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single28-Jul-2003hypothetical questionDunkan unsorted52960.9%


In the event of a fire, how would your react?

Your apartment complex is on fire (just assume you live in an apartment) and your pet is trapped inside. Although you have enough time to go in and rescue him/her, on your way in to rescue your pet you hear a 15-year-old boy, whom you don't know, inside calling out for help. You only have time to safely rescue either the child or your pet.

14Rescue the child
4Rescue your pet
17Rescue the child and try to go back for your pet
6Rescue your pet and try to go back for the child

LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Jul-2003 5:38pm  
Rescue the kid!
posted 29-Jul-2003 5:46pm  
Save my Pet! F**k people!
posted 29-Jul-2003 5:56pm  
I can't imagine myself letting a child fry in a fire, just so that I could rescue my pet. I'm assuming from the way that the explanation is worded, that once I have the first one safely outside, the fire has progressed to a point where it would not be prudent to re-enter the building. For that reason, I didn't consider the "try to go back" option.
posted 29-Jul-2003 9:40pm  
fudge'em both. the kids old enough to get out by hisself and im not about to risk my life for no fudging animal.
posted 29-Jul-2003 9:51pm  
Rescue the kid first then if possible go for the pet.
posted 30-Jul-2003 12:44am  
what a good survey.

Normally we tend to save humans we know over strangers, our pets vs those that arent

2) we normally tend to save humans over pets (though thats not always the case, considering how our heart breaks for cute little doggies while we jump over a dirty loser drunk hobo on the street corner)

I say resue the child, since thats the right thing to do, and then go try to recuse the pet, depending on odds of getting burned. I think the SC should have provided us with some kind of numberic odds, as to the consequences of going back. A somewhat similar (well, maye not) survey made by me, "uperhero's dilima", did just about that.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 30-Jul-2003 12:47am  
considering that this is an apartment, you would probablly be lucky that your landlord doesnt mind pets in the first place. But since this is a hypotetical question, I think I am going to let you slide.
posted 30-Jul-2003 1:04am  
No doubt, I would rescue the child.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 30-Jul-2003 2:08am  
I'm really tired of the contrived questions in these surveys which are really asking: which do you value more, the life of a 15 year old stranger, or the life of your pet? (not your fault, Dunkan, it's a form of survey that gets done a lot and I'm not complaining about you)

anyway I'd probably try to rescue the boy then die trying to rescue my cats
posted 30-Jul-2003 2:10am  
As much as I love my cat,I first would try to rescue the child.I mean,is my of species!! But then I would try to rescue my kitty too.
I actually have two of them,so it would be even more complicated.wry smile
posted 30-Jul-2003 4:17am  
Rescue my pet under the assumption that I'll try and go back for the boy.

posted 30-Jul-2003 8:26am  
Rescue my child, of course.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 30-Jul-2003 10:19am  
I am a landlord, renting two houses. The couple that rents one house has two dogs. The man who rents the other house has a dog, two cats and six birds. At least in Los Angeles, it's not that difficult to find a landlord with an apartment or a house for rent that accept pets, albeit, typically with size restrictions.

Regarding my answer of rescuing my pet... my dogs are my children and much more important to me than a stranger. Secondly, a 15-year-old boy should be able to get himself out. If he can't, then he's probably in a pretty bad situation and if I attempted to rescue him I'd end up frying, too.
(reply to Iseult) posted 30-Jul-2003 10:22am  
The question is not about 'your' child. It's about a child whom you don't know. Obviously, if it were your child, you would rescue him. Unless, of course, you just took out a million dollar life insurance policy on him, tied him up in his bedroom, and set the fire yourself!
(reply to Dino) posted 30-Jul-2003 10:23am  
What's the apology about?
(reply to Dunkan) posted 30-Jul-2003 12:19pm  
A very unpopular opinion I assumed - and was right. Seems only you and I feel that way.

I guess I'm apologising to other members of the species.
(reply to Dino) posted 30-Jul-2003 12:31pm  
Someone else also picked 'save your pet'. You shouldn't have to apologize for your beliefs.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Jul-2003 12:41pm  
Rescue the child and try to go back for my pet.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 30-Jul-2003 1:51pm  
I'd still rescue the child, then.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 30-Jul-2003 7:21pm  
yeah, good point I guess. I didnt pay attention to that part very well.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 30-Jul-2003 7:22pm  
hey, I bet Perter Singer would agree with you two.
posted 31-Jul-2003 10:05am  
The child.
posted 31-Jul-2003 8:43pm  
Without a doubt the boy. Duh.
posted 1-Aug-2003 2:51pm  
Is the boy hot?
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Aug-2003 4:07pm  
And getting hotter laughing out loud
(reply to Dunkan) posted 1-Aug-2003 6:07pm  
yeah...his head's on fire!!!!!!!!
posted 3-Aug-2003 2:43am  
That's a horrible dilemma.
posted 14-Aug-2003 10:53am  
Rescue the child and go back for the pet, though I would have taken the pet out with me in the first place.
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Dec-2005 12:44am  
It doesn't seem safe, so I wait for the fire department to arrive.
posted 29-May-2007 11:12pm  
Shove my pet into their pet carrier, grab it and then go rescue the boy.

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