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multiple16-Apr-2002sex/relationshipsJan123 unsorted1331456.8%


Have you ever sexually experimented with a sibling? If yes, how would you describe the experimentation?

"Incest" usually carries a very heavy negative load, because of the high potential for abusive situations. However, with the advent of internet and the anonymity that it provides, more and more people are willing to share their experiences in non-abusive relationships with relatives. I am especially interested to know any opinions and comments on sexual experimentation among siblings because this is actually not well studied and not well documented: There are several reasons for this: 1) families tend to believe that "does not happen in my family" or "my kids would never do that"; and 2) no immediate consequences of the experimentation are visible, especially if it is consensual. I would appreciate it if you took your time and participated in this project about this subject that rarely if ever is discussed in public. Thank you in advance for any help. By the way, thank you for the input during the approval phase.

13I do not have siblings
43No, it never happened to me
13That was just 'kid stuff'
18It happened when I was a teenager
9We still experiment

posted 17-Apr-2002 8:42pm  
I refuse to answer this survey, because my comments were not listened to in qual. I mentioned that this survey should be marked offensive. These kind of surveys can cause what are known as triggers in people who have been the victim of rape, incest, abuse, etc.

*votes survey bad*
posted 17-Apr-2002 8:44pm  
posted 17-Apr-2002 8:44pm  
That was fun  * smile *
(reply to anonymous) posted 17-Apr-2002 8:45pm  

Are you male or female?
(reply to anonymous) posted 17-Apr-2002 8:46pm  
I just read your comment in qual. I can honestly say that you have NO idea what you are talking about. Ask any counselor or doctor or read any book on the subject. I've been raped and I know what kind of potential pain these kinds of surveys can cause. If you would have simply marked it offensive, then if something happens, it will not be on your shoulders. Before you sit there and tell me I am wrong, get your facts straight.  * frown *
posted 17-Apr-2002 8:56pm  
I have three sisters. One older one who lived with me growing up who I had a pretty rocky relationship with, one older one who didn't live with us who I had an even more volatile relationship with and one younger sister I've barely seen. This never happened to me and the thought of it is kinda icky. I just cannot think of them that way.

I have always wished I had a sexy older brother  * raspberry *

I find thoughts of incest between siblings very erotic, just not my own siblings.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 17-Apr-2002 10:09pm  
no siblings here, but if I'd had a sibling I was close to I bet we would've...
posted 17-Apr-2002 10:51pm  
Over the course of several years while my sister slept, I would play erotic videos accompanied by tapes of wild animal recordings. I also connected her to a voltage transformer, and would apply slight increasing voltages the further her hands got from her pubis. Now, a decade later, she is 22, and I have her trained to spend her entire nights sleep wildly masturbating while roaring like a tiger, ape, elephant, without any clue she is doing it when she wakes up. She can't seem to keep a steady boyfriend, so I set up her on dates. She doesn't know they actually pay me to witness her sleep training. (It was hobby to start with, but it's turning out to be a lucrative investment.)
No. I have no sister and wouldn't consider anything with the brother I have. I did do 'kid stuff' with third cousins when I was a juvenile.
posted 18-Apr-2002 12:28am  
Only child. My Dad will be married this September 13, and then I will have 2 sisters.
posted 18-Apr-2002 12:56am  
No, that's disgusting!
posted 18-Apr-2002 1:53am  
I don't have any sibling.I have cousins,but I never "experimented" with them.
(reply to mandy) posted 18-Apr-2002 1:58am  
Maybe you are not so "balanced" in your bisexuality---you can think of sex with a brother but not with a sister!  * laughing out loud *
Irene007 Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Apr-2002 7:31am  
NO! Ugh!!
Irene007 Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to mandy) posted 18-Apr-2002 7:35am  
I have a sexy older brother. All my girlfriends went "ga-ga" for him, I just can't see it; I guess it's because he's my brother. Uh... Maybe he's not my type?
posted 18-Apr-2002 8:20am  
No. Infact I look at my little brother and I don't get it. He's very popular with the girlies. But I just see some runt with an attitude. Who I love but who is just - my bro. So no, I have never done it or (and this is the important point) never thought about it.
(reply to dora) posted 18-Apr-2002 8:22am  
Maybe mandy thinks like that because the sisters are real and the brother is make-believe. If she had a brother she just wouldn't get it like me and irene007 (I presume)
posted 18-Apr-2002 10:52am  
With consent, I masturbated in front of my sister, but that's about as far as that went.
(reply to Dino) posted 18-Apr-2002 1:42pm  
posted 18-Apr-2002 3:49pm  
No, and although you managed to come across all clinical and detached, I'm still picturing a drooling pervert hunched over their computer monitor compulsively masturbating, hoping to get some good incest stories...

