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multiple16-Jun-2002personal experiencemandy unsorted911164.4%


Have you ever seen/caught people having sex in a public place?

Some people like to engage in sexual escapades in public places. Adding to the excitement of the act itself is the chance of being caught! Sex can mean any sexual act above and beyond "making out", including but definitely not limited to oral sex, anal or vaginal penetration by penis or fingers, same sex acts, group sex acts or masturbation.

31Yes, I have
23No, I haven't
19No, but I've seen people making out in public
20I'd like to see people having sex in public
7I wouldn't like to see people having sex in public
6I'm not sure how I would feel if I saw people doing this
27I have had sex in a public place
5I have something else to say

posted 17-Jun-2002 3:20pm  
I have done it but never seen it before. Sounds interesting... * raspberry *
posted 17-Jun-2002 3:43pm  
I had sex in a public place,but not in "public".I wouldn't like to be seen or see someone having sex in public.Once I dreamt (my crazy dreams,again!) that I was doing it in a confessional box.When the priest told us to go away I threw my cigarette in the holy water.Now we talk about outrageous!  * laughing out loud * .
posted 17-Jun-2002 4:03pm  
Seen it, done it, and heartily approve all the way around.
posted 17-Jun-2002 5:02pm  

Most memorably, once was traumatized by catching my older cousin and his girlfriend "making love" in my treehouse at age 5.
posted 17-Jun-2002 5:16pm  
I was walking along the sidewalk, in one of the busiest areas in Vancouver, just recently, and saw a couple of teenagers getting pretty serious in a sidewalk cafe, in the middle of the afternoon. He was just sucking her nipples when I walked by. I didn't stick around to see how far it would progress...
posted 17-Jun-2002 7:18pm  
posted 17-Jun-2002 7:46pm  
posted 17-Jun-2002 7:57pm  
No, I haven't.
posted 17-Jun-2002 11:09pm  
Ummm... *raises hand* We might have been seen, I was concentrating on something else at the time. *whistles innocently*
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 17-Jun-2002 11:16pm  
No, but there was this funny story in the paper just the other day. Two people were screwing behind a bar, and some guy walked by and said "Having fun?" The dude stopped what he was doing to chase the guy down and hit him with a pipe. Someone commented that a person who would interrupt a sex act to go beat someone up probably has serious unaddressed anger management issues.

"Having fun?"  * laughing out loud *
posted 18-Jun-2002 12:15am  
I've only seen things limited to making out and sexual touching.
I myself though have had sex in public before. There is a bridge out in my backyard looking out onto a main road that often has a lot of cars going by. I had sex there once with my ex-girlfriend in near broad daylight.
posted 18-Jun-2002 2:02am  
Yes, I have seen and caught people having sex in public quite a few times. I've got 2 funny stories about it.

A bunch of us were out riding around and drinking one night. We were on a back road and saw this Chevy Blazer pulled over on the side of the road. We turned the headlights off and pulled up close to it to see if anybody was in there. Sure enough, there was a guy and girl in there having sex. We pulled up really close to it and they never seemed to notice. One of the guys that was with us leaned out the window and started beating on the window to the Blazer while I started blowing the horn. It was so funny. The guy jumped up off the girl and looked like a deer caught in the headlights. We left then. A little while later we drove back by and they were at it again. We blew the horn as we drove by. We decided to leave them alone after that. They seemed to be enjoying theirselves a lot!  * laughing out loud *

Another time, my then-boyfriend and I were at the river overlook. This is a place where a lot of people go to make-out and/or have sex. We were sitting there talking (yes, we were REALLY talking) and then this little Ford Ranger pulled up and parked in front of us. We were talking and we were kind of watching the people in the truck. When they got there, you could tell there was 2 people in the truck. A few minutes later, one head went down. Not long after that both heads were out of sight. All we could see were feet. We went on talking and then we started making out. We then heard a horn honk. We looked up and couldn't figure out where it came from, but it sounded close. We watched and soon found out that the people in the little Ranger didn't have much foot room, because we then saw that feet were everything, including on the steering wheel, accidently honking the horn.

