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Have you ever based your film choices off the opinions of film critics? Part II

1Yes, every time.
25Yes, but only occasionally.
10Never. I make my own viewing choices.
4I strongly dislike film critics.
24It depends on the film, the critic, and several other variables.
7There are only a few critics I listen to.
11I don't listen to film critics, but I do listen to the critiques of my friends and family.
7My answer(s) are the same as they were when I took the original.
2My answer(s) are different from what the were when I took the original.
8I did not participate in the original.

they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 19-Apr-2000 9:52am  
I don't ever watch movies because of a film critic's opinion... but the few times that I have heard what Ebert had to say, I agreed with him.
posted 19-Apr-2000 10:46am  
I often do, but not every time.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 19-Apr-2000 11:12am  
I don't really pay any attention to critics when I decide what to see. There are a a couple of them who I find myself almost always disagreeing with. There's some guy on CNN who seems to just basically hate film as an artform; he hardly ever likes anything. But he seems to write more to demonstrate how cleverly he can bash a film than to actually say anything useful about the film.
posted 19-Apr-2000 1:06pm  
romkey: Are you familiar with the NPR guy? I think his name is John Powers. He seems pretty much the same way; the kind of guy who, in a tone that can best be described as mildly perturbed, says stuff like, "Certainly this film is stylish enough in a Tarantinoesque, short-attention-span for the MTV generation kind of way, but the script is so thick with the kind of trite banalities that are...blah blah blah." Every criticism crushing, every compliment back-handed. I have never heard him praise a film, not once.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 19-Apr-2000 2:09pm  
ILJ - maybe they're the same guy! :) The CNN guy is named Paul Tartara. I just don't read his reviews anymore unless I'm looking for something to read. I don't listen to NPR much, it's too distracting for me to have on in the background.
posted 20-Apr-2000 6:54pm  
Listen to what the film critic has to say. If he sounds rational and you think you agree with the things he likes and doesn't like, follow his advice. Or don't, it isn't my money. I tend to like movies better, though, if I haven't seen or heard anything about them. So seeing a review or preview automatically biases me against the movie.
posted 24-Apr-2000 10:03pm  
Sometimes I base my expectations on the opposite of the film critic. For example: If Roger Ebert hates a comedy, I will like it.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-Apr-2000 11:39am  
I'm almost always better off just going to see a movie without reading any reviews about it beforehand. And foreknowledge of the movie only serves to taint the experience for me.
posted 23-May-2000 5:00pm  
The film critic at usually agrees with me, so I always check what he has to say before going to the movies.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Oct-2017 5:46pm  
Yes, sometimes. I rarely go to the cinema, so if a film I fancied gets panned, it's generally off the cards for me. However, I don't always trust the critics. I like science-fiction and film critics generally don't. They like overwrought arty sci-fi where the fact that it's metaphorical/allegorical is slapping them repeatedly in the face. It's like they need their hands holding to be shown that it has a deeper meaning. Case in point: the critics loved Arrival... So, I tend to take reviews of science-fiction films with a pinch of salt.
posted 3-Oct-2017 8:55am  
Usually if critics really like a film, I won't.
posted 6-Oct-2017 9:58pm  
Sometimes. Usually when they say it's a great movie I stay away cause it's crap and vise-a-versa.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Oct-2017 1:11am  
I don't really pay attention to critics. It's always a matter of personal tastes. If many many people say a film is great, I might watch it after finding out what it is about (the story). But if the story seems stupid, I won't see it, no matter how many good reviews it gets.

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