The only con to the issue would be people like yourself who enjoy pretending to now how everyone else should think and feel. I really don't see what the big deal is. Unless your in someone elses shoes, you can't tell them how they want to be or how they want to live.
(reply to smackiernan) posted 12-Apr-2004 12:13am  
Did I do that?
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Apr-2004 3:13am  
I say go for it grin
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Apr-2004 3:25am  
It does concern me though that this is also something that your brother has done. I wonder what the odds are that two children from one family would have transgender issues.. That statement made me think this was much more psychological.. unless it is genetic?
(reply to Zang) posted 12-Apr-2004 9:31am  
Sure - it's good medical advice. Now if someone truly believed they were a duck billed platypus and there was a surgical solution... I don't know. Your illustration proves that it is very difficult to draw a line. As usual, Zang, you've made me think.

The one thing that does bug me about SRS is that it seems it is becoming fashionable. I hope that people that are doing it are doing it for all the right reasons. It sure would be hard to go back.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 12-Apr-2004 9:44am  
I'm glad I made someone think. That was my motive. As I said, there isn't much point in having a discussion if everyone blandly agrees. smile
posted 12-Apr-2004 5:33pm  
I personally feel that they should spend a lot of time with a therapist and work it out. Clearly such a person has extreme gender issues, but at least living as a girl is doing something about it. I think it's be far worse to have all those feelings and just mourn your own existence. I really don't care, though whenever I meet such a person I always wish they would just accept who they are and leave the whole transsexual thing alone. I'm sure a transsexual would tell me that who they really are is the opposite sex, and I can empathize, but it wouldn't change my mind.
posted 13-Apr-2004 3:57am  
To each his own.
(reply to mandy) posted 15-Apr-2004 1:05am  
you're not odd, mandy. I think it makes you cool!
(reply to Amanda) posted 15-Apr-2004 1:07am  
> I don't know you and don't care what you do. But, when it
> comes to my son, that's not going to happen. He can live as a female
> once I'm dead and gone.

So IF he did come to you with this, you would disown him?
(reply to Zang) posted 15-Apr-2004 1:08am  
> Do you think you could pretend to be a boy who likes to wear dresses?

no i couldn't. I want to be a complete female, and finally normal.
(reply to danielle001) posted 16-Apr-2004 11:17am  
But you do realise that isn't possible?

I'm not trying to piss on your parade. I'm not hostile to what you want to do. If that's what you really want to do, that's fine, I support that. But don't delude yourself. You will never be a "complete female". Every cell in your body contains genetic information designating your gender as male. The surgery does not provide a uterus, ovaries or even the glands which provide lubrication.

One thing that the surgery will certainly not do is make you "normal". No one is normal. Normal is not something worth striving for. It would be better to celebrate the individual that you are, whether that is a boy who likes to wear dresses or a post-operative transsexual. That choice is yours, but make sure that it is an informed choice.
posted 17-Apr-2004 7:58pm  
I feel that as long as he is comfortable with his choices then my opinion one way or another shouldn't matter.
posted 18-Apr-2004 10:31am  
I feel they should stop having so many surveys made about them.

That's what I think.
(reply to danielle001) posted 19-Apr-2004 1:15pm  
I never said that I'd disown him. I wouldn't be happy about it and would discourage that, but nothing could make me disown my child. Nothing! But, I really don't see me having to ever worry about that.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 19-Apr-2004 1:30pm  
I think that they're boys - children....
(reply to Zang) posted 21-Apr-2004 9:36pm  
Zang last I knew, science has not been able to find or label every single gene that is in the human body and if they have, could you please tell me where this information is I would love to finally be able to read and know this awesome information.
(reply to smackiernan) posted 22-Apr-2004 9:40am  
For example:

"Every cell in your body contains within it the complete blueprint for creating every single cell in your entire body. A skin cell is a skin cell, yet within the nucleus of each skin cell are contained the genetic instructions for how to grow every other organ and tissue type in the body as well."

