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single1-Aug-2006personal experienceBionicLips by votes69660.4%


Have you ever lost part or all of you swimsuit when swimming?

In private? In public? Did it happen naturally or did someone pull it off? What did you do?

3I don't recall

posted 1-Aug-2006 6:32pm  
I always wear a one piece bathing suit. Nothing to lose that way.
posted 1-Aug-2006 6:47pm  
One popped out when a wave hit me when I was in the ocean. I don't think anyone seen it but the guy I was with and one other guy. I just put her back in. Heck if I wouldn't have gone to jail I would have just taken my top off. I'm not ashamed of my girls; I'm kind of attached to them.
posted 1-Aug-2006 6:49pm  
Oh yes, I was never so embarrassed. I was a teenager, maybe 16 years old. I had this one piece bathing suit, but the strap broke on it, so I used a pretty emerald chain to hold up the top. Well, while in a public pool, the chain didn't hold up my I ventured to the side of the pool, trying to hold up the suit, walking to where there were steps to get out. In the meantime, there were 3 boys that saw what happened, and they followed every move I made along the wall in the pool...all the while my top kept falling down....The boys were an eye full. I was devastated.
posted 1-Aug-2006 7:02pm  
No. Usually don't wear a suit. No one else at the beach does either.
posted 1-Aug-2006 9:16pm  
Other, the top came up but not completely off. It was from jumping from a diving board feet first. I swam to the edge & quickly pulled it down.
(reply to ultamate) posted 1-Aug-2006 9:17pm  
Do you talk to them? Do they have names?
posted 1-Aug-2006 9:41pm  
Seems to me when I was about 11 I lost my top in a public pool but it didn't come completely off.
(reply to RGirl) posted 1-Aug-2006 9:42pm  
My left one is slut 'cause she'll get happy if a little breeze hits her, the other is whore 'cause you almost have to pay her to get her to react. So yes....slut and whore. They may be twins but they have different personalities. I talk to them ever time I get out of the shower and see them in the mirror. I tell them to stand up straight and stop slouching. They just won't listen! smiley:::wry smile
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 1-Aug-2006 9:45pm  
There's a nude beach in California?
(reply to ultamate) posted 1-Aug-2006 9:45pm  
laughing out loud I'm gonna name mine dot and spot because that is about all there is!
(reply to RGirl) posted 1-Aug-2006 9:54pm  
At least you won't ever have to worry about naming them droopy and droopier! smiley:::poker face
(reply to ultamate) posted 1-Aug-2006 9:55pm  
Yeah, and they are pretty cute sometimes.
(reply to RGirl) posted 1-Aug-2006 9:57pm  
I'm sure they're cute all the time. smiley:::wink
(reply to ultamate) posted 1-Aug-2006 10:08pm  
Lot's of nude beaches and nudist resorts.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 1-Aug-2006 10:11pm  
I live on the wrong side of the country!
(reply to ultamate) posted 1-Aug-2006 10:24pm  
I believe there are some nude beaches in S. Carolina. You have to find a nude beach/resort guide. Search the web.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 1-Aug-2006 11:14pm  
No, but the string came off.
posted 2-Aug-2006 1:53am  
Yes, I came up out of the water too fast and the water drag pulled my top enough to have one of my boobs pop out.
Does taking it off myself to go skinny dipping at a party count?>smiley:::smile
(reply to clare) posted 2-Aug-2006 1:56am  
> I always wear a one piece bathing suit. Nothing
> to lose that way.
HA! Wanna bet?? I was wearing a one-piece when my water-drag pop-out incident happened.
(reply to cabinfever) posted 2-Aug-2006 2:30am  
If one of my breast popped out there wouldn't be much to see. I'm barely an A-cup. Not much of a cheap thrill for anyone. I can imagine there would be a problem if you have larger breasts than I do.
(reply to LJD) posted 2-Aug-2006 2:44am  
> Oh yes, I was never so embarrassed. I was a teenager, maybe 16 years
> old. I had this one piece bathing suit, but the strap broke on it,
> so I used a pretty emerald chain to hold up the top. Well, while
> in a public pool, the chain didn't hold up my I ventured
> to the side of the pool, trying to hold up the suit, walking to where
> there were steps to get out. In the meantime, there were 3 boys that
> saw what happened, and they followed every move I made along the wall
> in the pool...all the while my top kept falling down....The boys were
> an eye full. I was devastated.

