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Famous Quotes and Catch-Phrases: Who Said This?

Here's a really fun quiz. Below is a list of famous quotes and catch-phrases made by both real and fictitious people. Some are very easy, and some may require a little thought. Simply select the quotes/catch-phrases you know and enter the person who said them in your comments.

3"And that's the way it was."
3"You big dummy!"
1"I want you to get excited about your life."
3"Hello, I'm____________."
0"Part of our world tonight."
7"Kiss my grits!"
12"Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
4"And that's the bottom line, 'cause___________said so!"
3"Boom! Boom! Boom!"
10"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"
10"Give me liberty or give me death!"
16"Read my lips: No new taxes!"
4"I have sinned against You, my Lord."
10"You might be a redneck."
5"I feel the need--the need for SPEED!"
1"I'm gonna barbecue your ass in molasses!"
5"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."
4Other (Do you know of any other quotes/catch-phrases I may have missed?)
0I don't know any of these quotes/catch-phrases.

posted 17-Dec-2003 10:48pm  
ok, I recognize about 75% of them, and of those I can only name maybe 5 of them.
posted 17-Dec-2003 10:50pm  
"DYN-O-MITE!" - Good Times - Jimmy Walker
"And that's the way it was." Walter Cronkite (sp?)
"You big dummy!" - Red Foxx
"AAAAAAY!" - Henry Winkler (The Fonz)
"Kiss my grits!" -Flo, from Alice
"Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?" Gary Coleman Different Strokes
"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" Cindy - The Brady Bunch
"Give me liberty or give me death!" - some president dude
"You might be a redneck." - Jeff Foxworthy

I didn't know most of these, my mom was helping me out. The only ones I knew on my own are the last 3 I listed.
posted 17-Dec-2003 11:14pm  
1. Jimi (Jay-jay) Walker on "Good Times"
2. I think that's Walter Concrete.
3. Homer Simpson & Dan Connor (Roseanne).
4. ?
5. The "Fonz" (Henry Winkler on Happy Daze).
9. Flo (Alice).
10. Gary Coleman (Different Strokes?)
13. Jan Brady (The Brady Bunch) I think it was only one episode, but they emphasised it in the movie.
14. Some American guy. Patrick Henry?
15. George Bush Sr.
16. One of those televangelists. Jerry Falwell? Jim Baker? Jimmy Swaggart! Yeah, that was the guy!
21. "I pity the fool!" Mr T, you know...that show...from the eighties...

(reply to DeeDee17) posted 17-Dec-2003 11:35pm  
"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" - Jan from "The Brady Bunch"
"Give me liberty or give me death!" - Patrick Henry

Everything else was correct.  * smile *
(reply to Zang) posted 17-Dec-2003 11:39pm  
"IT DOESN'T MATTER...!" - The Rock (WWE wrestler)
"You big dummy!" - Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx)
"I have sinned..." - Jimmy Swaggart

Everything else was correct.  * smile *
(reply to ElvisFan67) posted 17-Dec-2003 11:47pm  
Homer Simpson and Dan Connor said it too. I said "Jimmy Swaggart". It just took me a little while to ramble through...sometimes I think out loud when I'm typing!  * smile *
posted 18-Dec-2003 1:16am  
"dynomite"- The skinny guy on "Big Times".
"And that's the wasy it was"- Walter Kronkiet, I think, or some other famous news anchor guy.
"Hello, I'm Mr. Ed"- Mr. Ed
"Give me Liberty..."- A famous historical guy, David Bowie, I think.
"Read my lips- No new Taxes"- George Bush
"You might be a Redneck"- Jeff Foxworthy.

I'm curious to see the others, and to see the ones I'm nto sure about.
posted 18-Dec-2003 1:38am  
 * laughing out loud * at "Nobody puts Baby in a corner".... Love Dirty Dancing..  * smile *
posted 18-Dec-2003 3:43am  
These two stick out in my mind more than any!! I know most of the others but, these two!! I wanna just rip their lips off!! Oops! I think I need a nap or something..................

"Read my lips: No new taxes!"