(One of many links which say essentially the same thing.)
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to smackiernan) posted 22-Apr-2004 2:26pm  
Just to add to what Zang said - someone who is born male will always be genetically XY - that is, each of the cells in their body (except the sperm) will contain one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. Someone who is born female will have two copies of the X chromosome in each cell (except their eggs) and no Y chromosome at all. Surgery can't change what chromosomes you have.
(reply to Zang) posted 24-Apr-2004 8:06pm  
Yes thank you for the review of high school bio. You have missed my point. As of right now we do not know if this condition is genetic or not. Your reply is meaningless to me. You keep talking about genes, then you reply to me that it is "society" could you please make up your mind and suppourt your claim with FACTS. It is a fact that people in this situation are sometimes born with an extra chrom. It is also a fact that science has not found every single gene that makes us who we are.
(reply to Biggles) posted 24-Apr-2004 8:11pm  
And I must say thank you to Dr. Biggles too. I am aware of what sex chromosones are don't you worry your pretty little head.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to smackiernan) posted 25-Apr-2004 8:00am  
Kleinfelter syndrome is something entirely different to regular transgenderism. All you and Zang seem to be disagreeing on is whether anyone can ever completely change sex - he's saying no and the science backs him up. What are you saying?
(reply to smackiernan) posted 25-Apr-2004 12:13pm  
I never claimed to have any particular position. I've just been tossing some ideas around for discussion.
(reply to Biggles) posted 27-Apr-2004 7:38pm  
I am saying the science does not back Zang up. Simply due to the fact that science is a virgin when it comes to all things genetic. I have made that point over and over again.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to smackiernan) posted 27-Apr-2004 7:40pm  
You're saying that you do think that it is currently possible for someone to change from having XY chromosomes to having XX?
(reply to Zang) posted 27-Apr-2004 7:40pm  
You do not discuss you rant! Usually when people discuss issues, they have a point they are trying to make. Are you sure your not Bill Clinton?
(reply to Biggles) posted 27-Apr-2004 7:44pm  
No, I am saying science does not know what causes this condition. What do you not understand?
(reply to Biggles) posted 27-Apr-2004 7:45pm  
Stop twisting my words it's not working.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to smackiernan) posted 27-Apr-2004 7:46pm  
Ah, it seems to me that wasn't what you were originally disagreeing on, nor what I was commenting on. But there we go...
(reply to smackiernan) posted 28-Apr-2004 11:33am  
Rant? Hardly. I'm simply drawing out some ideas for discussion. If I have a point, it is merely to bring some topics to the table that may have been overlooked in what otherwise might be a bland list of comments like: "Do whatever you want, see if I care."

...and yes, I'm quite certain that I am not Bill Clinton. What a very strange thing to say! I'm afraid I'm not knowledgeable enough about him to even speculate where that particular comment connects to this. It strikes me as a non sequitur.
(reply to Biggles) posted 28-Apr-2004 11:35am  
Do you get the feeling that we're being baited by a troll? grin
(reply to Zang) posted 28-Apr-2004 12:39pm  
Ya think? dead face
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Zang) posted 28-Apr-2004 1:18pm  
Yup - the goalposts seem to have moved. I'm confused by what he's disagreeing about! Never mind, if I close my eyes he won't be able to see me wink
posted 28-Apr-2004 3:54pm  
Other people's sexuality or gender orientation, or whatever is really none of my business. Well, unless I'm interested in sleeping with you or you are interested in sleeping with me.

In other words, I don't really care.
(reply to Biggles) posted 28-Apr-2004 7:37pm  
Good idea! smile
(reply to FordGuy) posted 28-Apr-2004 7:39pm  
Yup! smile
posted 29-Apr-2004 6:33pm  
I just think it is gross... dead face
posted 3-May-2004 5:31am  
They are sick.
(reply to uible) posted 26-May-2004 10:49pm  
and if this person was inerested in you romantically???
(reply to Zang) posted 30-May-2004 10:58pm  
It seems your not knowledgeable about anything!
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-May-2004 11:01pm  
You make no sense at all.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to smackiernan) posted 31-May-2004 5:39am  
Actually, I imagine I do.
(reply to smackiernan) posted 31-May-2004 5:25pm  
" could you please make up
> your mind and suppourt your claim with FACTS. It is a fact that
> people in this situation are sometimes born with an extra chrom.
> It is also a fact that science has not found every single gene that
> makes us who we are.