Something like that can be pretty embarrassing especially when you are 16. I guess the boys had something to talk about for a few days. I had mine pulled down in a private pool. Just a bunch of friends being silly so it didn't bother me.

(reply to clare) posted 2-Aug-2006 2:47am  
Oh, well I can see your point. I have D-cups, so they're a bit harder to.... ummm.... keep under control. laughing out loud
(reply to cabinfever) posted 2-Aug-2006 2:58am  
I can imagine how embarrassing that was for you. I've got itty bitty titties. A friend once jokingly referred to my breasts as "two peas on a plate".
posted 2-Aug-2006 3:57am  
Only in the ocean / surfing or when diving into a pool. I tend to wear one piec swimsuits when I body surf these days. I've only ever lost part of it or had it move around alot.
posted 2-Aug-2006 6:24am  
Yes, many times. Ive wiped out tubing a number of times this summer and lost my trunks. I see this happening daily now that I live on the lake. I watched a girl yesterday from my deck with binoculars lose her top. She had nice tities too.

posted 2-Aug-2006 7:13am  
Nope. 'You' swimsuit?
posted 2-Aug-2006 9:08am  
posted 2-Aug-2006 10:41am  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 2-Aug-2006 12:14pm  
posted 2-Aug-2006 1:13pm  
Last time I went swimming was when i went to visit some friends a couple of weeks ago. We went round all the pubs as a birthday celebration, then ended up on the beach drinking in the middle of night. Then we all stripped of n went swimming in the sea.
(reply to BionicLips) posted 2-Aug-2006 2:02pm  
Indeed it was embarrassing. I'm assuming it was only guys at your pool gathering, not coed friends?...LOL
posted 2-Aug-2006 3:53pm  
Yes, I now don't dive into a pool, or go on water slides when other people are there..
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 2-Aug-2006 4:43pm  
Even if I found one it would probably cost a fortune. We have a nudist colony maybe 50 miles form where I live but its more money than I would pay to be a member.
(reply to ultamate) posted 2-Aug-2006 5:00pm  
You don't have to be a member. They all generally allow one day visits. Doesn't cost much.
posted 2-Aug-2006 5:20pm  
Of course, when I was a kid. I was skinny as a reed, and sometimes the thing would come down to my knees when I dove into the pool. Lesson here is that the string on a guy's trunks is not just their for appearance's sake.
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 2-Aug-2006 5:22pm  
> Yes, many times. Ive wiped out tubing a number of times this summer
> and lost my trunks. I see this happening daily now that I live on
> the lake. I watched a girl yesterday from my deck with binoculars
> lose her top. She had nice tities too.

Did she look anything like your avatar? laughing out loud
posted 2-Aug-2006 7:55pm  
I dont recall.......... No, I do not think so
posted 2-Aug-2006 8:24pm  
posted 3-Aug-2006 12:51am  
Yes. It's happened in public and in private, been removed by the water and by sneaky friends. I generally just try to put it back on as quickly and discreetly as possible. There was one time, however, where I completely lost my bikini bottoms, as in they were taken by the waves of the ocean and were never to be seen again. That time I called for help from a friend, who dutifully made fun of me for a few minutes before finally getting my towel so I could get out of the water.
(reply to LJD) posted 3-Aug-2006 3:18am  
> Indeed it was embarrassing. I'm assuming it was only guys at your
> pool gathering, not coed friends?...LOL

Yep, just guys.

posted 3-Aug-2006 4:19am  
Not exactly lost, but I do have bikini bottoms which tend to stay behind as one dives or gets hit by waves. Thus I'm going back (hopefully today) to wearing one-piece swim dresses.
(reply to hypersky) posted 3-Aug-2006 6:15am  
laughing out loud Her bewbs did! She herself had dark hair though. She was pretty good looking from what I could tell through the binoculars. I've seen her out there before but haven't gotten a close look. Next time I see her out there I'm going to jump on my SeaDoo and catch up with her and her friends and find out where they stay. smiley:::wink
posted 3-Aug-2006 7:44am  
I remember it didnt happen naturally, I was with an ex-girlfriend in the beach, and yes I did help (under the water) in takin off a part of her swimsuit, and yes she did the same.

