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multiple22-Nov-2015personalityJessicaWoman99 by votes24152.1%


Are you famous?

Perhaps you are well known most anywhere in your town or city or anywhere you go someone is calling out your name.


LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Nov-2015 7:18pm  
No, and I wouldn't want to be. I would hate it. If I ever did anything newsworthy, I'd run away before the news got there. I wouldn't even want temporary local fame for a good, decent act. I wouldn't want to be recognized by people I don't know.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Nov-2015 8:27pm  
Only in certain circles.
posted 22-Nov-2015 9:22pm  
Although, I have a story. I go to the local Chili's a lot, so they know me there. Once I went there with a friend and his 10 year old daughter. As we're walking up to the door, my friend says to his daughter, "Dave's famous. Watch." Well, it was the perfect day for that. The hostess greeted me by name and about four different waitresses did also. Each time, my friend's daughter's eyes got a bit bigger.
posted 23-Nov-2015 12:39am  
posted 23-Nov-2015 5:27am  
No. Well, people tend to respond to me like I'm a little famous on another website I run because I'm the guy who runs it, but it's not real fame or anything.
posted 23-Nov-2015 5:41am  
No; I tried very hard to be for a long time, although I'm tormented by the thought I didn't try hard enough. To try and succeed when you want success is good; to try and fail, even when you want success, fine, to not try and yet still succeed when you don't want success, also fine (and it seems, quite common: right place, right time &c.), but to not try hard enough and so fail even when you want success, not fine.
posted 23-Nov-2015 8:11am  
Hell yeah I am.
posted 23-Nov-2015 2:49pm  
There is only one store in town that carries my wife's cigarettes. I'm there frequently so I don't have to say anything and just walk up to the counter. The clerk automatically grabs the pack of cigarettes, I pay and leave.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 23-Nov-2015 3:22pm  
Kinda like me at the beer store, laughing out loud
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-Nov-2015 3:46pm  
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Nov-2015 4:30pm  
In my own mind.....
posted 2-Dec-2015 6:25am  
No, and I like it just that way.
Keeping a low profile means less shots taken at me. Much safer and saner.
(reply to bill) posted 2-Dec-2015 6:27am  
Aww, your famous to us here bill smile
(reply to Lysannus) posted 2-Dec-2015 6:40am  
But, I just want to be one of the normal people!
(reply to bill) posted 2-Dec-2015 6:42am  
Normally famous.
posted 10-Dec-2015 1:44pm  
Yes I am very famous all over Kremmling I am a Drama Queen
posted 10-Dec-2015 1:46pm  
Only in a small town can you be famous and well known?
posted 30-Dec-2015 4:07am  
Only in my own deluded mind
posted 31-Jan-2016 6:00pm  
Yes but only in my own mind.... I have been in a TV Mini-Series though... George Washington (1984)
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Feb-2016 9:38am  
Not really, but I'm known quite well by locals, which I'm happy enough about. smile

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