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multiple3-Jun-2013productsJessicaWoman99 by votes24147.9%


Do you have a Family Dollar store close to where you are living right now?


posted 3-Jun-2013 2:51pm  
No. There is a Dollar Tree in town. I've been in there maybe twice in the last 3 years. I'm not big on buying junk, but some things I guess are reasonable for a buck.
posted 3-Jun-2013 6:44pm  
posted 3-Jun-2013 6:55pm  
No, I hope not. If I want to get cheap stuff I'd go for garage sales. I don't like those kinds of junky-junk stores. Once I got something that was labeled as essential oil at some dump like that (but not nearby - I was at a street fair and wandered in, another 'hood than my own) and when I tried to use the oil, it started flaming. Seems these kinds of stores are in parts of the city I do not normally frequent.
posted 3-Jun-2013 7:46pm  
Yes here in Kremmling Colorado and the very first time a Family Dollar store is now going up opening day is sometime in September of this year yay
posted 3-Jun-2013 9:00pm  
There are some dollar-and-up stores, but I don't know if any are that chain.
posted 3-Jun-2013 9:30pm  
I was even in there the other day. Didn't find anything I wanted.
posted 4-Jun-2013 4:26am  
No the closest store is a over -priced convenience gas station 5 miles away.
The closest family dollar is in town and that is a bit over 10 miles away.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Jun-2013 11:30am  
There are no stores within 120 miles of my location.
posted 4-Jun-2013 9:52pm  
No but we do have a dollar store type store.
posted 8-Jun-2013 10:47am  
8175 Granville St, Vancouver, BC
posted 10-Jun-2013 11:20pm  
I've only been there probably once my entire life though, haha.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 3-Nov-2013 10:36am  
Wow oh wow you look at the date that I created this survey and this week for the very first time our Brand New Family Dollar is opening at last yay whoowe this week November the 7? It's gonna be lots of fun for me I have drove by and saw them stocking this store with hundreds of people outside workers around 4 semi trucks this store was built directly across the street from my Church I can see the building out the church window how awsum that is

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