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ranking2-Apr-2011sportssebastianguto by votes32348.3%


Which extreme sports do you appeal the most?

5.45mountain biking
6.08hang gliding
6.45water skiing
7.18Speed Skating
8.09bungee jumping

posted 2-Apr-2011 1:24pm  
None to do. Not even to watch, really. But if forced to make a choice as to which to briefly watch -- say, I was outdoors and happened upon such activity going on nearby -- 1) skateboarding; 2) hang gliding. That's it. I've watched these two briefly, then moved on... Mountain bikers tend to hog trails and disturb plants so am not terribly fond of encountering them while hiking. Snow stuff I am not familiar with. I don't have a TV so do not watch this sort of thing on TV.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 2-Apr-2011 1:31pm  
Extreme sports don't especially appeal to me at all.
posted 2-Apr-2011 2:01pm  
I don't want to do, or watch, any of them.
posted 2-Apr-2011 4:12pm  
None really
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Apr-2011 4:41pm  
None of these appeal to me
posted 2-Apr-2011 6:27pm  
Really none, but if I had to...I always liked the idea of sky driving. I had so many chances to do it in my life, even going up in the plane. I just couldn't jump. I feared more of falling into a tree that the shoot not opening, but that was a concern too. Then, I would have to be conscious falling all the way to my death. Can't imagine that final thump.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Apr-2011 7:07pm  
I ranked them in order of what I'd most like to watch (as there is no way I'd ever consider actually doing any of these).
Snowboarding was at the top, skydiving was last.
posted 2-Apr-2011 7:21pm  
Bobsledding, snowboarding,

posted 2-Apr-2011 8:17pm  
Where's tsunami surfing? :(
posted 3-Apr-2011 5:22am  
posted 3-Apr-2011 8:32am  
None of them...
posted 4-Apr-2011 6:33am  
This question is a bit vague as in, do I want to do them or just watch?
Based on what I like to do it would be Mountain biking, bobsledding, and hang gliding.
Never had a chance to try water skiing although it sounds like something I would like try.
The rest I really don't care to try and I have no inclination to watch someone else doing these things.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Apr-2011 10:40am  
I like mountain biking, though there aren't many mountains around here - JUST KIDDING! I liked this one steep hill in town, but I guess the city didn't. It's not as steep now. As for watching - I like to watch people skateboarding, who aren't really very good at it, especially when they faceplant into a snow pile grin
posted 4-Apr-2011 1:28pm  
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 4-Apr-2011 2:54pm  
This is not a ranking survey. This survey does not have an option for "NONE OF THE ABOVE". The question is not worded properly. Is this asking for what appeals to you to participate in, or watch? Why did this pass????
posted 7-Apr-2011 9:38am  
I appeal to? I'm sure anything going downhill fast would want little to do with me.

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