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multiple13-Mar-2006cars/drivinglonghaultrucker by votes58648.1%


Is driving too fast or too slow more dangerous?

If you're driving too fast than other traffic, is that more dangerous than driving slower than other traffic? What is your opinion?

25Depends on traffic and scenario

posted 13-Mar-2006 2:45pm  
Having never driven, I don't know.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 13-Mar-2006 2:56pm  
It really depends on the situation. If you're going much slower than a lot of other traffic on the road, that can certainly be dangerous. If you're going much faster than road conditions, traffic, or your vehicle or own ability warrant, that's certainly dangerous too.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Mar-2006 3:03pm  
Yes, driving too fast is more dangerous. You're less likely to have enough time to react to a dangerous situation, and faster-moving cars cause more damage than slowly-moving ones.
posted 13-Mar-2006 3:27pm  
The answers "yes", "no" refer to the subsidiary question, not to the main question (written in boldface) - that is bad.
posted 13-Mar-2006 3:56pm  
Depending on the traffic, scenarios, etc., both can be equally dangerous.
posted 13-Mar-2006 4:00pm  
if the weather or road conditions are poor it's more dangerous to drive fast, driving fast is more dangerous in general because of the amount of force created by an impact, although to me a slow driver in most circumstances is a bigger nuisance and can cause greater danger to all
posted 13-Mar-2006 4:16pm  
I think it is always more dangerous driving too fast, but I am aware that there are dangers in driving too slow.
posted 13-Mar-2006 4:57pm  
It depends on the car right beside you, before you and after you!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Mar-2006 7:32pm  
fast is more dangerous... but, it also gets you there faster and is more fun...
I wish I knew which answer to select...
posted 13-Mar-2006 8:03pm  
I've seen more good drivers driving too fast than good drivers driving too slow.... People that drive too slow are usually afraid of something (driving on the highway, driving at dusk or in the rain) so they are dangerous. Overreacting to every little thing and etc. I seriously hate slow drivers on the highway they drive me nutso. How can we answer yes or no to this question? laughing out loud Driving conditions warrant slow driving at times of course, but that's not what you're talking about (I hope).
posted 13-Mar-2006 9:23pm  
Depends on the traffic and scenarios.
posted 13-Mar-2006 11:42pm  
My opinion is that the grammar is sub-par. The question should have been "Which of the two is more dangerous: driving too fast or driving too slowly?" Also, "If you're driving too fast than other traffic" is godawful. If you want an answer, at least make sure the question is properly formulated.

Now to answer the question as I understand it: Depends on traffic and scenario. Good drivers adapt to the circumstances. If the weather is bad, they adapt. If there are crappy drivers surrounding them, they adapt. If a dangerous situation evolves before them, they take evasive measures.

posted 14-Mar-2006 3:54am  
Depends on traffic and scenario.
posted 14-Mar-2006 7:20am  
Drive fast. If you hit someone. Tuff Crap really. It's there own fault.
posted 14-Mar-2006 9:34am  
umm.. this is not a yes or no question...
posted 14-Mar-2006 5:41pm  
Driving in your car.. but you won't get faaar 'cause your car is ssssssssh ooooh
posted 14-Mar-2006 6:40pm  
It depends. Too fast for conditions or too slow for conditions are equally irresponsible.
posted 14-Mar-2006 10:36pm  
Yes..because when you're driving too could speed off the road..crash into somebody..and other stuff..When you drive too may cause some accidents..but they're less(meaning less things) than what would happen if you drove too fast
posted 14-Mar-2006 11:16pm  
In general, I think they're equally likely to cause accidents. Faster speeds would of course cause more severe accidents, however.
posted 15-Mar-2006 1:11pm  
Usually not. Driving the proper speed is always the safest, regardless of the posted limit.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-Mar-2006 7:14pm  
driving too slow is more dangerous.
posted 15-Mar-2006 10:02pm  
The question and the answers don't match up.

Driving too slow is usually worse, in my opinion.
posted 16-Mar-2006 9:19am  
smiley:::rolls eyes
posted 16-Mar-2006 3:34pm  
It depends on traffic and the scenario..... i lean towards thinking driving too slow is more dangerous when there is alot of other traffic around.
posted 16-Mar-2006 10:49pm  
Well depends on the traffic and the scenario....let's say I'm driving on the 401 (a major high way in Ontario) normally people drive like 110-120 in that case it would probably be more dangerous to drive slower than faster. But if I was on a residential road where the speed limit is only like 50KM or so....then going faster would be more dangerous than going slower.
posted 17-Mar-2006 7:30pm  
depends on traffic and scenario
posted 19-Mar-2006 9:57am  
It depends, both can be dangerous though.
(reply to Zang) posted 19-Mar-2006 8:39pm  
...Are we the only ones who noticed?
posted 20-Mar-2006 7:04pm  
Both could be.
(reply to LuridHope) posted 21-Mar-2006 8:27am  
I just ticked everything... smiley:::grin
posted 2-Apr-2006 9:23pm  
Both can be dangerous.
posted 5-Apr-2006 10:09am  
Speeding is more dangerous....less control.
posted 2-Mar-2014 5:03pm  
Yes driving way to fast on ice and snow covered roads is extremely dangerous such as what happened in Denver Colorado over 100 cars in a deadly accidents mangled cars and trucks had to be towed off of the highway to a large parking lot some people got killed slow down you stupid pea brain idiots is it worth it killing somebody or wrecking your car
(reply to LJD) posted 2-Mar-2014 5:16pm  
Jean I know that this survey is 2006 but down there in Denver Colorado the other day and it had been snowing plus the roads were very icy and dangerous there was a 104 one hundred four car accident some people got killed in all these wrecked and destroyed cars and trucks people were driving 65 to 70 miles an hour on snow and ice black ice on the highway it is a wonder more people did not get killed people they just do not slow down no matter what the weather conditions are drive as fast as they can it is dangerous to drive so fast you have no control of your car?
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 2-Mar-2014 9:05pm  
I will assume most of the people involved were local people? Very sad. I will assume local people become too confident, knowing the area, are less careful?

Presently, my son is driving his daughter back to Louisiana, and ran into 2 hrs. of torrential rains, down south.
posted 3-Mar-2014 10:45am  
It is better to stay with the flow of the traffic, barring weather conditions.
Much faster or slower than the current flow is dangerous to others.
Most state police I know say they look for the odd drivers from the rest and pull them over.
(reply to LJD) posted 3-Mar-2014 8:40pm  
Yes Dallas Texas sleet and rain roads are icy and very slick Tennessee had snow on their roads and that ice brings down power lines here in Colorado amazing it feels like the first day of Spring Denver is 66deg. For their highs it has been 40 up here in the mountains I am getting spoiled keep this weather comingsmiley:::smile

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