I think the image is clear enough for you to understand the rest..
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 3-Aug-2006 7:47am  
> No. Usually don't wear a suit. No one else at the beach does either.

duh! ??

(reply to clare) posted 3-Aug-2006 7:48am  
> I always wear a one piece bathing suit. Nothing to lose that way.

Gril, I always think that a one piece would make the woman look sexier although I like the 2pieces for the same reason of this question!
smiley:::winking raspberry
(reply to verouge) posted 3-Aug-2006 10:58am  
> |> No. Usually don't wear a suit. No one
> else at the beach does either.
> duh! ??

As in nude beaches. No one wears anything.
(reply to verouge) posted 3-Aug-2006 12:26pm  
I didn't think about that, but the main reason I wear a one piece is because I have an outie navel that I don't like the looks of. I like to keep it covered up and that's harder to do with a two piece.
posted 3-Aug-2006 12:32pm  
I don't recall. It seems I lost a top or bottom once but it was quickly recovered and no one saw a thing.
posted 3-Aug-2006 1:29pm  
Ha! yes, I've had my swimsuit top fall off and get pulled off. Both of which occurred during chicken. (For those of you who don't know, chicken is a game where groups of two get together, and the lighter of the pair gets on the heavier ones shoulders, and pretty much try to kill each other until only one group remains up out of the water. That group wins! It's quite fun actually!
(reply to Lovely) posted 3-Aug-2006 2:43pm  
I was invincible as a chicken horse, even with several others diving down and grabbing my legs.
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 3-Aug-2006 10:01pm  
Go get 'em, Tiger! yes
(reply to hypersky) posted 4-Aug-2006 6:25am  
laughing out loud I will!!!
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 4-Aug-2006 7:49am  
You go alone there?
(reply to clare) posted 4-Aug-2006 7:52am  
I see,
I had a scar in my body over my west, and I guess if I were a female I would wear a one piece swimwear, I dont like it but I didnt hide it by surgery.
(reply to verouge) posted 4-Aug-2006 12:42pm  
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 4-Aug-2006 2:27pm  
Good for you!
posted 4-Aug-2006 3:09pm  
yes, part of...diving in a two piece is not a good idea
(reply to ROCKMAN) posted 4-Aug-2006 6:23pm  
posted 6-Aug-2006 12:50am  
I lost part, I don't remember. It wasn't that traumatic because it was in the lake. I just put it back on, no one even noticed.
One time, my ex and I were in the lake, but we had gone down further than where we were 'allowed'. The coast guard puttered by and yelled through his loud speaker to get out of the water. I stood up and began to wander back to the beach and my SO was freaking out telling me to get back down. Apparently my white swimsuit was completely see through when it got wet. Oops.
(reply to clare) posted 6-Aug-2006 12:54am  
My sister used to call my bra a 'over the shoulder bee bee holder'.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 6-Aug-2006 12:57am  
Are you flat chested too?
(reply to clare) posted 6-Aug-2006 1:07am  
I used to be. I went through body work, the deep tissue, deep muscle release and my little boobies just popped right out. Seems that I was repressing them, and once my stuck muscles were released my breasts were free to ...uh...point out the way.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 6-Aug-2006 1:27am  
I doubt that would help me much. Going several generations back, most of the women in my family tend to be flat chested. I guess it's a hereditary thing. My mom is barely a B-cup.
(reply to clare) posted 6-Aug-2006 1:35am  
Very well could be. It's a little unsettling suddenly having large breasts. I don't know what to do with them, they're just there. The good thing is, they don't sag at 45 years old, because they are sorta new. It's an odd thing.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 6-Aug-2006 1:50am  
I'm glad to hear that they don't sag. Do you ever go braless, or are you too big to do that?
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 6-Aug-2006 1:50am  
I like my little boobies. They aren't flat, they are just small.
(reply to clare) posted 6-Aug-2006 2:20am  
I haven't made that leap to go buy a bra...yet. I haven't a clue what size I am now. I currently wear A shirts, they do ok. Someday*sigh* I may have to wear one, maybe I'll just be a hippiesmiley:::smile
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 6-Aug-2006 2:26am  
Nothing wrong with being a hippie. Some women do need to wear a bra, no matter what. I have a co-worker, Dani, who is very well endowed and never wears a bra. When she wears certain types of shirts or blouses, she looks as though she's pregnant because her breasts are large enough to rest on her abdomen. Sometimes I wonder if she's been asked when the "baby" is due.
(reply to clare) posted 6-Aug-2006 10:45am  
Ooh, awkward. I very young once, being polite, asked a woman when she was due...never ever again.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 6-Aug-2006 11:02am  
Don't feel bad, I've done it too. It was my first and last time making that mistake. Now I keep my mouth shut and don't say anything unless the woman brings up the subject of being pregnant.