 * grin *  * laughing out loud *
(reply to Zang) posted 18-Apr-2002 4:20pm  
Why do you think people sign up for psychology and priesthood. It's the lure of the confession booth. *YYC* again.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 18-Apr-2002 4:42pm  
Yeah, they're all secretly (or not so secretly) a bunch of voyeurs!  * grin *
(reply to dora) posted 18-Apr-2002 7:34pm  
Just not with any of my "real" sisters.
Now, If my sister were Angelina Jolie......

I think my bisexuality is a bit off kilter these days because I haven't had a man in a very very long time. They seem to be my focus because of it.

Bisexuality for me is so fluid. My desires change constantly depending on who is catching my interest at the time. I can get all hot and bothered over a tough biker guy in leather I see on the highway straddling a beautiful Harley one day and feel the same surge of lust over some nubile girl in hip hugger jeans with her pierced navel exposed the next.

I don't like to hold myself to strict rules of "balance " or "orientation" even.
I still haven't quite figured out where my overwhelming attraction to gay men fits in or why I sometimes wish kd lang would sneak up behind me in Queen Elizabeth Park and force me into the bushes for a brutal banging.

(reply to Dino) posted 18-Apr-2002 7:36pm  
Exactly. I think family dynamics play into it a lot. Competition, sibling rivalry, etc.

