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Are you excited about Panam Games 2015 held in Toronto this summer?

1I'm super stoked!!!!!
0I'm moderately excited
3I'm neither here nor there
4I don't care
3I couldn't care less if they paid me to care less
9Panam what?

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Feb-2015 6:50pm  
All this makes me think of is the Panem Games smiley:::wry smile I think I'll steer well clear of anything like that!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Feb-2015 7:07pm  
That's nice dear.
posted 20-Feb-2015 7:11pm  
I couldn't care less if they paid me to care less.
posted 20-Feb-2015 9:30pm  
As a volunteer in the games, I am very excited!!!!
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 20-Feb-2015 9:51pm  
I;m just wondering when construction projects that are being done with them in mind will be finished
posted 21-Feb-2015 8:14am  
I had no idea about these games; so I'm not excited about them, although I have a lot of relatives, including first cousins, in Toronto, and so always like to hear about things happening in a city I like a lot.
posted 21-Feb-2015 10:44am  
I simply do not care
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Feb-2015 11:44am  
I didn't know about them.
posted 21-Feb-2015 2:33pm  
This is the first I've heard of it.

We had a Winter Olympics out our way a few years back (2012?). I also recall one in Calgary in 1988, if I'm not mistaken and Montreal in 1976?
posted 21-Feb-2015 4:25pm  
I'm neither here nor there
posted 23-Feb-2015 5:20am  
Never heard of them till now, but I suspect that is because I do not follow sports.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Jun-2015 4:49pm  
It's usually in the Capitol I thought. Did they move it since President Snow's death?

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