posted 6-Aug-2006 11:42pm  
In public, in front of a crowded beach, when I was six years old, jumping out of a boat, I caught my trunks on an oarlock, ripping 'em right off of me--More than fifty years later the hideous embarrassment still shivers me
posted 14-Aug-2006 12:33pm  
Yes. I've lost my trunks while diving, had them yanked while swimming, and had the string undo and droop too far before rescue. What did I do? I got them back where they belonged and became more careful that day.
posted 24-Oct-2006 9:51pm  
I was on summer break from college and my family and our next door neighbors went to the beach together. I was barely awake when we arrived at the hotel late at night. Our neighbors daughter who was a year older than me called me the next morning and asked if I wanted to go swimming. She was really cute or I wouldn't have gone.. The pool did not have a diving board was allowed you to dive from the side. She asked me to show her how to dive. I agreed and explained how to dive. She then said she had to go to her room, that she had forgotten something. I continued to dive after she left. I had forgotten to bring a swimsuit and so was using some jogging shorts. The shorts would come off down to my knees about half the time. I wasn't worried because I thought the water waves as I dived would hide everything. She returned in about twenty minutes with a camcorder. She then told me there was a window on the side of the pool. She showed me video of me diving in and my suit coming off. It was very embarrassing. I eased the video before we returned home when she wasn't paying attention.
posted 7-Jul-2007 11:46pm  
i have to encounters were my bathing suit fell o, im a guy by the all started when i was with two of my buddies and we were planning on jumpin into my nextdoor neighbors pool, aka the girls house who i was going to ask out the next day. so we all had our bathing suits on and we all were on top of my shed thats right next to my fence which is right next to the pool.Well my two friends hopped in and almost hit this tree branch the was hanging over her pool. so i thought that it would be funny to jump onto it and get some hangtime on it before i fal into the pool safely. when i tried to jump/ fall off the tree branch i was stuck there and my swim trunks were hanging from the tree giving me a wedgie and my friends were laughing there heads off, i tried to get down a relieve the pain of the supreme wedgie, and thankfully i fell loose. when i was in the pool i felt that it was very cold and my friends were now laughing even harder. they pointed at the tree and i noticed that when i fell i ripped out of my trunks, and they were still in the tree. anyway i was bare ass naked in this girls pool. and thats not all the girl heard all of the commotion and ran out side when i had gotten out of the pool trying to climb back over the 7ft tall fence, and im only 5ft 6''. so the only way to get back to my house was to go through her house as fast as i could. as naked as i was i ran through her house she slapped my ass and laughed and told me to run like hell. i did and ran right past her parents! her parents still cant look at me the same way, and were dating now so thats seriously akward when i have dinner over her house! and once again when i went to a public pool my friend stole my trunks, hopped in her car and drove off, i had to walk three miles completly naked, i almost got home but a police man came and gave me a ticket and pulled me over for about an hour, since i was in my neighborhood prodomenetly filled with girls, they all say me stark nude and took thousands of pictures.when the cop left, the girls tied my hands together with duct tape, there were 5 girls too im no wimp. i was tied up good, and i couldnt move my hands or legs. they took me outside and tied my mouth shut and ducttaped me to a public womens bathroom stall. i was mortified one lady found me and peed herself laughing but then helped me, i couldnt leave my house for the rest of summer break without getting lauged at by most of the kids at school who the pics of me were sent on the internet
posted 27-Aug-2008 10:32pm  
well i have a lot but here is the worst... me and my bud kyle wet swimmin at his 12 Foot deep pool s o we swam to the bottom to see who could hold there brethe longer so he lost 1st and shot up to get air. i opened my eyes and saw him swimin up. i grabbed his suit and yanked it off so i shot up and climed out wlt hi suit in my hand i yelled 2 embarress him and ppl laughed at me. turns out i swam up so fast my suit fell around my ankles.
posted 29-Mar-2010 2:59pm  
I dove off the diving board and my swim trunks slipped off when I hit the water. I nearly drowned trying to put them on before I surfaced! The other people at the pool laughed so hard they cried.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 29-Mar-2010 4:12pm  
I used to call a girls bra an "over the shoulder boulder holder" especially if the girl had large boobs.
posted 8-Apr-2010 12:48am  
i pulled it off because of a dare
posted 8-Apr-2010 12:52am  