You are absolutely right smackieman.
(reply to smackiernan) posted 31-May-2004 10:18pm  
You've had over a month and that's the cleverest insult you could come up with?!! surprise

I'm really disappointed. poker face
posted 11-Jun-2004 11:32pm  
Only if it's wearing girl's clothing.
posted 17-Jun-2004 11:48pm  
That they are the most underappreciated people in the world and that I would like to send all my love to them. I also feel they are facing incredible odds, but they will usually find the inner strength to overcome them.^-^
(reply to shifra) posted 7-Jul-2004 11:08pm  
> That they are the most underappreciated people in the world and that
> I would like to send all my love to them. I also feel they are facing
> incredible odds, but they will usually find the inner strength to
> overcome them.^-^

you said it.
(reply to Zang) posted 10-Jul-2004 11:10pm  
Hey exuse me for having a life!
posted 27-Jul-2004 5:40pm  
fine with me
posted 11-Aug-2004 9:19am  
I feel there is a personality disorder through no fault of their own. I would never turn my back on a person that feels this way, but would hope they would get some therapy.
posted 14-Aug-2004 10:38pm  
Well I guess I could learn alot from here.. replying to some of danielle001's replies has been very confusing for me (Guess I have some time to get use t oteh site huh?) Anyways.. im a young transgender and its hard for me too, I cant ever think of a time that im happy as being a boy and finding more friends would do more than making me happier than ever.
Until the time comes, talking to my parents about living as a girl didn't seem to work at all, so I guess I'll have to wait, but now I will start to consider the "blockers" until taking horomones will be a complete decesion for me.
posted 16-Aug-2004 11:56pm  
Jennygirl tell me more about yourself.
my advice to you is dont wait any longer. Get the blockers and start taking them now. They are reversable. If you decide to stay a guy just quit taking them. otherwise start taking them now and continue taking them till you have surgery. smile
posted 17-Aug-2004 5:26pm  
Thanks for your help Danielle.
Its good to see a reply from you, and I can only dream more about my future. I cant go on anymore like this not enjoying how I live. I was looking up blockers on the net but didn't find any luck. (I guess I'll need some more help on that).
I would like to chat with you online sometime, you sound like a nice girl and would be fun to talk to you. If you ever wish to email me through contacts you can send me an email (in the profile) or IM me on AIM. smile
(reply to JennyGirlCD) posted 3-Sep-2004 1:54pm  
posted 14-Sep-2004 7:48pm  
awesome danielle... didn't think id hear from ya again but didn't want to post and be annoying raspberry
Id send ya an email or IM but I dont know your stats (its not listed on your name) but Id like to chat with ya sometime.. its always nice to meet a new friend, especially when they're like you.

(reply to JennyGirlCD) posted 14-Sep-2004 10:52pm  
Ever visit
posted 15-Sep-2004 7:08pm  
dont think so, Ill try it out now though.
posted 21-Sep-2004 5:06pm  
It's scary
posted 1-Oct-2004 11:36pm  
eh, yeah.. didn't like it too much, not into my transgenderism as a "fetish"
posted 31-Oct-2004 8:25pm  
I saw some of the posts in witch some users had reservations on teens getting a sex change. I realize that your worried that they may make a mistake, one that cannot be changed. But Please consider this:

I new I was the wrong sex before I even started school. Its not a choices. My mother was real cool a bought it. She had bought me 'Dress up close' and helped me where she could. Then for some time I was able to put aside my mixed up feelings. Then my mother passed away when I was 13. I went to live with my aunt and shortly puberty hit. Boy what a mess I was in. My new family just did not understand me and the things that I was going threw. They took me to get counseling. In counseling I dealt with my mothers death and started to deal with my gender issues. When my family, what was left of it found out how I felt, they did every thing to squash my feelings. They even poled me out of the counseling. So it was I went threw high school and have now grown up. Now I feel that I'm imprisoned in someone else body, and I look back and I can see all the things I missed out on. I often stop and think of what I missed, growing up in the wrong sex. Think of it this way, the feeling you get when you have left the store and you look at your sales slip to find out the clerk has ripped you off by a few bucks? Magnify that by 1000 or so and you get the idea of how someone who is gender challenged feels. For me when I see a nice girl / woman walking by, I always stop and say, how lucky she is, as she was given at birth something I will never be able to abtaine. The average man will look at a great looking girl and will think to him self, oooww she is hot, wonder what she would be like.... This seems to be the natcher of the beast. But in my case its more like: GOD why cat I be like that? Or even close? I cant begin to explain the pain that fallows some days. The sad thing of all of this, is it never had to happen. If I could have gotten more counseling or if my family would have opened there minds, the things I would have not missed out on. I feel like I had my life robbed from me. To grow up as girl, the prom, the first date and all the other things that go with it, the good the bad. Girls think of the best moments of your life, the ups the downs and how they would have been different if you where a boy.

