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multiple1-Jun-1999personal experienceMandy2 by votes881461.7%


Have you ever had an abortion?

This is not a hypothetical question, answer to the best of your knowledge.

34No, I haven't.
30No, I'm male.
8Other. Please comment.
5Yes, I have.
5I fathered an aborted fetus.
4Yes, I regret it.
3Yes, I don't regret it.
3I pressured a female to have an abortion.
2I'm not sure if I fathered an aborted fetus.
1I pressured a female not to have an abortion.
1I considered it, but changed my mind.

posted 1-Jun-1999 12:10pm  
This survey was done about a year ago. I added different options and it gives those of us who are "new" to answer it, like myself.
posted 1-Jun-1999 12:28pm  
I've never had one. There was a time when I was younger that I thought I was pregnant ... I considered the abortion -- It was the only option I could see, I'm not good with children.. and I was scared that I'd make a horrible parent .. I was too young .. and scared to death about what my parents would think-- but luckly it was a false alarm..and I'm glad it was because I know i couldn't live w/ myself now if I had done that-- If there ever does come a time that I get pregnant..I couldn't do it.. I know that now... It is my choice though.. I am not pro-life..but pro-choice.
posted 1-Jun-1999 8:07pm  
I'm assuming you're asking about induced abortion?
posted 1-Jun-1999 8:08pm  
The options are poor.
posted 1-Jun-1999 8:24pm  
I had an abortion when I was 22 and have regretted my decision for a moment.
posted 1-Jun-1999 9:40pm  
No...I have not. I have had one pregnancy that produced a single progeny. I never would have an abortion unless advised by my doctor that my life was in danger if I carried to full term. Then and only then..
posted 1-Jun-1999 10:19pm  
Oh dear. My comment should have read:
I had an abortion when I was 22 and have *never* regretted my decision for a moment.

Slight difference.
posted 2-Jun-1999 3:08am  
I'm one of the few women I know (over 30) who have never even been pregnant. I was married to a man for 13 years, but we chose not to have children.
posted 2-Jun-1999 6:02am  
posted 2-Jun-1999 7:15am  
I don't regret having had one - I regret feeling guilty about it.
posted 2-Jun-1999 10:38am  
Two of my friends have had abortions--from my limited guy-centric perspective it is a very difficult experience. I couldn't begin to imagine what it is like for the woman involved. I am decidedly pro-choice, and would support any friend who had to make that decision.

For my own part, my SO and I are at a point in our lives where a pregnancy would just mean moving up the date of the wedding...
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 2-Jun-1999 9:22pm  
I secretly paid for a friend's abortion once (it wasn't a secret to her but it was to everyone else).
posted 4-Jun-1999 5:08pm  
elijahblue: What other options do you have in mind? Thanx in advance :)
posted 11-Jun-1999 9:18am  
Although I don't believe that I would decide to have an abortion, it should be an option that is available.
posted 13-Jun-1999 3:24pm  
You should ad "Someone tried to pressure me into having an abortion" which was my case but I was going to do it anyway. It just showed me what a zit on the ass of society i had been dating. In the end i feel i am stronger woman (dear god I hope i am a woman, if I was a man it would have REALLY been painful) for making the choice. Now I can be in a better financial situation when i start a family.
posted 13-Jun-1999 3:45pm  
Renee, can I ask why you chose abortion over carrying the child and giving it up for adoption? If you do not want to answer, I'll understand.:)But I am curious as to why a woman would chose the abortion option instead of the adoption option. And since you seem able to speak so openly about it, I thought I would ask.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Jun-1999 8:54pm  
I can see a lot of good reasons not to have a child. The best being: you're not ready or willing to be a mother, or you simply don't want to have or raise a child. An unwanted child is worse that an aborted one. More reasons... The mother wants to finish her education first and having a child would screw that up. The mother doesn't have enough money to raise the child and she doesn't want to go on welfare. She doesn't want to carry a child for 9 months. She doesn't want the social stigma of having a child out of marriage.
posted 13-Jun-1999 9:05pm  
I was pressured to have an abortion. I regretted it.
posted 13-Jun-1999 9:19pm  
i bet most abortions come out of parental and societal pressure - either active or anticipated.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Jun-1999 5:32pm  
if one thinks hard about the growth of the human population on the planet, babies don't seem so precious anymore
posted 14-Jun-1999 7:08pm  
Aren't you glad your mother didn't feel that way, tho...or jen's :) I am glad your folks thought you were precious. I've enjoyed getting to know you two a little bit.
posted 14-Jun-1999 11:31pm  
Ah, but mandy, if they had never been born, we wouldn't even know the difference, and therefore could not feel a loss.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Jun-1999 11:11pm  
posted 20-Jun-1999 9:19pm  
I have never gotten pregnant and tend to when I am happily married thank-you-very-much! :)
posted 21-Jun-1999 9:05pm  
this is a personal matter....
posted 1-Jul-1999 6:02am  
At this time I would consider an abortion, because I have to finish school and start my carreer. Im not going to school just to sit at home and make babys. In 5 or 6 years we will discuss babys and make some.
posted 2-Jul-1999 12:07am  
Yes, stay in school and learn how to spell!
posted 21-Sep-2017 4:53pm  
No I have not would not consider it
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Sep-2017 10:49am  
No, I have not. If I had gotten pregnant when I was in college or early grad school, I would absolutely have gotten one. I'm glad I was never in the position where it was necessary, though.

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