Make-believe brothers rock!
(reply to Amanda) posted 19-Apr-2002 12:15am  
I am truly sorry about what happened to you. Ok, you convinced me. I should have marked it as offensive. However, as I read the replies they seem quite innocuous.
(reply to confetti) posted 19-Apr-2002 12:16am  
Female. Why? Does it matter?
(reply to Amanda) posted 19-Apr-2002 12:21am  
I am not going to argue with you about whether is good or not to talk about a given traumatic event with a victim. It depends a lot about the interaction between the victim and the therapist. All I want to say is that by not discussing taboo subjects we do not make any favors to victims. I think the best way to deal with trauma is to talk about it and not bottle it up. This is my opinion. But I can be wrong, as always.
posted 19-Apr-2002 12:27am  
It seems that many answers here seem to indicate that incestuous fantasies are more acceptable than a real-life situation. Is that true? This question is for Mandy and Dino, although other people may answer as well.
(reply to Zang) posted 19-Apr-2002 12:31am  
Well, there are better places for one to get off on lurid incest stories, Mr. / Mrs. Zang. I don't think Surveycentral is one of them. Anyway, thank you for sharing. Eeeuuwww.
(reply to Jan123) posted 19-Apr-2002 12:50am  
It is true for me, although I really cannot say because my fantasies revolve around a brother and I've never actually had a brother. If I had a brother close to my own age who was raised in the same household, I am sure some stuff would have "happened". I was always messing around with other kids and my cousin(female).
(reply to Jan123) posted 19-Apr-2002 2:02am  
It's okay. I just thought you were my bf for a second. Which would be weird, since I believe he's never heard of this site  * smile *
Thank God.
(reply to Zang) posted 19-Apr-2002 7:01am  
In the case of pschologists, I think it's often true that people are attracted to the field because they haven't figured their self out yet, or need to legitimize a standard they maintain through denial. Fortunately I have a very sweet and conscious psychiatrist.
(reply to confetti) posted 19-Apr-2002 9:08am  
I sense a double-standard in your reply.  * smile *
Biggles Survey Qualifier
posted 19-Apr-2002 3:08pm  
No, not at all.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 19-Apr-2002 3:46pm  
When I was doing volunteer work at the local mental hospital, they used to get a lot of people who probably should have been going to admissions, trying to get in as volunteers. We suspected that they thought some mental health would just sort of rub off on them if they were there. Conversely, perhaps they just wanted to check the place out first...
(reply to Jan123) posted 19-Apr-2002 6:35pm  
Perhaps lots of things are permissable in fantasy. In reality things work out much different. I had a fantasy once where I was a kid being hit on by a child abuser. It was erotic. One day I was visiting a prison and my mate (who was a penpal) pointed out the child abusers and I was sickened and horrified by them.
posted 19-Apr-2002 7:12pm  
I've let daddy cum on me before, thats all though.
posted 19-Apr-2002 8:56pm  
Is there a way to remove anonymous #2 comment? Because I find it rather crude.
(reply to Zang) posted 19-Apr-2002 8:58pm  
That's funny. I can see them sneaking in in lab coats to see if they'd be happy there.
There's a chance they felt they'd conquered or understood states better than the staff and wanted to be a bridge for others.
(reply to Jan123) posted 19-Apr-2002 9:23pm  
In rare situations you can email bill to manually remove a comment from the system. Considering the title of the survey it appeared under, though, that's not entirely likely. What is weird is that this somehow passed in spite of the hopelessly flawed and nitpik votes. It should have been categorised offensive. Offensive comments do appear here at times. When they don't personally assault SC users, they tend to remain here, and sensible people simply don't empower the the crude commentor by reacting in any fashion. If you're offended by someone who's obviously just trying to offend, I have to wonder why you are reading through this survey in the first place, which is likely to attract such comments. It's not altogether impossible that this was the comment of a person that has such fantasies, and it's not been an SC policy to censor peoples sexual fantasies. Surveys about sex with cows were big when SC was younger, and bathroom surveys are so common as to possibly warrant a category. Blatant non-acknowledgement leaves a message that censorship does not.
(reply to Amanda) posted 20-Apr-2002 7:08am  
I noticed your comment and I must admit that I otherwise wouldn't have thought about it, but I have PTSD from something that happened to me (not related to this topic) and I can certainly see how this could cause a trigger in someone. I admire that you mentioned it and that even after it was published you stood by your decision. If the creator had not received a comment from you I could see it a an honest mistake but since your advice was ignored (or so it appears) I just wanted to mention that your efforts did not go unnoticed. And don't get me wrong I do not feel the survey should be censored in any way, just that if someone brings up a valid concern and recomends a warning, it should be taken into consideration.
(reply to Jan123) posted 20-Apr-2002 6:45pm  
I, like Amanda, am a rape and abuse victim, but I do not feel that this survey is offensive.
Silence does not protect anyone.
posted 21-Apr-2002 1:46pm  
Good God, no!
posted 21-Apr-2002 6:06pm  
I'm an only child :(
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 21-Apr-2002 7:58pm  
I am not offended by anonymous #2. I just do not want this survey to degenerate into something that most people will find offensive. But here is the gist of all this: what is offensive? Silence? Censorship? Repression of bad memories? People writing their fantasies, which may be read by people like B_lafonte_fan. I was not worrying about my reaction. I was worrying about people like B_lafonte_fan.
(reply to freebird_old) posted 21-Apr-2002 8:05pm  
People can hide this survey if they want, Freebird. But there is something I don't understand about B_Labonte_Fan: if this survey triggers bad memories in you, why did you even dared to come in and read all the reactions? Does that not contradict your position? That is better not to talk about it and ignore it altogether?
(reply to spidertea) posted 21-Apr-2002 8:07pm  
Thank you, spidertea ,for your reaction. It is much appreciated.
(reply to Jan123) posted 21-Apr-2002 8:31pm  
I don't know- you would have to ask her. I just assumed she came to the comment page not to read the comments, but to leave her opinion and give others something to think about.
posted 21-Apr-2002 8:32pm  
Eh--kid stuff. Not noteworthy. Unpleasant and private, don't want to talk about it. Seems fairly common though.
(reply to Amanda) posted 21-Apr-2002 8:39pm  
Maybe you can read the reply I got from Jan123 and clear things up. I put down a reason for why you may have come to this page anyway, but it was just a guess, I do not want to assume to know your reasons, but rather give you a chance to express them for yourself.
(reply to Jan123) posted 22-Apr-2002 12:26am  
I think people bump into whatever words their karma calls to resolve.
(reply to Jan123) posted 22-Apr-2002 2:54pm  
First of all, I NEVER said it caused triggers for me. I said that it COULD cause triggers in some people. I also never said that silence was a good thing. I believe it is up to the individual person. I just believe that surveys such as these should be marked offensive. There are several reasons for this. #1 It can cause triggers for people who have been abused. #2 It can offend people, even if they have not been abused #3 There are young teenagers on this site #4 People can filter out offensive surveys, in their personal customizes, and this means they do not want to see surveys such as these. I NEVER said I had a problem seeing this survey. I am at a point in my recovery that I can openly talk about anything and everything that has happened to me in my life. I simply refused to answer this survey because it pisses me off that you did not mark it offensive. I will hold my ground, even if nobody else stands behind me.