"I have sinned against You, my Lord."
posted 18-Dec-2003 4:37am  
"What you talkin bout Willis" - Different Strokes to move the world - I used to love that programme and thought it was the funniest thing ever, I laughed so hard it hurt. Nowadays I doubt I would find it so funny.
bill Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Dec-2003 7:39am  
1. Walker from "What's Happening" (I think)
2. Wlater Chronkite CBS news sign-off.
5. Fonzie from Happy Days
10. Gary Coleman (Arnold character) from Diff'rent Strokes
13. Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch
15. Pres. Bush sr. (41st president)
17. Jeff Foxworthy, stand-up comedian.
18. Tom Cruise character Mavericj from Top Gun (also said by his wingman, I think)
posted 18-Dec-2003 7:52am  
I know 8 of them, I think?
posted 18-Dec-2003 8:26am  
Dynomite - J.J. Walker
It Doesn't Matter - This was a sound effect on Stern for awhile, I'm not sure if the creator was thinking this
Aaay - The Fonze
Kiss my Grits - Flo
Whatcha talk'n about... - Arnold
Boom, boom, boom - Peter Gabriel
Marcia, Marica, Marica - Jan
Give me liverty or give me death - Patrick Henry
Read my lips... - Bush
Enheduanna Survey Central Gold Subscriber Survey Qualifier
posted 18-Dec-2003 10:02am  
"AAAAAAAY"--The Fonz
"Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis"--Gary Coleman's character on Different Strokes.
"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"--I'm not actually sure if this was Jan or Cindy, but I think it was one of the other Brady Bunch girls.
"Give me liberty..."--Patrick Henry
"Read my lips..."--George H. W. Bush
"I feel the need..."--Goose, in "Top Gun"?
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner"--it's from "Dirty Dancing," but I'm not quite sure who says it--I think it's Patrick Swayze, though. (How embarrassed am I to know this one?!)
Some of the other ones I recognize, but I don't know who said them.
posted 18-Dec-2003 11:31am  
DYN-O-Mite - JJ Walker from Good Times.
AAAY! - Fonzie from Happy Days
Kiss My Grits - Flo from Alice
Boom Boom Boom - Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington from Welcome Back Kotter?
Marcia Marcia Marcia - Jan from The Brady Bunch
You Might Be a Redneck - Jeff Foxworthy?
Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner - Patrick Swayze's character in Dirty Dancing
posted 18-Dec-2003 12:40pm  
Okay, everybody, I think it's time to reveal the correct answers so you can check how well you did. For those yet to take this quiz, these answers won't be revealed to them until after they have submitted theirs, as you may know.

So here they are:

"DYN-O-MYTE!" - J.J. (Jimmie Walker) from "Good Times"
"And that's the way it was." - Walter Cronkite during news sign-off.
"IT DOESN'T MATTER...!" -The Rock (WWE wrestler/actor)
"You big dummy!" -Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) from "Sanford & Son"
"AAAAAAY!" -Henry (The Fonz) Winkler from "Happy Days"
"I want you to get excited about your life." - Dr. Phil
"Hello, I'm JOHNNY CASH." -Johnny Cash
"Part of our world tonight." -Dan Rather during news sign-off
"Kiss my grits!" - Flo (Polly Holiday) from "Alice"
"Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?" -Arnold (Gary Coleman) from "Diff'rent Strokes"
"And that's the bottom line, 'cause STONE COLD said so!" -Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE wrestler)
"Boom! Boom! Boom!" -John Madden during football commentary
"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" -Jan Brady (Eve Plumb) from "The Brady Bunch"
"Give me liberty or give me death!" -Patrick Henry
"Read my lips: No new taxes!" -Former President George H.W. Bush
"I have sinned against You, my Lord." -Jimmy Swaggart
"You might be a redneck." -Jeff Foxworthy
"I feel the need--the need for SPEED!" -Maverick (Tom Cruise) in "Top Gun"
"I'm gonna barbecue your ass in molasses!" -Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason) in "Smokey and the Bandit"
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner." - Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) in "Dirty Dancing"
posted 18-Dec-2003 7:35pm  
Patric Henery said give me libertity or give me death. Bush Sr said no new taxes. I am guessing doing so would not be a prudent thing to do. Jeff Foxworthy said you might be a redneck if .... I dont know the rest. They all sound like a bunch of generic gibberish that has been said by pretty much everybody.
autumnlight Survey Central Subscriber
posted 18-Dec-2003 8:01pm  
'IT DOESN'T MATTER...' - The Rock
'AAAAAAY' - Fonze
'I want you to get excited about your life' - Dr Phil
'And that's the bottom line cos STONE COLD said so'
'Nobody puts baby in a corner' - Johnny, Dirty Dancing.
posted 19-Dec-2003 5:33am  
Boom Boom Boom - Basil Brush
Read my lips..... - George Bush senior
posted 19-Dec-2003 7:39am  
Hello, I'm Troy McClure
Read my lips no new taxes - Bush Snr
And that's the bottom line cos Stone Cold said so
It Doesn't Matter - The Rock in that Wyclef track
I feel the need - the need for a speed - Maverick and Goose in Top Gun
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia - one of girls from the Brady Bunch.
Nobody puts baby in a corner - this is from Dirty Dancing but I can't remember who said it as I've pretty much erased the awful experience of watching it from my brain.
posted 21-Dec-2003 7:26pm  
"DYN-O-MITE!" - Jimmie Walker on Good Times
"And that's the way it was." - Walter Cronkite
"IT DOESN'T MATTER...!" -The Rock
"You big dummy!" Redd Foxx on Sanford & Son
"AAAAAAY!" -Henry Winkler on Happy Days
"I want you to get excited about your life." - Dr. Phil Bronstein
"Hello, I'm ." -Johnny Cash
"Part of our world tonight." -Dan Rather
"Kiss my grits!" - Polly Holiday on Alice
"Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?" -Gary Coleman on Diff'rent Strokes
"And that's the bottom line, 'cause ______said so!" -Stone Cold
"Boom! Boom! Boom!" -John Madden
"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" -Eve Plum on The Brady Bunch
"Give me liberty or give me death!" -Patrick Henry
"Read my lips: No new taxes!" -Pres. George H.W. Bush
"I have sinned against You, my Lord." -Jimmy Swaggart
"You might be a redneck." -Jeff Foxworthy
"I feel the need--the need for SPEED!" -Tom Cruise in Top Gun
"I'm gonna barbecue your ass in molasses!" -Jackie Gleason in Smokey and the Bandit
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner." - Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing
posted 26-Dec-2003 2:39pm  
"DYN-O-MITE!"....J.J. on Good Times
"Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?"....Arnold on Diff'rent Strokes
"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"....Jane on The Brady Bunch
"Read my lips: No new taxes!"....George Bush
"I have sinned against You, myLord."....Jimmy Swaggart
"You might be a redneck."....Jeff Foxworthy
"I feel the need--the need for SPEED!"....Tom Cruise in Top Gun
"I'm gonna barbecue your ass in molasses!"....don't remember who said it, but I believe it was from Smokey and the Bandit??????
"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."....Johnny in Dirty Dancing