A life stolen. Time I can never get back, a desire to be, that can never be, the desire burns so deep with in side of me. The sorrow for what can never be.

Please remember this before you say that teens should not be making such life changing decisions. Think of the decision your forcing them to deal with, it might just be worse. I know all to well the consequences.
posted 10-Nov-2004 12:00am  
I don't Dwell on it, it isn't my place to judge someones sexuality. Nor do I believe this to be a question of morality.
posted 10-Dec-2004 8:37pm  
I dont really have an opinion. In general, it doesnt bother me at all; other than I am just worried what other people might think and they could harm them in some way.
RaveDevil Happy Birthday to Me
posted 25-Dec-2004 1:23am  
That's their decision, of course. Luckily, they can't get pregnant. Whew!
posted 7-Feb-2005 1:23pm  
To each their own. Especially if they are attracted to males, then there is less competition for me.
posted 18-Feb-2005 4:25am  
Well if thet truly identify as a normal heterosexual girl then they will of course only be interested in girls and would probably WANT to be able to become pregnant.
posted 27-Jun-2006 12:54am  
Let them do whatever. It doesn't affect me how they live their lives.
(reply to Jody) posted 27-Jun-2006 12:57am  
> I've known a few transgendered men...they have a penis

Actually a transgender man is born with a vagina. My former sister is one of them.

(reply to Amanda) posted 27-Jun-2006 2:23am  
> stop you. I don't know you and don't care what you do. But, when it
> comes to my son, that's not going to happen. He can live as a female
> once I'm dead and gone. (Not that I ever see him wanting to!) I think
> that all parents want their children to be "normal".

You can't force gays to be straight or "normal" when they're not. Sure it works for confused people that aren't really gay but if they're really gay, you risk pushing your child to suicide, which is so common amongst gay teenagers.
(reply to romkey) posted 27-Jun-2006 2:36am  
> I don't think it's acceptable to mutilate anyone's genitals unless
> they give permission. There's so much propaganda about circumcision

I agree with you there, like circumcision is just some superstitious mutilation that was introduced by the Christian right just like homophobia.

As for heroin, I agree with what you said but as long as the responsibility also includes penalties for breaking the law without blaming heroin for the influence and that includes stealing to pay for heroin.
(reply to w_wanderers) posted 28-Jun-2006 2:02pm  
Wow. That's an old comment you found. Anyhow....that comment said nothing about gay people. I was talking about males that want to live as females. I just feel like people should live as whatever sex they are born as. While I don't really care what other people do, when it comes to my child, yes, I would have problems with it. The main reason is because of the society we live in. Anyone that lives outside of what is considered normal has problems in life. A male living as a female is going to face a lot of things I wouldn't want my child to go through. As far as being gay....if my child were gay I could deal with that. I would worry because of how many people view gays and lesbians, but I could deal with it much easier than I could if he wanted to live as a female. I do think society is slowly changing its views towards gays and lesbians and that's a step in the right direction. In the past few years, my views on homosexuals have changed. I was once very anti-gay. While I've had friends that are gay, I always disagreed with that lifestyle. Now, I see things differently. People are people, regardless to what they do behind closed doors. The only problem I have is when homosexual people constantly bring up the fact that they are homosexual. I don't think it should be an issue. I'm straight, but I don't feel the need to flaunt that in front of people who are homosexual. It's not something I ever talk about. It's not who I am, only a small part of it.
(reply to Amanda) posted 28-Jun-2006 9:52pm  
Uh yeah, old comment...I did a search for LGBT surveys before I recently did one myself, just to make sure I wasn't doing something that had already been done. Whenever I do these searches, I always find interesting old surveys that I can't help myself to wink

Okay you got me there on the gay thing...I do sometimes treat all LGBTIQ people as if they're just gay. The better word would be queer.

I can understand about your concerns for your child. I wouldn't like it if my child wanted to be a man. But I would hate it even more if she killed herself because I refused. From what I heard it's extremely rare to talk them out of it. Even very devout Christians end up breaking later in life. My oldest sister was a butch lesbian and now wants to be a man. Hopefully the chances of anyone else in the family being transsexual will be zero, I pray. There are so many gay people in my extended family it's ridiculous. I wonder if queers really are genetic and that being the case, maybe I ought not to have anymore children? I don't have a choice really. I'm divorced and that marriage didn't last long. I got lucky anyway.