posted 18-Jun-2002 4:37am  
The closest thing I've seen is a young couple on the bus...her sitting on his lap and doing about everything except actually having sex or taking off their clothes (no shirt, no shoes, no ride!). The driver told them to either settle down or get off the bus as there were young children on board. I do agree with the driver on shouldn't be making out in front of young children, but for the rest of us we were getting quite a show!
posted 18-Jun-2002 7:30am  
Yes I've seen it. I've done it once too. I generally don't approve if people are out in the open. At least make some effort to hide yourself.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 18-Jun-2002 9:45am  
oh yeah...
(reply to LindaH) posted 18-Jun-2002 10:09am  
Was it you or Berit who walked in the womens bathroom at that bar in Spenard and 2 people were having sex in a stall? Didn't the girl say "My boyfriend would kill me if he knew I was doing this"?? LOL
There was a story here about some teens who were caught having sex in the bed department of a store. Sheesh, they could have used the dressing room!
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 18-Jun-2002 11:40am  
It wasn't me or Berit. We heard about it from someone else.
(reply to LindaH) posted 18-Jun-2002 12:22pm  
Oh ok.
posted 18-Jun-2002 2:06pm  
Wellll.... considering my age i should say i havent had sex in a public place, or any place for that matter!
Enheduanna Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 18-Jun-2002 6:46pm  
Yes, I saw a couple having sex on the Esplanade in Boston once.
posted 19-Jun-2002 1:57am  
Yes I have seen this.
posted 19-Jun-2002 2:40am  
I have caught people a couple of times, I have had sex in public places, but it was while other people were not around, and if someone did see us, they didn't say anything and I didn't notice them.
Galomorro Survey Qualifier
posted 19-Jun-2002 11:38pm  
No but I've seen people "making out" plenty of times. I do not personally mind if they do this or any other sexual act in public, because I believe in "do your own thing" if it's not harming anyone else. In fact, it's quite cheerful because here are two people enjoying themselves.
posted 20-Jun-2002 4:48am  
posted 24-Jun-2002 9:40pm  
I haven't seen people actually having sex, but they were certainly into heavy petting. I don't know whether or not I would want to see such a private thing done in public.
posted 27-Jun-2002 3:16pm  
My husband did. It was in a van in a parking lot at a Park in Ride for the commuter train.
(reply to mandy) posted 4-Jul-2002 12:51am  
Hey! Where's the option for
I would like to have sex in a public place?
 * laughing out loud *
(reply to Oscar) posted 4-Jul-2002 3:17pm  
In my pants. Wanna see?
(reply to mandy) posted 4-Jul-2002 5:22pm  
posted 10-Jul-2002 4:31pm  
I haven't, but my mother caught people having sex in the autopsy room at her work, and I once saw condoms at the waverly hill TB hospital. It's not still in service and people say it's haunted.
posted 10-Jul-2002 4:32pm  
Wait no... I forgot about this guy who fingered a girl in science class... So yes I have.
posted 14-Jul-2002 6:30pm  
I've seen a couple having doggystyle sex in a bush at our local park kinda gross sounds. I've recently received and gave oral sex to a girl at the exact same local park not to long ago. Yayy! for me haha
posted 5-Aug-2002 2:36pm  
i've seen others screwing, guys getting lollipops and I've been seen by others doing same.
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 6-Aug-2002 9:10am  
with 14 year olds?
(reply to Wicksy) posted 6-Aug-2002 2:29pm  
Who said anything about 14 year olds? fantasizing about 14 yr olds isn't the same as reality. I was referring to adults in cars primarily, both watching and being watched.
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 7-Aug-2002 3:19am  
so you only fantasize about them?
(reply to Wicksy) posted 7-Aug-2002 1:21pm  
So far. Haven't had the luck of any 14 year olds offering me their bodies. I would though if it ever came up. Slim chance of that happening.
(reply to bandit1cat) posted 8-Aug-2002 4:47am  
But that is against the law!!!!

How old are you?
(reply to Wicksy) posted 8-Aug-2002 1:59pm  
Duh, you think the law is a consideration? It isn't in other matters. Of course I know it's against the law but that most likely wouldn't stop me if she didn't tell anyone. As I said b4, I'm not a predator out trawling for young teens. Just being honest that I'd love to have sex with one.
posted 28-Aug-2006 9:24pm  
posted 24-Dec-2006 10:32am  
in the nattional art gallery loos i didnt lok the dor
posted 16-Nov-2009 8:07pm  
Well actually having sex with 14 year olds is illegal...fantasizing about it is not illegal.

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