another time i was going down a water slide and it ripped off. i was 15 and by myself. worst of all i didnt even notice until i got home.
posted 29-Jun-2010 6:18pm  
2 years ago, when I was 14, my parents and other people were at a party at our neighbor's and I had to look after people's kids at our house (about 10 guys and girls aged from about 9 to 12). We had/have a pool so everyone had bought their suits and were playing around. At this point I should mention that I was a bit of a late bloomer (OK, I hadn't started puberty at all), so I needed to wear a bikini with a padded top to hide my shame. The problem was that the only padded bikini I could find in my size (I've always been small for my age) was fairly 'strappy'. By that I mean that it was tied on by very thin straps around the back and the neck and at the sides of the bottoms. It didn't help my self esteem much that the all the younger girls I was looking after had clearly at least started to get boobs and a couple of the older ones were actually quite curvy. The older boys looked like they were developing as well but it's more difficult to tell, obviously. So, to the 'incident'. I was relaxing in the shallow end of the pool when someone (still don't know who) grabbed my legs under the water and pulled. They were just messing around and the water at that point is only about 3ft but I panicked as I went under and started thrashing about until a couple of the 12ish girls grabbed me and pulled me up. I stood there spluttering and it wasn't until I heard someone say '...not even got any pubes' that I focussed and saw everyone was staring at me and grinning, a few of the younger ones were laughing outright. As you've probably guessed by now I looked down at myself to see that somehow I'd lost both the top and bottom of my bikini and was standing in 3ft of water with all my secrets, both literal and figurative, on display. I quickly squatted down in the water and covered my flat chest with my hands, grabbed my bikini, which had been floating nearby with all the straps undone, and duck walked to the edge of the pool, where I got more laughs as my ass went on display as I hauled myself out. I ran into the house, had a good cry, then put some clothes on and went back outside (I still had to supervise everyone). I had to endure jokes about my lack of development (like why had I got dressed when everyone knew I had nothing to hide) the rest of the afternoon and for some time to come. It was that more than the actual nudity that made this probably the most embarrassing experience of my life (so far). At least I've got more to hide under my suit today!
posted 9-Jul-2010 3:53pm  
omg yes, i was splashing around and a massive wave pulled me under, stripped me of my one piece suit! i looked forever for it, never found it :(
posted 26-Jul-2010 9:40am  
I swam out of a one-piece at a pool and didn't even realize I was skinny dipping til I made it to the other side. A couple guys started cheering and the life guard yelled at me, one cool guy swam it over to me. I covered up with it, jumped out, and ran to the locker room, and I didn't go back to that pool all summer
posted 2-Apr-2011 7:02pm  
One time at one of my swim practice I was wearing a one piece swim suit. When we gOt out diving my swimsuit suddenly spilt in half rout down the middle. All the boys saw my breast and I was so emabarrased
posted 30-May-2011 6:50pm  
Just a couple months ago, I was at my bf's spring break resort (hes in college), and I had fallen alseep by the pool. Sometime while I was asleep, someone came with some scissors and cut my bikini to pieces so it fell off when I got up without me even noticing! A few seconds after I got up all the guys (and some of the girls) started whistling at me. So I looked down to see all my goods hanging out. Good thing for me they didnt mind me being a late bloomer (Am 14 and still have no boobs at all). I did not even ccare and just jumped right in the pool with them. It was so much fun cause this led to them giving me a nice gang bang for a couple hours!
posted 28-Jan-2012 1:18pm  
My incident was at a YMCA where I did such a perfect dive off the 6 meter board and hit so forcefully that my trunks slipped off. Yup, left 'em on the other side of the pool. I remember that the female lifeguard came down from her perch to get a closer look. Also, a good friend of mine told me he had a co-ed gym class in high school with a female instructor. She had the guys, who were wearing only cheap cotton gym shorts, line up and do head first dives off the board. This while the girls watched intently because to their gleeful delight, virtually all the guys would wave bye bye to their shorts and sometimes their jock too.
posted 19-Feb-2012 3:55pm  
I was at the beach on a warm day when we were swimming in the lake, we all walk out when everyone sees me naked and to make matters worse, i started peeing, my crush was there and we we 13!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to markedout93) posted 22-May-2012 8:24pm  
So that's why he quit!
posted 18-Aug-2014 1:47pm  
Embarrassing Beach Story me and Oliver wear swim trunks(mine are always big for some reason),Jake wears those full body surfer outfits and Leo wears those tight swim trunks.

