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What faction would you choose?

This is from The Divergent Series of books and movies. All sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will devote for the rest of their lives. Imagine that you must make this choice.
More info: Factions (Divergent)

8Erudite (the intelligent)
3Amity (the peaceful)
1Dauntless (the brave)
1Candor (the honest)
0Abnegation (the selfless)

posted 22-Dec-2014 9:12pm  
Erudite. And I hate how they made the smart ones into the bad guys.

Candor is a runner up. Not so much that I value truth, but I tend to run my mouth raspberry
posted 22-Dec-2014 9:25pm  
I do not know
posted 22-Dec-2014 10:34pm  
What an unpleasant lot. Where are the loners? Are there people who just head for the hills to live on their own and have nothing to do with these losers? That's what I choose.
posted 23-Dec-2014 2:30am  
I think I'd choose Candor. Selflessness is fine, but without the moral power of candor, it can be what Scott Fitzgerald referred to as "A Supercilious Sacrifice"*; bravery is also fine, and in my view, absolute adherence to the truth is in itself a form of bravery; erudition is in itself a good thing, but the combination of genius and amorality is surely among the most dangerous on earth; peacefulness is all very well and good...but can it not be said that in efforts to bring about peace, humans can be anything but peaceful? If they were more candid with themselves and their motives, they might recognise that truth.
*"This Side of Paradise" (1920).
posted 23-Dec-2014 5:17am  
Well of those 5 I would say Erudite. What a boring world that must be where is the anarchists? Too much structure, not good.
That world needs some chaos and that would be the group I choose.
posted 23-Dec-2014 7:27am  
I'm smart and brave... so I'm torn.
posted 23-Dec-2014 8:27am  
Snide (the sarcastic)
(reply to dab) posted 23-Dec-2014 8:34am  
Based on the movie (which to be honest, I didn't pay attention to 100%) and not the books (which I have not read nor will I likely ever read), the people live in the ruins of Chicago after a great war. The city limits are surrounded by a wall. Thus, you (not unlike the main character) may want to head beyond the wall. But, what will you find there? Radiation? Cannibals? Catamites? Utopia? Sanctuary?
posted 23-Dec-2014 12:04pm  
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Dec-2014 6:18pm  
The Erudite seem to be the only ones basing their practices on evidence and learning rather than dogma. I don't think that knowledge really leads to a thirst for power, so I'll go with that. Maybe I'm just blind to the power-thirsty villain I really am smile
(reply to bill) posted 23-Dec-2014 7:19pm  
To the wall I go.
(reply to bill) posted 23-Dec-2014 7:54pm  
And I would strongly advise you against reading the book. I started it, and immediately regretted. The only positive thing I can say is that it's better than Twilight.
(reply to Iseult) posted 24-Dec-2014 6:11am  
posted 24-Dec-2014 6:11am  
Note to all of you snob who picked Erudite. They are the bad guys in the movie!
posted 24-Dec-2014 11:28am  
I can't be bothered. Sorry. I opened the second link, read half of the first paragraph and gave up. The amount of time I would have to devote to studying this material to come up with anything resembling an honest and well thought out answer is quite simply too excessive. A quick look at another website I frequent revealed that the film was considered of less than average quality by males between the age of 15 and 35. It probably appeals primarily to teenagers. I'm 52.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Dec-2014 12:35pm  
Erudite seems most akin to the academic track I did choose for my life, so I'll go with that.
(reply to bill) posted 29-Dec-2014 4:53am  
The thinkers always seem to be the nefarious villains ... Hmmm ... yeah I guess that works for me winking raspberry
(reply to Lysannus) posted 29-Dec-2014 9:58am  

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