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Do you ever call people by their last name?

0I don't know

posted 5-May-2001 9:39pm  
Only when they say it's OK, or if I can't pronounce their first name.
posted 5-May-2001 9:48pm  
Sometimes. At school we used to, but only because the teachers called us Mr.... or Ms... At work I will call someone by their last name if they have a common first name and an unusual last name, but never to their face.
posted 5-May-2001 10:22pm  
My SO and I co-coach a softball team for kids, so we get used to calling people by their last names. It's not a big deal in this culture.
posted 5-May-2001 11:58pm  
Sometimes, but always with Mr., Mrs., Ms in front of the last name. This is how I was raised to address people. You didn't call adults such as parents, teachers, etc. by their first name when I was growing up, it was considered disrespectful. Old habits die hard.
posted 6-May-2001 2:42am  
Just Scully and Mulder
(reply to mandy) posted 6-May-2001 3:39am  
I say it the other way around. smile
posted 6-May-2001 6:10am  
I said sometimes, because in high school and college, I did it all the time. I haven't done it in a long time, though. Once, we went to Cedar Point (this big amusement park in Ohio), and we somehow got split up. My mom, aunt, and I decided to ride the sky ride, so we could maybe get a better view of my dad, uncle, and sister. After we got up in the air, I noticed they were also on the same ride, in the car right in front of us. So, I yelled DAD and every dad within earshot turned around. So, I yelled, HEY, JONES! and Dad turned and waved at us. It was pretty funny.
posted 6-May-2001 7:54am  
Sometimes yes. And people always call me by my last name, because it's so much shorter than my first name.
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posted 6-May-2001 8:19am  
if i do then not very often, but i don't think i do. and i am thinking that you mean i would just call them by their last name....not Mr. so and so or DR. so and so. at work i call many people by Dr. so and so........ so if it is that context then yes i do call people by their last names.
posted 6-May-2001 9:45am  
I would like to, but usually I forget. There is one guy though I call by last name, but everyone does call him that way.
(reply to Maarten) posted 6-May-2001 9:46am  
Is Maartin your first name?
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posted 6-May-2001 9:50am  
Depends on the person and whether that is their preferred mode of address.
(reply to Iseult) posted 6-May-2001 10:50am  
posted 6-May-2001 12:59pm  
I do this often as a few of my mates are generally known by their last name.
posted 6-May-2001 1:03pm  
I used to when I was a teenager, but I don't think I've done it in recent years.
(reply to Maarten) posted 6-May-2001 1:06pm  
I don't know if you're a ten. Nine-and-a-half maybe. winking raspberry
posted 6-May-2001 1:54pm  
Very rarely, and only when preceded by a title such as: "Mr. or Mrs. or Dr. or whatever...". I generally reserve this for elderly people when I am unsure of how they might react to being addressed by their first name. I would never address someone by their last name only. My PE teachers in junior high school had a habit of doing that, so for me it always carries a "meathead" connotation. I think it is rude, and not suited to the behavior of a gentleman.
posted 6-May-2001 2:15pm  
Not really. A lot of people here do, but that's not my thing. And nobody ever calls me by my last name.
(reply to SueBee) posted 6-May-2001 2:28pm  
He's a Fox!
laughing out loud
(reply to SueBee) posted 6-May-2001 2:30pm  
posted 6-May-2001 5:52pm  
I hate that. Unless you're my coach, don't do that.
(reply to mandy) posted 6-May-2001 7:37pm  
posted 6-May-2001 9:07pm  
They used to when I was in primary school.
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posted 7-May-2001 9:34am  
Yes, usually my teachers (with Mr./Mrs/Miss/Dr. in front).
posted 7-May-2001 12:07pm  
I mean my boyfriend he likes to be called by his last name but he's been called by his last name ever since he's been born so I really don't think anything by it!!! :)
posted 7-May-2001 12:33pm  
Some people go by there last name.
posted 7-May-2001 4:43pm  
Only if it's their nickname
posted 8-May-2001 12:37pm  
They're a few people I call by their last name.
posted 10-May-2001 9:23pm  
No, I don't know many women that do that. It seems to be a guy thing.
posted 10-May-2001 10:48pm  
I have some friends who go by their last names. And I usually refer to politicians and such by last name.
posted 15-May-2001 12:47am  
I'll sometimes call my husband & my son by their last name.I don't know why. Some times the mood might grab me and I'll just start calling them that.
posted 17-May-2001 5:57am  
I call my friend Tapper because hes a dancer and thats his last name...pretty cool, huh?
posted 18-May-2001 7:49pm  
I am in the military.
posted 20-May-2001 3:45pm  
Not on purpose. I think it's rude.(unless someone wants to be called by their last name)
posted 21-May-2001 11:50pm  
I answered "no" because it just seems weird, and somewhat disrespectful, possibly snobbish in some situations, and I extremely rarely do this. But once in a blue moon, I will if I have no respect for a person and only if they speak to me first when I don't wish to associate with them.
posted 6-Jun-2001 4:31pm  
Sometimes I call my husband affectionately by his last name, and then he says, "What, _______?" using the same last name (which is mine as well, because we are married). It's fun. Sometimes I refer to him by his last name when trying to get him out of bed in the morning. Once I even played revelry and yelled, "DROP YOUR COCKS AND GRAB YOUR SOCKS, MAGGOTS! GO! GO! GO! THAT MEANS YOU, [LAST NAME]!" to get him out of bed, and I will NEVER repeat that experiment except from a safe distance, because he was in the Navy long before we met.
It was funny, but he wasn't real pleased with me for it.

Other than that, I had a science teacher in Junior High who always called us by our last names, and I hated it. Made me feel like he was treating me like a boy, and it felt insulting somehow.
posted 15-Jun-2001 3:03am  
Since my husband is in the military, sometimes thats the only name I know to call people.

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