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multiple13-Dec-2005personal experiencedocgbrown by votes70856.2%


Have you ever answered the door in the nude?

Someone at work just asked me this today. Now I ask you all the same thing.

30I've never done it
16I'm a man
13I'm a woman
11It was a good experience
8I knew who was at the door
6I did it for fun at home
5I didn't get in trouble
5There were witnesses
5Close; I hid behind the door
4No one else saw me but the person I presented myself to
4No but I might try it someday
3I did it for fun where no one would know me
3I was recognized
3No, but I saw someone else do it.
2I got in trouble
2Someone opened a door and exposed themselves to me
2I almost did but changed my mind
2Someone wants me to do it
2I had no idea who might be at the door
2I was surprised by whom I displayed myself to
1I shocked myself
1It was a bad experience

paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 14-Dec-2005 10:50pm  
I never done that, and never will
posted 14-Dec-2005 10:56pm  
I do this all the time when I let the dog out in the a.m. but I don't think anyone can see me.
posted 14-Dec-2005 11:10pm  
posted 14-Dec-2005 11:18pm  
Yes, I knew who was at the door, it was one of my sorority sisters and she would not leave me alone. So after 4x coming by and she knew I had company, I finally answered the door. It was funny b/c I have gotten in trouble over something similar last semester.
posted 14-Dec-2005 11:33pm  
Q. Have you ever answered the door nude? A. I am a woman. (?)
posted 15-Dec-2005 12:49am  
Close; I've had to answer the door fresh out of the shower before, and since I'm a tall, big woman, the towel doesn't cover as well as I'd like it to. I almost did to shock the hell out of the stupid Jehovah's Witnesses that kept coming to my door after being told numerous times not to. Especially when they came knocking just before 7 a.m. and woke me up...@ssholes!!
(reply to Enigma) posted 15-Dec-2005 12:50am  
I know... a few too many options on this one...
posted 15-Dec-2005 2:17am  
No, I'm never nude unless I'm changing clothes or bathing. I have a sun allergy and it's vital for me to keep my skin covered as much as possible.
posted 15-Dec-2005 2:43am  
I haven't done this yet.
posted 15-Dec-2005 6:36am  
I've answered the door in my bathrobe...never nude though.
posted 15-Dec-2005 6:38am  
I'm ALWAYS nude (under my clothes)! smiley:::winking raspberry
posted 15-Dec-2005 6:43am  
I have a couple of times, but I knew who it was.
posted 15-Dec-2005 8:20am  
No. I've never done that. I have answered it in a robe, though and I didn't know who it was.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Dec-2005 8:34am  
No, but I answer it in a Tshirt and underwear sometimes... If the person knocking doesn't like it, they can not come over next time smiley:::grin
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Dec-2005 9:02am  
If I click "I'm a woman" will I magically become a woman? I'm too scared to even try it!
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to docgbrown) posted 15-Dec-2005 10:10am  
You don't need to put in options for "I am a man"/"I am a woman"... if you want to find out how many men or women answered what options, you can look at "Advanced Stats" after your survey passes qualification...
posted 15-Dec-2005 10:15am  
No, but I usually get changed and then realise that the light's on and everyone can see in..
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-Dec-2005 12:23pm  
posted 15-Dec-2005 2:30pm  
Nope...I can't say that I have.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 15-Dec-2005 2:56pm  

posted 15-Dec-2005 6:56pm  
It would have been nice to have had plain 'yes' and 'no' options so I didn't have to wade through all these just to find the right one.
(reply to FauxLo) posted 15-Dec-2005 7:13pm  
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 15-Dec-2005 7:51pm  
posted 16-Dec-2005 9:41am  
I'm a guy and I have not ever done this. Jeez, I don't want to give the person a heart attack, do I?
posted 16-Dec-2005 12:25pm  
Um... No...
posted 16-Dec-2005 1:03pm  
No... can't say I have. But that's on my things to do list, right after getting herpes. Hmmm... guess I have another new years resolution to work on.
posted 16-Dec-2005 3:33pm  
I was knockin on someones door and this nasty naked black woman answered the door, it was the most horrifying experience i've ever had, i would love to erase that instance from my memory if i could.
posted 16-Dec-2005 4:33pm  
Yes, at an ex-girlfriend's house. I knew it was her.

But I also made a mistake with it once. At the same girlfriend I got out of bed naked with a huge hangover and walked to the livingroom. We used to walk around naked all the time, you see.
My ex already was out of bed. I assumed we were alone. But I opened the door of the livingroom and there she was on the couch. With her sister...

posted 16-Dec-2005 5:56pm  
Should I say the truth?
posted 16-Dec-2005 7:25pm  
Im not that Bold.. I'm afraid, or not that crazy/insane rather.
posted 17-Dec-2005 4:03pm  
All those choices, and I pick other: I have fantasized about it.
posted 18-Dec-2005 3:18pm  
I can think of at least one time where my girlfriend was coming over and I didn't bother dressing to answer the door.
(reply to bill) posted 18-Dec-2005 3:20pm  
laughing out loud
posted 10-Jan-2006 2:56am  
i answerd my grand parents door in the nude once.....those carolers were horrified ! but sang a sweet lil diddy called "swing low sweet donkey boy pa rumpa pum pum"
posted 19-Mar-2006 10:45pm  
Yes, I came out of the shower and put on a bathrobe to answer the door. Just when I open the door I stepped on my daughters toy and fell backwards. When I fell the robe open up and showed everything.
(reply to bandit68) posted 22-Aug-2006 2:43pm  
> Yes, I came out of the shower and put on a bathrobe to answer the
> door. Just when I open the door I stepped on my daughters toy and
> fell backwards. When I fell the robe open up and showed everything.

posted 24-Nov-2006 1:02pm  
One Saturday Morning, People from Jehovah's Witness were canvasing my neighborhood. A neighbor called and warned me. So I stripped down and opened the door when they knocked. One of the ladies stammered and said excuse me and hurried away. They never came back.
posted 24-Dec-2006 7:26am  
when i opened the door i peed but i forgot that i live on oxford street
posted 12-Sep-2009 2:50am  
When I was single and a newlywed I did that a lot
posted 13-Sep-2009 5:42pm  
smiley:::rolls eyes
posted 13-Sep-2009 5:43pm  
well... since 1) I don't have a peek hole and never know who it is and 2) I don't live next door to (name withheld)...


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