***Stands by my "bad" survey vote and goes about my business***
posted 23-Apr-2002 10:46pm  
I felt my dad get hard when he was spanking me one time for fighting with my brother. My dad was in his underwear, when I felt it I began to stroke it in a sort of non-chaulant manner, I to this day don't know if he knew what I was doing.
posted 25-Apr-2002 3:55am  
No! That's sick.
(reply to mandy) posted 25-Apr-2002 9:13am  
(replying to comments from way back)

Make-believe fathers rock too. Mmmmm, I guess that wouldn't be a popular thought-pattern amongst the gentry.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for Pat Califia's book. 'Doing it for Daddy'. Its mixed so you'll love all the stories.
(reply to mandy) posted 25-Apr-2002 9:15am  
.... and please tell me I'm evil for feeling warm over 'Anonymous 3's' comment.
(reply to Dino) posted 25-Apr-2002 6:16pm  
I felt it too....we should be locked up...and punished!
 * grin *
(reply to mandy) posted 26-Apr-2002 4:32am  
Yeah - punished harshly!  * wink *
(reply to Dino) posted 26-Apr-2002 11:04am  
Yeah - for days! * smile *
(reply to mandy) posted 26-Apr-2002 12:13pm  
And made to eat food out of dog bowls.  * raspberry *
(reply to Dino) posted 26-Apr-2002 12:27pm  
posted 7-May-2002 1:53pm  
that is just a sick, sick idea. horrible!
posted 21-May-2002 7:18pm  
Ah man, baby, I love to fudge with my brother. We have like this bond, where are parents don't know. His dick is so huge! He loves the sight of my bewbs too.
posted 17-Jun-2002 1:31pm  

1) Me doing it goes against my values.
2) I have a brother and I am not gay.
posted 25-Jul-2002 9:11am  
i find this survey offensive in all aspects. incest isn't funny in any way and if there ever was someone on this sight who was raped or a family member did something to them, you'd hurt them very badly.
posted 31-Jul-2002 5:00pm  
Used to play with my sister's butt, but that's all. years ago too.
(reply to anonymous) posted 3-Aug-2002 1:25pm  
Incest isn't always about victimization.
This survey is about consensual the title again. It asks if we have ever sexually experimented with a sibling, not if we were raped by one. BIG DIFFERENCE!

and even if someone was a victim of sexual abuse by a sibling, should we never ever mention consensual incest again? Should we pretend these things don't happen as not to hurt people's feelings?

Then these are other things we shouldn't talk about at SC or discuss because it might hurt someone badly:

Any kind of consensual sex whatsoever, for anyone who has been a victim of a sex crime might be hurt badly
Any reasonable responsible use of alcohol and drugs, as not to hurt the feelings of people who have been addicts or suffered because of someone else's addiction
Pets! Do not talk about your pets, some people have been bitten by dogs and this might cause them immense suffering to be reminded....

Do you see where I am going with this?

We have all had bad things happen to us but the world moves forward and other people may not have had the same kinds of bad experiences with things that have caused us suffering and pain. I believe that the exchange of ideas is a good thing but censoring our conversations as not to offend or hurt someone who "might" have been a victim is not a good thing.

You seem to think victims are not strong enough to handle any small reminder of their abuse? Believe me, if anyone in this world has learned to be is the victims.

