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multiple15-Aug-2006monkeeeeeeeclare by votes48651.1%


If everything I say is a lie, am I telling the truth when I say I'm lying?

8This question makes my brain hurt
5I don't know

posted 16-Aug-2006 2:24am  
You would never actually tell us were lying, or you'd turn into a living paradox.
posted 16-Aug-2006 2:29am  
You would say you are telling the truth, not the opposite.
posted 16-Aug-2006 2:29am  
Makes my brain hurt but I suffered through it & decided on 'yes'.
posted 16-Aug-2006 4:05am  
No you are not telling the truth when you declare that "everything I say is a lie" as with most lies there is kernel of truth to make the lie stick. You very well may have told some truth without realizing it. Identifying the kernels of truth in lies was precisely how the hillside strangler was convicted.
posted 16-Aug-2006 5:45am  
Yes ... I think ... possibly smiley:::wry smile
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Aug-2006 7:12am  
everything you say is not a lie... your original premise is faulty.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 16-Aug-2006 8:46am  
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 16-Aug-2006 9:04am  
Obviously your premise is invalid.
posted 16-Aug-2006 9:10am  
If everything you say is a lie, you would be incapable of saying so.
posted 16-Aug-2006 4:10pm  
If everything you say is a lie, than you are a pathological liar and there isn't anything that comes out of mouth no matter what you say can ever possibly be the truth.
posted 16-Aug-2006 5:27pm  
No. You're lying about lying therefore you are telling the truth.
posted 16-Aug-2006 9:03pm  
No. If everything you say is a lie, then saying that you are lying is also a lie. The paradox here is that the one time that you admit to lying--in effect the one time when you admit it--you are actually saying the contrary to what should be said.

Then again, maybe the question is badly worded or that I didn't get it right...
(reply to llamamama) posted 16-Aug-2006 9:09pm  
> No. You're lying about lying therefore you are telling the truth.

Jesus, Llama, I hope you don't enter politics or the CIA. I don't think that the "double-negative" rule applies to lying. Lying about lying is still lying, no?

(reply to hypersky) posted 16-Aug-2006 10:04pm  
Waddya mean about me not being in politics or the CIA...?
posted 16-Aug-2006 10:47pm  
probably I guess smiley:::rolls eyes
posted 16-Aug-2006 11:12pm  
yes but it's still a lie till you tell the truth.
posted 16-Aug-2006 11:16pm  
humm... I don't know!
posted 17-Aug-2006 1:24am  
One would have to assume you were lying but only you would know for sure.
posted 17-Aug-2006 2:04am  
yes, because "If everything I say is a lie" implies everyting you said BEFORE now is a lie, therefore you have broken the streak by comming to terms with what you are--- a pathological liar.

It is nearly impossible to always lie or always tell the truth because if you get a test and know the right answer, you will have to lie about it thus get most of the questions wrong. Thus if all you get is 0's on all your tests, you'll likely end up a loser in life and then most likely won't qualify for welfare because you'll get caught lying on your forms about something really stupid.

And don't get me started on how hard it is to tell the truth ALL the time.
posted 17-Aug-2006 7:55am  
The question is unanswerable as the hypothetical situation is impossible.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Aug-2006 2:11pm  
If everything you say is a lie, you would not say that you were lying.
(reply to llamamama) posted 17-Aug-2006 7:39pm  
I mean that I hear politicians and Company men using circular logic and just plain illogical thinking in their official statements all the time. It's like they think that the rest of us are stupid enough to gobble it whole, without questioning it.

I doubt that you were serious about lying about lying equals telling the truth (at least I hope you were kidding!)
(reply to hypersky) posted 17-Aug-2006 8:29pm  
Oooh ok. And yes I was...sorta
(reply to llamamama) posted 17-Aug-2006 8:33pm  
Sorry if I offended you.
(reply to hypersky) posted 17-Aug-2006 9:35pm  
No, you didn't.
posted 18-Aug-2006 8:32am  
posted 19-Aug-2006 9:43am  
This question makes my brain hurt. I've heard this a thousand times and I still don't know the answer.
(reply to Biggles) posted 19-Aug-2006 9:49am  
> If everything you say is a lie, you would
> not say that you were lying.

Nice and simply put. Now I know the answer.
posted 23-Aug-2006 6:37pm  
posted 26-Aug-2006 6:57pm  
i think this question doesn't even make sense it also has no purpose to me so wat is the point o and i'm sooo extra glad that you are smart enough to put an Other option on your question WOW you are soo much smarter than me!!!!
(reply to meghandrew) posted 26-Aug-2006 8:01pm  
This survey wasn't meant to be taken seriously or make sense, not all surveys are. This is a silly survey, that's all.

Why are you copping an attitude with me? Did someone pee in your Cheerios?
posted 27-Aug-2006 6:33am  
i'll take your word !
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Sep-2006 1:45pm  

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