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multiple21-Nov-2000computers/internetgreven by votes601051.8%


Have you experience "malicious" users when downloading on Napster?

When downloading from Napster, Gnutella, etc., have you experienced music files that were either not working, containing a message that you infringed copyright, etc. (together known as spoofing or cuckoo's eggs) or users disconnecting you close to completion of download?

See also on how many people that use Napster and on people's thoughts about Napster.

28I don't use Napster or the like at all.
11No, I haven't had any trouble with downloading on Napster.
8Yes, I have received not properly working files.
5Yes, I have maliciously been disconnected.
1I don't use Napster and I approve of this behaviour.
0Yes, files warning me of copyright infringement etc.

posted 22-Nov-2000 6:48pm  
Not that I know of. But once someone was downloading from me, and there was a transfer error, and I felt really bad.
posted 23-Nov-2000 2:47am  
posted 23-Nov-2000 3:09pm  
Sometimes I get disconnected, but I always thought it was just the person logging off. I have left my computer running to let someone complete a file, but if I know I'm logging off soon I will cancel them early.
posted 1-Dec-2000 6:40am  
I never consider files not going thru as malicious but maybe you are saying I should reconsider.
posted 1-Dec-2000 9:35am  
I always assumed that it was because they had to log off. I've only cancelled someboy once and that was because the transfer rate was so bad it would have taken over 90 minutes, and I had other arrangements.
posted 9-Dec-2000 4:56am  
I use Gnutella and frequently the files I need are removed as I am retrieving them.
posted 15-Dec-2000 1:14pm  
Napster is a form of stealing & I do not steal...

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