Iseult Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Aug-2002 11:21pm  
No, even though my brother is really hot. But oh well, I mean, some other girl can have him.
posted 20-Sep-2002 7:49pm  
what a stupid question!
(reply to Shadyfan) posted 20-Sep-2002 8:40pm  
How do you define a stupid question? 18% (so far) seems to have been worth asking.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 20-Sep-2002 9:21pm  
???, Not sure what you mean and I'm not sure I really care.
(reply to Shadyfan) posted 21-Sep-2002 1:24am  
It seemed you implied the thought that this was a 'stupid question' because it 'preposterous'. Since 14 of 78 people answered some sort of yes, it's not really preposterous though. There was more implied, but I'll resume 'not caring' too.
I was originally thinking to phrase my initial response to you as tasteless humor: "It's not that stupid; some people don't have siblings.", but gave you the benefit of the doubt, that you might object. I don't know you all that well, obviously.
posted 9-Oct-2002 6:41pm  
did all the time. I sucked my brother off while he licked me
posted 28-Nov-2006 11:44pm  
I am a male in my early 40's, and some of my fondest memories are of having sex on a handful of occasions with my older sister. This all took place when I was 17, and she was a lovely young woman of 27. Altogether, it happened 4 times, within a span of 2 or 3 months, and involved everything from foreplay to full intercourse. As a whole, this has been a far more positive experience than I have shared with any other woman. I say "positive", not in terms of such superficial aspects as "performance" or sexual "gratification", but more in reference to the level of personal enrichment and emotional fullfillment this experience has brought me, and my sister as well. At that point in my life, I was extremely self-conscious about the fact that I was still a virgin, while all my friends were boasting about their sexual "conquests". At first, admittedly, my only concern was of erradicating the stigma of virginity, but the moment I first held her nude body close to mine, I realized what a tender and intimate event sex could be. After all, here was a woman I had known and loved all my life, and our relationship was becoming closer and more personal than any I had known before! Since then, our lives have followed entirely different courses, yet to this day, her touch still fills me with an inner peace and warmth that lets me know what it means to be truly loved.
posted 14-Jul-2007 12:44am  
In the assumption that consensual means consensual, yes between myself and an older sister and a younger sister. I have not heard either of them be upset, not do I feel a reason to be.
posted 17-May-2008 3:48am  
Yeah. I totally think that Incest is immoral...I was pretty much forced to do things I knew I was wrong when I was 7 years old....I didn't find it appealing up until I noticed my mother, for some reason...every time I think about being with her, I have a orgasm. I feel guilty as hell for that thought, but at the same time, I know I don't have the balls to do something like that...So i'll seek out a older woman so I can still imagine lol.
posted 30-Aug-2010 3:23am  
you guys all sound like a bunch of idiots and have no idea what ur talking about. I was sexually molested by my babysitters sons and I watched my sister giving head to one of the other sons. She was 5 yrs old and I was 7 at the time. The 2 sons were teenagers and the mother "babysitter" went to the grocery store and left my sister and i with them. My brother was there, but i think he was playing video games. 3 yrs later, my sister and i began having sex with each other and brought my brother into it. I'm the female and the oldest one and my brother is a yr younger than me, and my sister is the youngest. I believe that there is now way we were attracted to each other when we were doing these things, it was a cause and affect of what happened to my sister and I as kids. My sister and I were watching "Red Shoe Diaries" on cinemax when we experimented. It only happened a couple times but when we got older, i just hoped my siblings never brought it up. We basically pretended that it never happened and we never told our mom about any of the abuse. This is the first time I've said anything about it. Sorry for calling you idiots, it's just a touchy subject to me. A cause and effect. I would like to see more websites and help for incest victims who also initiated willingly with their siblings and can't talk about it.
posted 30-Aug-2010 3:34am  
Because of not knowing what sexually boundries were as a child and getting sexually abused by someone who was supposed to take care of my sister and I, I grew up having no sexual boundries until I met my boyfriend. I have no relationship with anybody in my family, I feel uncomfortable when my boyfriend of 8 yrs wants to have sex. We are both 28 yrs old. I've been on meds since i was 15 but I took myself off it when I was 26, and I feel like committing suicide everyday. It makes me sick to know that the guys when they were teenagers, touched us. I never saw it coming and I want to hurt them so bad. I can't ever get to go one week without forgetting what happened. This world is disgusting and will eventually burn in hell.
posted 30-Aug-2010 3:42am  
Funny thing is my mom is a cop. She should've been the first person I ran to, but i didn't want to crush her. Being a single mom is hard, and I would never want to make her hear that this happened with the people who were supposed to take care of us kids, and that's why I'm so messed up inside emotionally and spiritually. I hate this life so bad. I can't even drink to forget anymore. The thoughts and images of what happened just gets worse and more visual. More clearer and it makes me so sick.
posted 30-Aug-2010 3:49am  
My boyfriend is the closest one to me in my life, and i will never tell him about this. People don't understand, and it is never normal as a child to experiment a couple times with ur brother and sister. That can really mess a person up