I recognize some of the others, but can't remember who said them.
(reply to Amanda) posted 26-Dec-2003 4:09pm  
Congratulations! Now you're finally caught up. Glad I could help you do so. I'm gonna have to return the favor and go down your list of surveys and catch myself up, too.  * wink *

You did really well on what you knew. And you know, this was my first-ever attempt at a "quiz" survey, and I didn't think I did too bad.  * smile *

If you like trivia quizzes and stuff like that, check out this site:

I'm also a member of this site under the same User Name. If you can, how about looking up my User Name there and play the quizzes I've created. It's a lot of fun.  * smile *
(reply to sonikJ) posted 26-Dec-2003 4:22pm  
You had everything right but one thing: Dr. Phil's last name is incorrect--it's "McGraw".  * smile *
(reply to ElvisFan67) posted 26-Dec-2003 9:53pm  
Damn, I always think it's Bronstein for some reason! I wonder why that is?
(reply to sonikJ) posted 26-Dec-2003 11:38pm  
I don't know. Maybe you might have confused Dr. Phil with someone else?  * smile *
(reply to ElvisFan67) posted 27-Dec-2003 8:44pm  
(reply to ElvisFan67) posted 28-Dec-2003 1:27pm  
I'll check it out. Thanks.
(reply to Amanda) posted 28-Dec-2003 4:20pm  
You may want to join that site, too--their membership is totally free.  * smile *
posted 3-Jan-2004 10:37pm  
1- That black kid (his name escapes me)
2- Walter Cronkite?
3- My husband
4- My husband
5- My brother (arriving unannounced)
6- My husband
7- A crap load of people
8- My husband
9- Flo and my husband
10- That other little black kid (his name also escapes me)
11- I
12- Out go the lights! (my husband)
13- Better NOT be my husband (Jan Brady?)
14- My husband's willy ( I've seen it pout too! Such a dramatic organ!)
15- THEY all say that!
16- WE all say that!
17- A Ruby Throated Hummingbird to a female of the species
18- Me, at seventeen (I sure liked them Bennies!)
19- A sugar cane farmer to his employees?
20- Roger Rabbit?
posted 8-Jan-2004 3:34pm  
1. The guy (Jimmy?) on Good Times
9. Flo from Mel's diner
13. Jan Brady
14. Patrick Henry
15. George Bush, not GWB
17. Jeff Foxworthy
18. Maverick and Goose, Top Gun
20. Patrick Swayze, Johnny, in Dirty Dancing

That's the best I can do!
posted 11-Jan-2004 11:38am  
"Boom Boom Boom" sounds a bit like Basil Brush - but I'm not sure.
"Hello, I'm Alan Partridge"???
posted 11-Jan-2004 11:39am  
Oh, and is "AAAAAAAY" the Fonz?
posted 11-Feb-2004 11:42am  
DYN-O-MITE--Jimmy J.J. Walker--Good Times
"You big dummy"--Redd Foxx (Fred G. Sanford in Sanford and Son)
"AAAAAAAY"--Henry Winkler----The Fonz (Happy Days)
"Kiss my grits"--FLO from Alice
'Watcha talking about Willis?"--Different Strokes--his name escapes me right now.
"And that's the bottom lin, "Cause STONE COLD said so!"--Stone Cold Steve Austin
"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"--Jan (Eve Plumb) from the Brady Bunch
"read my lips: No new taxes!"---George Bush, Sr.
posted 5-Jun-2006 8:06pm  
 * check * Other (Do you know any other quotes/catch-phrases I may have missed?): "I'll be back"
posted 22-Mar-2009 12:55pm  
"Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?"-Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montannah in the bowling episode where she gets jealouse of jake. .....Duh!

Have you heard these phrases?
Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.
& Whoever smelt it delt it.

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