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single24-Dec-2017food/drinkpaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes13157.7%


Do you eat goose on Christmas?

11No, I do not eat goose on Christmas.
1I used to eat goose, but I don't anymore.
0Yes, I eat goose on Christmas.
0What is goose?
0I have something else to share.

they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 24-Dec-2017 9:58pm  
I have never eaten a goose, and would rather not.
posted 25-Dec-2017 2:52am  
Bleah. Ham mmmm.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Dec-2017 5:59am  
No. Turkey is traditional here. Very posh people may do goose, but that's beyond the reach of most families. I never had goose before becoming vegetarian and am very unlikely to ever have it now.
posted 25-Dec-2017 8:57am  
I'm not sure if I've ever eaten goose.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Dec-2017 10:52am  
Not usually. Growing up that's what my mom made for Christmas, but I don't really care for it that much. I'm also not very good at making it. We always have Swedish meatballs, and lately I've been making duck breast as well. In the past I've made a turkey or a beef tenderloin.
posted 2-Jan-2018 3:09pm  
Never have

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