posted 29-Sep-2010 2:34pm  
When I was 18, my older sister and I had sex (vaginal intercourse) around half a dozen times. Several decades later, she and I are both happily married (not to each other), and live normal, fulfilling lives. While we have not had sex since that time, we still chat about it from time to time, and both agree those times were some of our happiest memories from childhood. I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful, loving sister, and should the opportunity arise, I would gladly make love to her again! (Provided, of course we were both single & available.)
posted 25-Nov-2010 11:54pm  
i never had sex with my sister, urgh, but when we were early/mid teens we would give eachother massages topless and stroke/lick eachothers nipples. It was our first sexual contact of any sort and very exciting and intense at the time. It never got beyond teasing/flirting, seeing eachother naked and nipple play. We were normal kids with good parents and probably were just really close emotionally at the time. weird but we are both quite conservative sexually and havent had many partners, but are both bisexual. it never fudgeed me up at all but i couldnt seduce a girl for years because i was always too needy, because i remembered physical contact being such an intense thing.
posted 8-Nov-2011 3:30pm  
my sister experimented I was 9 she was 12 it was fun stuff mostly
posted 18-Jan-2012 4:16am  
My sister and I first had sex when I was 17 & she was 27. Over the summer, we had sex around 4 or 5 times, total, and then she found a man whom she would later marry. I myself married much later as well, but we still talk now and then about those days, and how much they meant to both of us. I personally feel that all CONSENSUAL sex is a good thing, especially incest. To me, the most beautiful and wonderful event a human can experience is incest between a mother and her son, though father-daughter incest runs a close second.
posted 24-Jan-2012 11:01am  
the only negative was having to really be careful
posted 28-Feb-2012 4:24am  
when i was 18 and my cousin was 15 we used to dry hump frequently it started when i was watching titanic in her room when rose and jack started to have intercourse i saw how into it she was and i got horny, so without thinking i leaned over and started to rub her vagina she let me and it let to frequent dry humping, then her sister started with me as well and she made me cum we decided we would have no penetration and for a few months atleast twice a week we would have oral sex, it finally led up to a climax where i had sex with her after fingering her once i couldnt control myself, after that it stopped we only did it once, but i have no stopped looking at her sexually i cant ever take my eyes off her vagina when we are together i dont know if she notices...
posted 13-Apr-2012 2:10am  
My brother and I are in our mid 50's. We have been involved in a consensual incestuous sexual relationship with each other for over 40 years now. We have been living as husband and wife for over 30 years. We have 3 kids and none of them has had any type of of a health issue,they are all now adults in the ages of 21,23 and 26. Our sex life has always been very deep, very intense and very passionate, very rewarding.
posted 1-Jun-2012 12:32pm  
It never happened to me. But my 13 year old came to me in tears last night telling me his stepbrother was having sex with him from age 7-10. I am devastated and feel like a failure. I don't know what to do to make this better for him. I would have never even thought it was possible at that age to even work to do that. He was holding in such a burden for so many years. We have yet to talk to my stepson who is at his mothers this weekend. Please any advice on how to talk to him about this. My husband never told me when his son was 6 another child did it to him. So it looks like he repeated it on my son. I can't stop crying and praying to god this has not damaged him forever. I wish I knew. We are so close and he normally tells me everything. I wish he had told me so I would have made it stop. And I'm sorry Nobody but you are for sure somebody. I really think you need to get some counseling and talk to everyone you can about it. My husband was raped by his sister and her friends and he only opened up to me last year and I was the first person he ever told. The more you talk to more you will heal. Don't keep it in. This wasn't your fault and you shouldn't suffer with this forever. I'm so very sorry your innocence was taken from you.
(reply to nobody) posted 1-Jun-2012 12:40pm  
You really need to open up to people about what happened to you. If you keep this bottled up it will tear you apart. My son just opened up about stuff his stepbrother has done to him. I have been just researching what to do to help him. I am devastated this happened to him. He said it feels like the weight of the world was lifted from him for telling me. I hope you will confide in your boyfriend and than he will understand you more and bring you both closer. If not him someone a counselor and sort it out. It is still tearing you apart. You were so little this wasn't your fault and sibling stuff like this is more common than you think. Although it can mess you up. Hang in there.
posted 24-Jun-2012 6:41pm  
Yes I had sex with my own older sister, who is 12 years older than me, married and have kids. But it may not considered as sex, well we both were adults at that time. I caught her in some unexpected situation for which I eventually blackmailed her to get laid. When I entered her it was perfect but with in two to three stroke I lost my erection and I couldn't gain it. Although I was a failure I tried again this time forcefully and the same situation occurs. Since after a long break I attempt to have sex with but same again. This does not occur while having sex with any other female. I am very confused, I don't know is everyone trying to prove that they are sinless, stop being the nice guys and speak out the truth. However, whether you are aware of this or not siblings incest/taboo is mostly found in the Arabic society, I know that as I am one of them and have seen a few cases with me own eyes that own married older sister have sex with their own young brother to provide them practical sex education. No offence please.
