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single7-Nov-2016personal experiencepaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes21152.4%


Have you ever been in a play?

14Yes, I have been in a play.
4No, I have not been in a play.
1I have something else to share.
0What is a play?

posted 7-Nov-2016 8:32am  
I was the cobbler.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Nov-2016 10:45am  
Well, it was a musical, 5th grade. I still know some of my lines.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 7-Nov-2016 10:56am  
A long long time ago but I can still remember......
posted 7-Nov-2016 2:33pm  
Yes, I've been in many plays, beginning with three when I was at military school/college. I went to acting school when I was about 22 or 23. I was in quite a few plays there, and then many afterwards. The last play I was in was 1998. I was offered a part in 2000, but turned it down because I had an office job at the time and decided against giving it up. Thinking about it, perhaps it was a mistake, because the momentum in terms of an acting career was lost. I couldn't see myself being in a play today, I've still got my Equity card though.
posted 7-Nov-2016 2:48pm  
Yes, in grade school.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Nov-2016 6:10pm  
Many, as a child. I did a few plays at primary school and then with a city youth theatre from 11 - 15 years old. It was a very intense youth theatre with a tough director and we were expected to produce plays of a high standard. I always felt most amateur groups would be a let-down after that and I haven't been in a play since.
posted 7-Nov-2016 8:32pm  
Yes, back when I was in school.
posted 8-Nov-2016 5:23am  
posted 8-Nov-2016 8:47am  
Not in it, but I ran lights and sound for many of them. So if it weren't for me, you wouldn't have been able to see or hear the show...
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Nov-2016 11:56am  
Yes, I was in a lot of plays in high school and one in college.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Nov-2016 12:08pm  
Yes in grade school and was forced to be in it.
posted 10-Nov-2016 4:32pm  
posted 11-Nov-2016 12:18pm  
Can't remember
posted 13-Nov-2016 3:48pm  
Never been on a play, but have been in a TV mini-series "George Washington" and been on TV for a few other things.
posted 23-Dec-2016 12:30pm  
posted 29-Dec-2016 12:31am  
Yes, as a kid. I remember disliking it. I don't remember the part I played, but I remember not wanting to be in it at all, before we were even assigned parts.

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