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Do you have a favorite 'rule of thumb' for making life a little easier? Possibly something you want to be sure to tell your children. Please tell us what it is in the comment area. Thank you.


posted 2-Jul-1998 9:49am  
When waiting at a traffic signal. or anywhere you are in line in your car, never pull so close to the car ahead that you cannot see the bottom of their rear tires. It prevents your car from sucking in the other car's exhaust gases & heat. Also it gives you maneuvering room in an emergency.
posted 2-Jul-1998 9:51am  
People are stupid.... persons, however, can be reasonably intelligent. realizing this does not make life easier.. but accepting this makes it a little easier to bear. I don't have anything that I would pass on in a catchy phrase.. If I ever have children, anything learned will be by example or through discussion.
posted 2-Jul-1998 10:15am  
it's more likely that they're dumb than malicious.
posted 2-Jul-1998 10:19am  
Hrm...this is a topic that should probably be given more thought than it will likely receive here. With that said:
"Be honest, especially with yourself"
"Figure out what you want before you try to get it"
"Be sure to stop and think, even (especially) if you don't have time to do so"
That's it; I'm fresh out of pithy aphorisms...
posted 2-Jul-1998 11:02am  
Life is a journey, not a destination. Don't always be looking forward and thinking "I'll skip it all now so later I can relax". Who knows what will happen later. Make sure you enjoy what you have now. Who knows, "later" you may think now was the best time of your life.
posted 2-Jul-1998 11:41am  
1) Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's all small stuff.
2) Happiness is too easy. Pursue joy.
3) Always keep a trash bag in your car.
posted 2-Jul-1998 12:12pm  
Hold on to even the silliest and most frivolous or unlikely dreams because it's always good to have them around even if you can't achieve them. Also, be happy, and find what makes you happiest in the whole world and live and breathe it.
posted 2-Jul-1998 12:40pm  
Everyone thinks that they are right from their own point of view..
posted 2-Jul-1998 12:50pm  
Relax. Enjoy life now.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Jul-1998 1:10pm  
be clam, be relaxed - when you are relaxed and aware, everything works better.
Oh, and another favorite is "actions speak louder than words" - evaluate others by how they act, not what they say - evaluate yourself this way as well.
posted 2-Jul-1998 2:01pm  
"When in doubt, throw it out." This is the closest I get to a rule for life. It's mainly for fly-sorting and judging of possible food, but it also helps with cleaning up the apartment and generally simplifying your life. If there were something I'd want to be sure to tell my children, it would be "My God! Where did you come from? And how do you plan to get back there?"
posted 2-Jul-1998 3:09pm  
Never leave any evidence.
posted 2-Jul-1998 6:06pm  
Just let it go.
posted 5-Jul-1998 9:47pm  
"There's just no time to parade around sulking, I would rather laugh than cry. The rich, the poor, the strong, the weak, we share this place together, and we pitch in to help it die." -G. Graffin. Basically, life is a pointless and inevitable journey towards death, might as well enjoy it. *Very nice ron2112, I like the last one, it touched me smiley:::smile.
posted 6-Jul-1998 10:23am  
bill: read Teresa Neilsen Hayden's review of Brad Easton Ellis' AMERICAN PSYCHO for a really funny story about the word 'clam'
posted 6-Jul-1998 11:15am  
Be nice to other people; they outnumber you 5.7 Billion to 1
posted 6-Jul-1998 3:25pm  
Always question absolutely everything! Especially if the majority of people seem to follow it or believe in it, then step back and look at it from many different sides - always question. Always think for yourself.
posted 6-Jul-1998 3:56pm  
What goes around comes around!
posted 6-Jul-1998 5:33pm  
There are two that I think are really important: - Never stop asking questions. - (this one's for when your kids have kids) If you like your children as people, then you've been pretty successful as a parent. Do what you can to make that happen.
posted 6-Jul-1998 10:29pm  
"measure twice, cut once."
no, what about "never whistle while you're pissing"
ok, ok, why not "``Bob'' sold it, I bought it, that settles it"
no... lesse "survival is easy; so LIVE."
or "When in doubt, fudge it. when not in doubt, get in doubt."
posted 7-Jul-1998 1:14pm  
don't stress it
posted 9-Jul-1998 2:59am  
Well, not a rule of thumb, but a personality trait that makes my life better/happier and may be worth cultivating, if occasionally inconvenient to have. I am good at forgetting unpleasant experiences, or they have less emotional weight for me than pleasant ones. So I sort of view life (at least in memory) through rose-colored glasses. On balance, I think it's pretty useful and positive. I have no idea if it's learnable.
posted 15-Jul-1998 3:01pm  
Always look on the bright side of life. (doo doo, doo doo de dootle de doo...)
posted 15-Jul-1998 6:37pm  
well thank you, gilly.
posted 27-Jul-1998 4:48pm  
No global favorites, but various ones at various times. At the moment, it's "Don't sweat the small stuff... and it's all small stuff."
posted 30-May-2006 7:42pm  
Do a random act of kindness everyday.
posted 7-Feb-2007 6:32pm  
Go with the flow.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Oct-2017 8:24pm  
Always go left before you go right. It's what I do in computer games. Removing one element of choice makes things a lot easier and also helps me to ensure I have fully explored everything. Now, when I have to choose a direction in real life with no particular reason to choose one way over the other, I choose left.
posted 1-Nov-2017 8:31am  
Dance like nobody is watching, sing like nobody is listening, enjoy ice cold beer.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 1-Nov-2017 12:22pm  
...there is a celebrated aphorism insisting that the best way to live is to 'work like you don't need the money, dance like nobody is watching, and love like you've never been hurt.'...After years of hearing and reading these lines I have decided to tell the truth: the original version is wrong. There is a grave error in the wording of this adage. The correct version should go as follows: Love like you don't need the money, Work like nobody is watching, Dance like you've never been hurt. See? Doesn't that make more sense?
Gina Barreca
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Nov-2017 1:04pm  
Be nice to people.

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