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single1-Apr-2012sportspaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes30256.7%


Have you ever played Dodge Ball?

26Yes I have played Dodge Ball.
3No I have not played Dodge Ball.
0What is Dodge Ball?
0I have something else to share.

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Apr-2012 2:28pm  
I don't think so. We played a game that was sort of the opposite of dodge ball. We'd set up a net in the middle of the room then divide into two teams. Each team would stand in a line on a bench set back from the net. One person from each team would stand on the floor on the opposite side of the net and take turns throwing the ball to their team until someone caught it. That person would then join their team-mate on the floor and throw the ball to another team-member standing on the bench. If someone failed to catch the ball, the opposite team would get a turn. The winning team was the first to get all of their members onto the floor.

We may have played a game where we rolled the ball along the ground and tried to hit people to knock them out, but I certainly didn't play that very often.
posted 1-Apr-2012 3:31pm  
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Apr-2012 3:34pm  
yes, in gym class a million years ago
posted 1-Apr-2012 4:30pm  
Yes, I have, when I was a kid I attended the Lycée (from aged about 4 to 12 years old), London equivalent of the Lycée Français de Los Angeles and other similar schools, and there was a game we used to play called "Ballon Prisonnier", which is Dodgeball in all but name.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Apr-2012 5:37pm  
Yes. Dodge ball is boring, because you throw it at someone who sees it coming. It is much more fun to throw things at unsuspecting people.
posted 1-Apr-2012 5:50pm  
Hundreds of years ago when I was a little kid. However, I didn't play it more than once or twice because I was a klutzy kid and just got hit by the ball all the time. I was always ball-shy and didn't like to play games with other kids.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Apr-2012 7:08pm  
yes, i have. and i liked it all through school but i was not one of those bastards who LOVED getting people who couldn't protect themselves......
posted 1-Apr-2012 8:13pm  
Yes and I remember not being quick enough to dodge the ball and got it smack in the face. the strongest thrower on the other team, just 5 feet away from me... I literally saw stars.
(reply to LindaH) posted 1-Apr-2012 8:14pm  
> Yes. Dodge ball is boring, because you throw it at someone who sees
> it coming. It is much more fun to throw things at unsuspecting people.

Yeah... It can knock your lights out. (see answer above)
posted 1-Apr-2012 10:00pm  
Any game that leaves 25% of the kids on both teams crying is not a good game.
posted 2-Apr-2012 3:01am  
posted 2-Apr-2012 4:16am  
Many, many years ago
(reply to LindaH) posted 2-Apr-2012 4:21am  
> Yes. Dodge ball is boring, because you throw it at someone who sees
> it coming. It is much more fun to throw things at unsuspecting people.

Well it is fun to see their faces when you whack them with the ball (Grabs ball and throws it at LindaH >smile )
posted 2-Apr-2012 8:58am  
No, I play Ford Ball...
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 2-Apr-2012 11:05am  
Lots, in elementary school.
posted 2-Apr-2012 5:38pm  
When I was a kid. It was fun.
posted 2-Apr-2012 7:11pm  
We were forced to in Phy Ed in high school. I hated it. Especially getting hit in the face. There were 4-5 balls going at once so you had to be alert or get bombarded.
posted 6-Apr-2012 12:13pm  
Once, I think. I played 'bench ball' like Biggles.
posted 6-Apr-2012 6:58pm  
Too long ago for me to remember the rules. It involves throwing an inflated rubber ball, about the size of a large cantaloupe, at your opponents. If you hit them you win (or score) and if you miss they get to throw at you. Something like that.

I think we played this between about grade three and eight. Round about 40 years ago.
posted 13-Apr-2012 8:46am  
Yes, I like it!
posted 4-Oct-2014 11:23am  
No have not
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Oct-2014 12:25pm  
We had two big circles painted on our playground for dodgeball. Not many girls played, but I loved it and played with all the boys.

Girls were always doing stupid crap like four square and jump ropes and funnel ball.

I think it's sad that kids aren't allowed to play dodgeball much anymore.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LindaH) posted 5-Oct-2014 12:27pm  
We played it in a ring where the throwers lined up around the outside of the circle, while people danced around the middle to avoid the balls. You didn't always know it was coming because it could be behind you.

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