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multiple30-Aug-2012sportsJessicaWoman99 by votes36251.4%


Have you ever attended a Football Game?


posted 30-Aug-2012 8:12pm  
No. Never. Never had any desire to attend any kind of spectator team sports. Boring. If I had to attend any kind of team sport, however, it'd be soccer, and only soccer.
posted 30-Aug-2012 8:29pm  
Association football, yes, we generally call it football over here in the UK, as opposed to soccer, I attended quite a few when I was a teenager, at Chelsea, Queen's Park Rangers &c. but none since. My brother still goes though.
posted 31-Aug-2012 1:05am  
Yes, but know nothing about it. My sons and grandson played, I attended their games for their support, but knew zip!
posted 31-Aug-2012 4:38am  
No and don't particularly care to. (unless there is free beer and food)
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Aug-2012 6:36am  
I'm pretty sure I have when I was younger (30 years ago?). Probably it was a college football game. My dad used to take us to see games his college played.
I have a vague interest in seeing a game again some time. I don't have much interest in sports, but going to a game is interesting/entertaining just to be there.
posted 31-Aug-2012 8:16am  
No. I hate to watch it on TV so I have never thought to pay the money to go and watch it live.
I do hear, however, that it can be exciting to watch live - even for people who don't watch it on TV.

I have tickets for the Olympics Stadium on Sunday to watch the Paralympics Track and Field events, it made me realise I have never watched live sport before. This will be my first time in a sports stadium of any kind. Exciting stuff.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 31-Aug-2012 10:39am  
Yes, though not in a long time. I don't remember the last one I attended. I don't think I've ever been to a pro game. I've been to a couple of Rose Bowls, and high school games. That's probably about it.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Aug-2012 12:29pm  
No, I've been to a couple of rugby games but not football.
posted 31-Aug-2012 1:02pm  
Only in the sense that I have witnessed real live people playing. I have never paid for a ticket to see professional players and sat in the stands etc. I'm assuming that is probably what you really meant.
posted 31-Aug-2012 1:32pm  
Once in high school, once at Purdue, and once to a 49'ers game. I don't generally like sports, and it's much better watching on TV than actually being there. And doesn't cost anything either.
posted 31-Aug-2012 2:11pm  
I went down to Denver and I got to see the Denver Broncos in their new stadium Sports Authority Field my very first time ever going to an NFL game my first time at a real Bronco game it was so cool yes it was very hot and steamy in Denver 95deg. I was sweating
posted 31-Aug-2012 6:23pm  
Yes. In fact, I've been to football games in three different formats: Association, Rugby and American.
posted 2-Sep-2012 12:17pm  
Yes... Back in High School.
posted 3-Sep-2012 12:02am  
No, I've never been to any sporting event (I've also never watched any on tv). I'm really not into sports at all.
posted 3-Sep-2012 10:55am  
check what kind of football game?
check Yes, ALL kinds
(reply to Dino, Biggles) posted 3-Sep-2012 10:59am  
I've seen live rugby and it is nothing like football. To me, rugby looks like locker room rough housing. Maybe if I knew the rules...
I played football against a team where some of the girls were rugby players. They intimidated the heck out of me for sure!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 3-Sep-2012 3:09pm  
Football means something different to me anyway smiley:::smile
posted 3-Sep-2012 9:55pm  
A bunch of high school games, some intramural flag football game some of my acquaintances were hosting, a flag football game a bunch of 10-14 yr old kids one of my friend was coaching, and some local amateur soccer (which everyone else around the world calls football) game. Beyond that, I watch sports mostly on TV.
posted 30-Sep-2012 7:03pm  
American football? No.
Soccer?: Yes.
posted 28-Dec-2012 9:51am  
I only play in high school gym that count?

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