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single10-Sep-2016personal experienceLindaH by votes21154.8%


Have you ever fallen asleep in public?

Not counting when you were a baby or small child, and not counting while on an airplane.

2I don't recall

posted 11-Sep-2016 1:04am  
On buses and trains, in airports, in a library. No doubt other times that I'm not remembering.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Sep-2016 5:02am  
On long bus or train journeys, definitely. I think I briefly dozed off in a lecture once after getting up super-early for May Day celebrations. I've had the odd short nap at my desk in various libraries too, but not when anyone would really be able to see me (unless they were specifically looking).
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 11-Sep-2016 7:49am  
Yes, I have, many different times. In parks, at movies, at concerts............. at different points in my life.
posted 11-Sep-2016 9:47am  
Oh yes, many times, when you have a history of alcohol abuse, this is routine. I once fell asleep with chewing gum still in my mouth; I could have choked; mind you, brushes with death or danger were far from unusual. I slept in a shop doorway once; and also on a station bench; multiple trains of course, waking up in strange places. More mundanely, I recently nodded off in the sun on a bench by the river, stone cold sober of course.
posted 11-Sep-2016 12:00pm  
On a greyhound bus. I used to drink to help myself fall asleep. Done that a few times.

I've nodded off on public transit many times.

I have some vague recollection of putting down a blanket in a park or at the beach and having a little kip. I don't recall any specifics.
posted 12-Sep-2016 5:27am  
Nope and don't plan to at any point.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Sep-2016 12:38pm  
I don't think so.
posted 17-Sep-2016 7:45am  
On several occasions!!
posted 29-Sep-2016 7:14pm  
posted 4-Oct-2016 9:45am  
I may have nodded off.
posted 13-Nov-2016 4:12pm  
Usually sitting in a Dr.s office..
posted 11-Dec-2016 3:44pm  
I fell asleep during my A level english literature exam on Othello. I'd stayed up all night studying the night before and then fell asleep half way through the exam. I got a D, which brought my overall grade for the A Level down to a B so it's a good job I did well in my other exams and coursework.

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