It's good that you're progressing with your beliefs. I find my own views have changed a lot. Like years before I was a far right Christian Fundamentalist. Now I struggle to avoid getting kicked out of my church laughing out loud.

I notice a lot of people don't like it when gays flaunt their sexuality. Maybe they're just doing it for gay awareness?
(reply to w_wanderers) posted 29-Jun-2006 5:43pm  
My views have changed a lot since I started questioning my Christian beliefs. I was a Christian until a few years ago. Now I'm not even sure what I am. Anyhow, since then, my views on a lot of things have changed. Now instead of just believing or agreeing with what someone tells me, I look into it and come up with my own opinion. Right or wrong, it's my opinion. You know? As far as my child, I think I can accept anything that he brings to me. I might not like it and I might worry about him, but I could bring myself to accept it. I'd never be one of those parents that pushed my child out of my life or anything like that.
(reply to Amanda) posted 30-Jun-2006 12:24am  
God bless you, it's good that you started to think for yourself and found your own opinions to be more loving and caring than those that were taught to you by others. BTW I'm still a Christian and I have very liberal values. If you don't mind me asking, why you left the faith?
(reply to w_wanderers) posted 30-Jun-2006 1:24pm  
There were several reasons. Thinking back on it, I don't think I ever believed because I really believed. I think it was more because I thought it was expected of me. I think I just went through the motions. Getting saved, getting baptized, going to church. What really did it for me was when my mom died. She suffered for three years before she died. That bothered me. She was 110% Christian, never judged anyone, lived her life by the Bible, was a wonderful person. How could God let someone like her suffer? He loves us so much, but there's so much suffering in the world. I got to thinking about children starving, being raped, etc. and I couldn't understand how this awesome God could allow it to happen. I've also thought a lot about the creation of the world, according to the Bible, and my mind just can't grasp it. It doesn't seem possible. The whole Christianity thing started to seem a lot like Santa Claus when I really started thinking about it. Now I'm not sure how to classify myself. I don't believe, but I want to believe. I really want to believe in something, but none of the religions I've read about seem to be for me.
(reply to Amanda) posted 1-Jul-2006 7:02am  
Here's a good answer for why there's so much suffering in the world:

This FAQ page has many good answers to questions about Christianity but personally I don't agree with all of it wink

The videos on this site are really good for answering your questions about Biblical creation:
(reply to w_wanderers) posted 1-Jul-2006 5:29pm  
I looked at the first link. The one about suffering. It didn't help me much. It actually made it all seem worse than I'd had in my head. But thanks. I'll check out the other ones soon.
posted 8-Aug-2006 12:26am  
I have no strong opinions either way. I have no idea what it's like to be a transgendered person except that it must be very confusing for those involved, especially the transgendered person. I would not like to be in that position. If someone feels more comfortable living as the opposite gender or have reassignment surgery, they should do what's best for them.
(reply to clare) posted 20-Jul-2007 7:51pm  
>.... If someone feels more comfortable
> living as the opposite gender or have reassignment surgery, they should
> do what's best for them.
I did an aside from the obvious(physically) I am a totally different person. I as sooo glad surgery is FINALLY in the past!!
posted 10-Apr-2009 9:26pm  
I think that it helps them through out there lives to allow them to live as a girl as early as they are aware of it.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 28-Mar-2017 6:37pm  
> Kleinfelter syndrome

I dated someone who was XXY for a short period of time many years ago. Ultimately, I still wanted to have more children and also - he was a weirdo. After a couple of dates, he tricked me into talking to his mother on the phone. He was childless, but worked for Child Services, and he would try to advise me as a parent.

Interestingly, I was the first woman he'd ever dated, having previously only been with men.

(reply to they) posted 29-Mar-2017 8:12am  
> Interestingly, I was the first woman he'd ever dated, having previously only been
> with men.

A confused dude...
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to FordGuy) posted 30-Mar-2017 6:19pm  
I don't think he was confused. He was just trying me out like a boy and his first pair of pantyhose, yknow?
(reply to they) posted 31-Mar-2017 6:45am  
laughing out loud I can see that.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to FordGuy) posted 31-Mar-2017 9:45pm  

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