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single14-Sep-2012ethics/moralityPsychopath by votes37154.1%


Have you ever seriously considered killing another human being?

0Not sure.

posted 14-Sep-2012 5:39am  
I don't know if it counts if you're fourteen at the time and considering fratricide.
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Sep-2012 6:54am  
No sure we have all thought it etc but to actually go to lengths of planning and plotting, erm no
posted 14-Sep-2012 8:29am  
Sadly, yes.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Sep-2012 10:16am  
Not really
posted 14-Sep-2012 10:36am  
posted 14-Sep-2012 10:39am  
I am sure I have in the past. I wouldn't want to now, no matter....well.... if it were some incredibly henious crime and the perp had absolutely no remorse and it was up to me to 'fix' things...I'd do it. But killing someone in some crazy way thinking it would make me feel better about something about myself, no.
posted 14-Sep-2012 11:10am  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 14-Sep-2012 11:14am  
posted 14-Sep-2012 3:47pm  
No, not yet.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Sep-2012 6:47pm  
Yes, I've given serious thought to the possibility of accidentally killing someone. I've also thought a lot about how the euthanasia debate would impact on me, and how I might feel if I was legally permitted or even expected to assist someone in taking their own life.

Have I seriously considered killing a specific person? No.
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Sep-2012 8:24pm  
No. I can't even imagine being in a state of mind to even entertain the thought. Someone would have to do something really REALLY bad.
posted 16-Sep-2012 4:17am  
Yes, but not seriously.
posted 17-Sep-2012 4:48pm  
Daily... Some people are alive only because it is against the law to kill them...
posted 21-Sep-2012 1:20pm  
No way on this earth you gotta be kidding or your crazy
posted 25-Sep-2012 10:05am  
Only in the sense that I planned it and worked it out and contemplated it. I never really thought that I would go through with it.
posted 25-Sep-2012 7:16pm  
posted 1-Oct-2012 5:45pm  
No. And it's not like I'm going to admit it anywhere in writing.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 7-Jan-2015 9:38am  
Not seriously.

Sometimes I like to ponder how I'd dispose of a body.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 7-Jan-2015 9:41am  
So, how would you feel about it?

I recently had to have my dog euthanized because she was in a lot of pain. I can't imagine not doing that for other members of my family.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to they) posted 7-Jan-2015 8:33pm  
> So, how would you feel about it?
> I recently had to have my dog euthanized because she was in a lot
> of pain. I can't imagine not doing that for other members of my family.

I don't think I would be comfortable with it for end of life care. There's a lot that can be done to relieve suffering that doesn't involve euthanasia. Sometimes the methods used to relieve suffering can shorten a person's life, but the motive is different and that's important. I've been involved in plenty of decisions to withdraw active treatment and keep people "comfortable" which almost inevitably means they die sooner (and more peacefully) than if we had continued filling them with fluids and antibiotics. I am comfortable with that and I approve of gracefully bowing out when people are at the end of their natural lives. I've seen very few people who, at the very end of their life with appropriate treatment in place, were distressed or in pain. In fact, over the nine years that I've now been involved in health care, I can think of only two patients at the end of their life where giving something with the intent of hastening death might have been beneficial. And I'm not sure who should have made that decision, because it certainly shouldn't be a lone doctor.

So that leaves people with chronic health problems, and my feelings there are slightly different. I believe people should have the right to end their lives if they wish to do so and are mentally competent to make that decision, but they don't have the right to demand medical treatment (any medical treatment, not just euthanasia). I could imagine that there are extreme cases where I might support euthanasia if all other options to relieve suffering had been exhausted, but I think I would find it upsetting to actually be the person giving the injection (or prescribing the injection). I think I'd want to see euthanasia managed through a legal process where people had to apply for the right to die and prove that they had a strong case for doing so. I might be more willing to participate in an act of euthanasia if it was clear that every angle had been considered and a panel of experts had agreed that it was the right decision.

Mostly, I don't know what I would feel, only what I might. Part of me would just rather not be involved in the debate.

they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 7-Jan-2015 9:18pm  
smile Thanks for answering.

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