posted 13-Aug-2012 2:21pm  
I started having sex with my first cousin in college, 25 years ago. We had sex in her dorm room almost daily for almost 12 months. Her father and my mother are brother and sister. We share the same grand parents. We are both married now with kids but remain very close friends. In fact, we are the only relatives from our families that maintain close contact, talking almost every week for the last 25 years. Now in our 40s, we recently became intimate again when we met for lunch and ended up playing the in back seat of my car behind the restaurant. She told me she is reading a novel titled "Fifty Shades of Grey" which makes her horny and want to experiment with me again. My cousin and I plan to take a day off this summer to meet at a discreet location and experiment for hours. Her goal is to make me cum in her mouth because she loves to suck and swallow. She said she wants to show me new things she has learned such as performing oral while digitally stimulating my prostate. I told her that I want to pick up where we left off 25 years ago by penetrating her without wearing a condom. She uses contraception so we're not worried about pregnancy. Im a big proponent of consensual incest and feel that this relationship has only been positive. I cannot think of a single time when either of us had any regrets or negative experience due to our secret relationship. The reason it stopped is because she started a guy who eventually became her husband. Both of us is now married with children. My spouse is aware that I had a relationship with my cousin in college and accepts the fact that it happend even though she doesnt approve of our behavior. My cousin's husband has no idea about our incestuous relationship and she has no intention of ever telling him. I must admit that much of my attraction for my cousin stemmed from the fact that we are blood relatives. I enjoyed talking about it during sex because it excited me and gave me the most intense orgasms of my life. She and I tell each other all about our most secret fantasies without fear of anyone finding out. Its nice to have someone so close, who knows me so well, without the pressure of a relationship screwing things up. I had fantasies of incest with my sisters as well but never knew whether they felt similar so we never tried.
posted 3-Sep-2012 10:24am  
I am a 21 year old male. When I was quite young, probably 4 or 5, my younger sister and I experimented with each other's bodies consensually. I think we were both curious, and it seemed pretty natural. There was no penetrational sex but we did touch each other, pretty much a "you show me yours, I'll show you mine" type deal. At the time we were pretty young but I think we must have had some feeling that it was kind of naughty, and since then thinking back on it has made me feel a little guilty. My sister is now married, I just got out of a relationship. I grew up in a Christian household and my mother found out, but as far as I know my father never knew. It helps knowing there are others out there who've experimented at much older ages even and don't feel bad about it. I've never talked to anyone about it, and it probably has not been especially healthy holding that in all these years. Growing up Christian I tried to suppress a lot of my sexual desires, but now as I'm more comfortable with my sexuality I think that suppression was somewhat harmful. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.
posted 27-Mar-2013 5:35pm  
Ha Ha. I have anti-sex drive missiles. Those will evantually become useless. But right now, it is really effective. I never had sex, because I would know it can lead to at least 25 medical problems. HIV is the worst of them.
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posted 20-Apr-2013 2:44am  
posted 21-Jul-2013 6:20pm  
As many here have posted the idea of cross-generational incest is offensive to me. Not to mention immoral and usually illegal. I have never been sexually abused nor forced into any sexual activity. Raised in the Hebrides, perhaps the most sexually repressive part of Europe. As a middle child I was quite close to my older sister (shared a bedroom) and to my younger brother. After my sister departed for university, my brother and I became confidants. He was upset by his emotional and social immaturity as a result of the very restricted life on the island. He even said, I have never even seen a female body." I showed him. Over the next several weeks the predictable steps occurred. We continued, quite safely and carefully, for about a year until I departed for university.
He is in a stable marriage of several years and I have survived the death of a fiance just before marriage. Neither of us thinks of ourselves as a "survivor" or harmed in any way. It happened; only we are aware. I do not speak of it because of some of the responses made to this thread. The behaviour is not as deviant as many believe and those of us who are from healthy families do not make it into the studies mostly done from therapists notes.
posted 5-Sep-2013 4:20am  
Barely. It takes a couple generations for problems to show up in a family line. As a societal wide practice though bad recessive genes would begin showing up. It's the psychological/societal reasons which make it worth keeping up the taboo amongst isolated cases.
posted 6-Sep-2013 4:09am  
I have studied data studies on the subject. About .2% more likely first generation, 7% 2nd generation. Perhaps there's more recent data proving your point instead, but I don't really care either.
I did a term paper on it long ago, and determined half way through then that the real problem there was narcissism.
posted 17-Sep-2013 6:09am  
Ok. The data has changed considerably since what I was reading in books and magazines available in the early 80's, and I change my position.

