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single30-Mar-2005food/drinkMatty unsorted59951.9%


Do you eat any food that others might consider to be gross, garbage, etc.?

Tripe, for example, is something that I consider to be disgusting garbage, but my spouse loves.

18Yes, I eat...
2I'm not sure what others think of...
8I don't know.
2No, but I know someone that eats...

posted 31-Mar-2005 6:46am  
I make liver and onions to DIE for, but liver is one of those "love it or hate it" dinners. I have some friends that just LOVE it like me, so I'll cook us up a "liver and onion feed" and anyone comes "don't like liver" brings their own food.
posted 31-Mar-2005 6:53am  
Yes. If bread is a little bit stale, I toast it. If its a little bit mouldy, I cut the mould off. Some people find that really gross. If something has gone out of date, like oil, or a sauce in a jar, I'll still eat it.
I hate wasting food... I'd rather eat what I can.
posted 31-Mar-2005 7:10am  
No, but my wife loves pickled chicken feet and tripe, gross.
posted 31-Mar-2005 7:14am  
Not that I'm aware of.
(reply to Matty) posted 31-Mar-2005 7:14am  
Remind me to never come to dinner at your house. smiley:::dead face
(reply to Matty) posted 31-Mar-2005 9:26am  
That is so gross do you still kiss her *smiley:::dead face*
posted 31-Mar-2005 9:40am  
Given that "others" includes all of the most finicky eaters, everything I eat is probably considered gross or garbage by someone.
(reply to Matty) posted 31-Mar-2005 10:37am  
I don't even know where I could buy a jar of pickled chicken feet. And how the heck does one cook tripe? I think it looks cool, though.
(reply to Matty) posted 31-Mar-2005 11:53am  
Some northern Chinese and southern Mongolian dishes may be considered distasteful but all kinds of food appeal to a wide range of humans. do not be embarrassed to admit the foods you desire... for they will love you may try:

Guriltai shul (mutton soup)
500g fatty mutton, cut into strips (as for a stir-fry). Make sure you include the fat.
mutton fat or oil
2 large potatoes, diced
1 swede, diced
2 onions, diced
1 carrot, diced
2 teaspoons stock powder or salt
2 or 3 litres water
1 packet flat noodles (fresh or dried)
In a large wok, lightly fry the sliced mutton in the fat. Add the vegetables and stir-fry briefly. Add the water and stock or salt. Boil until almost cooked, then add the noodles and continue boiling until these are ready. Serve in small bowls. Tsuivan (fried noodles) Proceed as for mutton soup above, but do not add the water. Instead, stir-fry the meat and vegetables and then add the fresh (or boiled dried) noodles, and continue stir-frying until the noodles are ready and the flavours have melded.

posted 31-Mar-2005 1:36pm  
jumbo bacon slaw dogs from Scotty's are pretty garbagey looking.... but they're great! smiley:::wink
posted 31-Mar-2005 2:12pm  
I like lima beans.
posted 31-Mar-2005 2:16pm  
posted 31-Mar-2005 2:27pm  
Do eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache and nose hairs qualify as food?
(reply to Jody) posted 31-Mar-2005 2:29pm  
Yuck. Lima beans are gross by themselves. You can kinda hide tasting them in a mixed vegetable dish by scooping up some mashed potatoes or applesauce with them. I learned that as a kid. Still pretty much the only way I can stand cooked vegetables.
posted 31-Mar-2005 2:32pm  
yes, crawfish. Most people, at least outside of the Southeastern US, consider it disgusting or at least gross.
posted 31-Mar-2005 5:28pm  
Well, there's a good chance is going to dislike everything I eat. Probably spinach the most.
posted 31-Mar-2005 7:09pm  
I'll eat parsley by itself.
(reply to Amanda) posted 31-Mar-2005 8:59pm  
she's not allowed to cook that crap for dinner. That's her own...snack stuff, bleh!
(reply to keke16) posted 31-Mar-2005 9:00pm  
on both sets of lips smiley:::winking raspberry
(reply to CarolL) posted 31-Mar-2005 9:00pm  
in a pressure cooker
posted 31-Mar-2005 9:35pm  
I know people who consider cheese gross and I certainly eat that.
(reply to Matty) posted 31-Mar-2005 9:58pm  
that was so uncalled for...
posted 31-Mar-2005 10:27pm  
No but my mom does.she likes liver and onions, one time she boiled pig brains, she dropped the boiling pot on the floor and the brain rolled around on the floor I stared gagging at the sight of it. She got mad at me and couldnt eat it and threw it away, she told me; " you better not throw up!" She never tried makeing it again.
posted 1-Apr-2005 3:27pm  
No, but I know someone that eats...

dog, wasps, anything really. Thinking about it, what makes one species more palatable than another anyway? It's all cultural, society driven isn't it?
(reply to darkroomdanny) posted 1-Apr-2005 10:02pm  
partially, but more likely agricultural practicality. Dogs, for example would have little meat yield, expensive to feed (relatively), and be very tough...they are very energetic. Plus, they are highly trainable, you can put them to work herding sheep, guarding the chickens from foxes, etc.

