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What is your favorite game and why?


posted 15-Apr-1998 11:50am  
Not exactly sure what type of game you're asking about, but I'll say Final Fantasy 7.
posted 15-Apr-1998 12:05pm  
I mean any type of game actually. Just what game do you enjoy the most.
posted 15-Apr-1998 1:19pm  
Computer game: Lemmings :)
Board game: Monopoly
Sport game: Tennis
posted 15-Apr-1998 1:41pm  
posted 15-Apr-1998 2:31pm  
Strip poker.
posted 15-Apr-1998 2:55pm  
Trivial Pursuit. I have this tradition where I play and drink vodka whenever I have a breakup. I like games that stimulate conversation and my memory for trivia is one of my favorite braintoys. I'm also very fond of backgammon, cribbage and set. And last night I played a really fun new story-telling card game called Once Upon a Time which I'm probably going to get at some point.
posted 15-Apr-1998 3:41pm  
Video game: Street Fighter II Turbo (OG edition). Sport: tennis. Board game: chess. Card game: pai gou (sp?), but also hearts, bridge, poker.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (3 minutes ago)
posted 15-Apr-1998 5:53pm  
Cosmic Encounter (a board game). I had many great times playing it in college, and even today. The game has the quality of always changing it's rules (different alien powers yield different games). *** I'm also a fan of cribbage, hearts (and other bidding card-games), and I play computer games all the time (but it would be hard to name a favorite). Set is very cool (but I suck at it). Jeez, I love games in general, you name it - I probably would like to play it.
posted 15-Apr-1998 6:24pm  
I'm afraid that there is no one answer. Sometimes I really want to be playing cribbage, sometimes Attack From Mars, and sometimes a game that I don't think has a name. (It's played primarily in November.) At any of these times, the others would be all wrong.
posted 15-Apr-1998 7:00pm  
No favorite game.
posted 15-Apr-1998 7:06pm  
depends on who i'm playing with ^_^
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 15-Apr-1998 11:02pm  
this is way broad. Quake or Quake II
posted 16-Apr-1998 3:15am  
Are you asking for a concrete game or for the kind of games I like? I like driving games, bcos I don't must think. It's only action and instinct. I really dislike games on which I must think, I don't play games for that...
posted 16-Apr-1998 6:31am  
Bunkos - because I get to see some of my friends that normally either don't go out, or I can't get to see them
posted 16-Apr-1998 4:15pm  
well, if I were an adolescent boob I'd say "hide the salami" but I'm not so I'll say that I dont' have a fave.
posted 16-Apr-1998 4:42pm  
20 Questions my favorite of all time. It is the only truly heuristic game that does not involve luck.
posted 16-Apr-1998 5:46pm  
There's this cool computer game called World Conquest where you get armies, invade and conquer other countries, I just found a while ago and I'm hooked.
posted 17-Apr-1998 2:45am  
Sex, of course. The reason is quite obvious... :)
posted 17-Apr-1998 3:53pm  
do you mean's sports game?? then it's baseball I'm a huge yankees fan (although the mets are pretty cool too and I would love to see them play a subway series) If you include everything then I'd definately say jeopardy is my favorite game (boardgame or gameshow) my favorite computer/nintendo game is tetris
posted 19-Apr-1998 8:30pm  
hm, Quake2 i guess.
posted 19-Apr-1998 9:46pm  
You mean like board game? sport? video game? Options would have been helpful. My favorite board game is probably monopoly but I rarely play it. ***Paco: my 1st answer sucked. I'm with you! smile
posted 26-Apr-1998 1:32pm  
yikes! i'm a serious game-ophile, so this is not an easy thing to answer. i love the elegant simplicity and intellectual stimulation of chess; on the other hand, i love the elegant complexity and intellectual stimulation of Magic. With card games its hard to beat pitch (set-back, high-low-jack-game). I suspect I've played more games of Trumpet (a trump based card game, with a board you move your pieces around) than anyone else in the world. For physical games, i love playing volleyball and football (though rarely get a chance to play football). i love computer games, but none of them to the same degree as my favorite non-electronic games. Cosmic Encounter is way up on my list, i've spent many hours on that one. well, i haven't answered the question yet...i guess at the current time i'd have to say Magic
posted 26-Apr-1998 4:30pm  
Trivial Pursuit
posted 1-May-1998 9:19pm  
Wow. I have too many to list. But I guess I would have to say Magic tops my list, for simply being a beautifully designed game.
posted 5-May-1998 11:18am  
I have to pick one? Ummm. I like both word/brain games and silly body games. :) Some of my favourites: Twister, because it's silly and fun; Name Burst (I think that's what it's called), because it's hectic and silly and loud; and of course, Cosmic Wimpout, because it's the best!
posted 7-May-1998 11:13am  
Games Computer: UO (It is addictive) Board: Risk (I like strategy games, even though I am not good at them) Sport: Ice-hockey (not sure, grew up with it I guess)
posted 8-May-1998 2:04pm  
Risk, the ultimate strategy game. There are so many "fav of the moment" games - Robot Rally, StarCraft, Command & Conquer, Axis & Allies, Cribbage, UltimaOnline, Gangsters, plus of course sports - volleyball (I run a team), soccer, darts, etc. etc.
posted 13-May-1998 5:02pm  
I can't name just one... heck, I can't name just one GENRE of games. And they change so often... at the moment, current favorites (could be revised -tomorrow-):

Tabletop/Board: Cosmic Encounter (grumblemutter, out of print and I don't own a copy, grumblemutter)
Video: Wipeout XL ('cause I'm stuck on one of the tracks, and obsessing over it :)
RPG: Teenagers from Outer Space
"Classic" board: Chess, I suppose.

And Cosmic Wimpout, which is its own category. :)
posted 14-May-1998 8:29am  
Survey least for the present
posted 14-May-1998 2:39pm  
No favourites. Sorry.
posted 6-Jul-1998 1:38pm  
I don't really have a one true favorite. it depends on my mood. and how much I have played a particular game recently. for board games, one that I will always suggest is Settlers of the Catan (recently re-released.. go buy it, it is worth it). Computer games, I usually come back to Civilization out of sheer boredom when I haven't purchased anything recently.
posted 28-Jul-1998 1:35pm  
posted 12-Aug-1998 4:45pm  
life. lots of reasons... it's very realistic (though not always completely so), everyone I know plays it, it has a thoroughly engaging rule set that rewards extended contemplation and experimentation while still allowing players to forget about the rules and just play the game... generally cool.
posted 14-Aug-1998 3:49pm  
posted 26-May-2006 1:11am  
I really don't have a favorite. I seldom play games.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Aug-2006 2:38pm  
Arcanum, because I love the way they created a whole world.

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