when I was 11,me and my friends went to the beach to just relax and do,Jake and Oliver were in the water swimming the waves and stuff.when the next wave came,Oliver pushed Jake into the wave and Jake was flipping all over the water and drowning.when Jake got back up,he snuck up on Oliver,then grabbed Oliver's net and pulled up hard.Oliver was screaming in pain(net wedgies are worse than regular wedgies).Jake then threw Oliver into the next wave head first.when Oliver got up,he tried to attack Jake,but another wave tripped and Jake laughed and told Leo to come into the water.Leo was just sitting there playing in the sand alone,we wanted him to come into the water but he didn't't want Jake and me ran up behind him and dragged him to the water by his tighty swim shorts.he light and me and Jake were strong(mostly Jake),so we were dragging him fast.when we got to the wet part of the sand,Jake picked him up and threw him into the water.then my day went wrong.

Oliver and Jake saw this line of rocks going into the water from the beach(like a sea wall or something).we thought it would be fun if we jumped off of them and see who could make the biggest splash.Oliver went first and made a big splash,Jake went next and made a bigger one.then Leo went and made a little one.apparently,the splash hit him so hard,it smacked his butt and gave him a wedgie.he was crying while trying to grab his butt and swim to shore.Jake and Oliver followed him to shore while i jumped into the it says in the beginning,i have big swim trunks so they tend to fall off sometimes.when i dived in,the air was running through my waist line and out my leg holes,then when i hit the water,my legs felt cold and bare,because my trunks fell off.when i got to the surface,i couldn't't see my trunks anywhere.i was panicking,didn't't know what to do.up on the shore,Oliver and Jake went back to wrestling while Leo picked his wedgie.i swam around the rocks to see if no one was over there,but it was more crowded over there.i think some kid saw me,so he and his friends decided to come over here.i was really panicking then,two of them were about 15 or so and the over two were 16 i think.they came over and started calling me names like "pale b
" and"white a".then one of them saw my bare butt and told his friends that i was naked.they looked and started of them ran back to their beach area for some reason.the 3 that were left tried to kick my face so that i would fall back and show my butt.the guy came back and guess what he had,my swim trunks.i was happy,but tried not to show it.he said "i'll give this to you if you go up to those 3 kid's over there and say 'who wants to suck my d***'".the kids that were on the beach,those were my friends.i said"i wont do it to them,i'll do it to anyone else".they looked for a second and they all exchanged looks for some reason,they said"ok,how about her"i looked over to where he pointed and i almost had a heart attack,the girl was the love of my life,dakota.i told them to pick anyone else,they said"its her,or no trunks"i took a deep breath and swam for shore.

when I approached her she ran away, I was gonna die, my friends saw me and the whole beach laughed. I turned around and I couldn't find those boys anywhere and i didn't get my trunks back
posted 19-Aug-2014 8:16am  
Nope, well at least not by accident laughing out loud
posted 19-Aug-2014 11:14am  
Um no way thank goodness and never ever I have a one piece swimsuit that stays on
(reply to LJD) posted 19-Aug-2014 11:21am  
Wow Jean that is so embarrassing I bet your face was red did you have a towel? I cannot begin to imagine and men are like that towards women it is a sexual thing for the
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 19-Aug-2014 1:24pm  
I was in the pool, trying to get out of the pool, so I didn't have a towel. I was so embarrassed!! I remember the bathing suit well. The pressure of the water kept pulling down my top half of suit. I think the boys were the only ones paying attention, the
(reply to LJD) posted 19-Aug-2014 3:30pm  
Oh I bet they were watching alright them little stinkers and yes just the water pressure can bring down the top
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Sep-2014 9:56am  
This feels skeevy.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Sep-2014 12:45pm  
Random pervs have been jerking off to LJD losing her bathing suit on a pretty regular basis since 2006.


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