Cows, on the other hand, are cheap to maintain; they eat grass. They grow quickly, have a high meat yield, and are tender...they don't move much. Plus thier milk has many uses.
posted 2-Apr-2005 5:26pm  
Goat, Cow Tongue.........tastes like ham, Chicken foot soup....... thats all I can think of for now
posted 4-Apr-2005 2:29pm  
Not that I am aware of. Even if they did I really wouldnt care what they thought. They don't have to eat it! I do!
(reply to Matty) posted 4-Apr-2005 2:30pm  
Is she from the southern US?
(reply to ASB) posted 4-Apr-2005 2:41pm  
No, she is from Colombia, South America...a little more south.
(reply to Matty) posted 5-Apr-2005 11:23am  
Yes Matty, in the western world. Try telling the Chinese that though! Dogs are a cheap alternative over there, and in other places in the world. Dairy milk is not very popular in some other continents. It IS a cultural thing.
posted 5-Apr-2005 2:36pm  
Black pudding mmmmm
(reply to Matty) posted 5-Apr-2005 2:40pm  
(reply to darkroomdanny) posted 5-Apr-2005 6:19pm  
I spent 4 years of my life in the orient, 1 year in Korea and 3 years in Japan; dog is not a mainstsay of the diet. Chicken is. Reading is a good thing, but real life experience is better. Get some real knowledge and try again.
(reply to icurok) posted 5-Apr-2005 6:21pm  
Thanks for the tip, but I generally try to marry experience with theory when I write stuff; I was prepared for these type of responses.
(reply to Matty) posted 5-Apr-2005 6:40pm  
Who said anything about reading? Family experience actually; I married into a Chinese family, who regularly go back home to China and regularly eat dog, of course they consume other things also. It must depend on which area/country you visit.
posted 19-Apr-2005 6:25pm  
Yes, I eat tripe too. It's good for you. smiley:::smile

Menudo, menudo, menudo. YUMMMMY!!!!

Does she like morsilla? That is fried blood. Hehehe. Us Latinos eat some wierd stuff sometimes.
posted 26-Apr-2005 10:19pm  
I'm sure I eat a lot of things that other people consider gross (spinach, lima beans, etc.)
posted 26-Apr-2005 10:23pm  
I've also eaten bull testicles, which were quite tasty in the way they were cooked.
posted 27-May-2005 2:04pm  
Five day old americanized chinese food and raw cookie dough (not at the same time). The chinese food has so much MSG in it it'll keep for a week (or longer). I also cut the mold off of cheese and eat it (the cheese that is).
(reply to freebird) posted 27-May-2005 2:07pm  
Are you praising the looks of the latin singing group Menudo? Did I hear you right?
(reply to Updown) posted 27-May-2005 6:22pm  
nah, I am talking about food, not the singing group Menudo. Yuck, they sucked!!!

Menudo is tripe cooked with posole ( a type of corn/maiz) and with pigs feet. It is good. Morsilla is fried blood taken during a matanza, when the cow or sheep is killed and packaged for the winter.
(reply to freebird) posted 27-May-2005 6:29pm  
only in Mexican Spanish, Maria, most South Americans call it Mondongo or by its proper name tripa
(reply to Matty) posted 27-May-2005 6:38pm  
That's interesting. We in NM are mostly Mexican American and some are of European Spanish descent. I am of both and Native American. I have never heard the word Mondongo. Tripa, si, eso si.

Does your wife cook tamales? I make them with corn husks but I have a friend from Panama who said they used banana leaves to do that. It can even be done with wax paper. I love them. I don't make them often because I usually make about 15 dozen at a time.
(reply to freebird) posted 27-May-2005 6:47pm  
yes, but a little differently than both mexican and panamanian tomales, though she does use corn husks. The flavor is much different.

Pero mi'ija una pregunta. Porque tu nunca me hablas en espanol?, solamente palabritas y a veses. Te a pena o que?
(reply to Matty) posted 27-May-2005 8:12pm  
no hablo bien. No se porque, mi familia si habla en espanol mucho pero you no prendi a hablar bien. Es muy importante y soy aprendendo mas. Que verguenza. Unas palabras pero no es una idoma que puedo hablar como engles. Sabias hablar en espanol antes que casaste con tu esposa?
(reply to freebird) posted 31-May-2005 3:58pm  
They were horrible, but I am not liking the sound of Menudo the Dish either. Wasn't she a super-hero in New Mexico circa 1950? Menudo the Dish?
(reply to freebird) posted 31-May-2005 8:17pm  
pues claro!!! Soy de Nueva York, mi'ija, el segundo idioma es Ingles (casi). Tambien mi barrio es Colombiano, eso es como gane' mi attracion para las mujeres latinas, prinipalmente Colombianas.

Bueno, la baina con tu Espanol es que tienes practicar, conmigo si quieres, pero como sea practicar, Ciao mi amor y buena suerte en todo, nombre de Dios
posted 15-Jun-2005 3:50pm  
posted 30-Jul-2005 1:17pm  
mc donalds
posted 6-Aug-2005 10:26am  
yes i eat, celery, cucumber, and mini tomatoes! people think they are gross, but they are not they are yummy!!!! mmmmm!!!!
posted 25-Feb-2006 11:09pm  
Veggie burgers
(reply to Starfish) posted 3-Mar-2006 10:19am  
I don't like wasting food either. If there is mold on cheeese or jam, I just can't enjoy it.
posted 21-Nov-2008 7:51am  

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