I think my research into the narcissism aspect of causes and ongoing psychological problems in such relationships still holds true though.
posted 8-Oct-2013 6:18am  
I'm a male and hve a sister 4 years younger. Our parents lacked the courage for "the talk" so bought us a copy of "Where Did I Come From?" when I was a teenager and she was entering puberty, and they let us read it with no guidance. Quite a few years earlier, a babysitter with a bit of a thing for watching, I guess, sometimes had us play "doctor"... so we weren't strangers to each other's bodies. Also, primitive low resolution internet porn was beginning to make its appearance, which my young teen penis sure noticed. Well after we'd both read the book, before long we talked about it, and not too long after that, when our parents were at the grocery store for a few hours... the inevitable curiosity took over. Not much happened but naked hugging, sucking on what microscopic boobs she had, and genital rubbing. This would occasionally happen for some time when we got left alone, initially under the guise of playing doctor. As she passed puberty and we both became fully teenagers and were left home alone more and more, the game guise dropped away and things quickly progressed first to nude but non-penetrating dry hymping and sucking on her breats. In just a couple weekends it seemed, I developed a major love for performing oral sex on her vagina and simultaneously fingering her, which she seemed to love - though the idea of returning oral sex kinda grossed her out. I think we carried on sporadically through highschool. Near the end, I asked if I could try sticking in just the tip, she agreed, and over a towel spread on my bed I went to dive fully into her, not sure if I planned to keep my word to pull out or to fudge her as hard as I could. But she clenched up out of inexperience or nervousness. We tried again a week later with the same result. Not long after I was old and informed enough to know that incest wasn't something most of our prude society accepted, though it had been such a fun part of our later childhood. So, I stopped initiating. She didn't though, and about a month later she came in asking me to straight up fudge her, which I turned down - because I'd learned that was "wrong" and not because I didn't want to really really badly. She looked so sad and walked away. We never did anything again, and our relationship deteriorated for years. Eventually she sought therapy for being an incest "victim" and I attended some of her sessions, and she now knows I cut her off for love, just as I'd "abused" her for love. We're on great terms not. Had some idiotic taboo not got in the way, I think we might've fudgeed a few amazing times then inevitably moved on to other partners as people usually do and we never would've lost out on a few years of our relationship. Given another chance, I'd change nothing except the fact that I freaked out over a stupid taboo, and I would've made love to her when she asked and for as many times afterwards as possible before we grew up and moved on.

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