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multiple8-Aug-2007dreamscabinfever by votes56659.4%


How do you dream... in black-and-white or color?

Last done in 2004. Time for more dreams! Share with us your scary/sexy/fun/strange dreams.

29I dream exclusively in color.
13I dream in both black-and-white and color.
4I have another thought:
3I want to share a dream story.
1I dream exclusively in black-and-white.
0I don't dream.

posted 9-Aug-2007 12:22am  
Just color.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Aug-2007 1:14am  
Color. My dreams tend to be fun. I'm exploring cities or buildings, walking around cool houses. A lot of times I'll dream about crowded places, but I'm not sure what the function of the building is. In a sort of recent dream, I was in a little room watching kids do a play or something. I saw Bob Dylan out in the hallway, went out there and talked to him. smile Told ya my dreams tend to be fun.
posted 9-Aug-2007 2:07am  
Only in colour.
posted 9-Aug-2007 2:27am  
I dream exclusively in color. Can be disconcerting when you are dreaming about people being killed. But it's awesome when I have a flying dream.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Aug-2007 6:35am  
Mostly in colour - very occasionally in black and white, but that's usually when my dream has somehow zoomed in on and encompassed a black and white film.
posted 9-Aug-2007 6:37am  
I usually dream in color and about being naked.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Aug-2007 10:19am  
I have no idea. It's like dream-o-vision, all in my head, you know?
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Aug-2007 11:27am  
I think I dream only in color, but I'm not sure.
posted 9-Aug-2007 11:28am  
posted 9-Aug-2007 11:29am  
Wanna share sex dreams?? Frankly, they're frustrating - I get very excited by never cum... wry smile
posted 9-Aug-2007 12:05pm  
I dream in black & white most of the time, I dream in colour very rarely.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Aug-2007 12:14pm  
i think i dream in black and white and color.
posted 9-Aug-2007 12:28pm  
posted 9-Aug-2007 12:33pm  
Exclusively in color. Like last night I was dancing, with iPod plugged in, in a laundry room which had one bright yellow and one bright blue machine -- probably means that if I could have my own washer and dryer these would be good colors to paint 'em.
posted 9-Aug-2007 1:21pm  
When I see something in my dreams I just know what the color is but I'm not really sure if I'm really seeing the color.
posted 9-Aug-2007 1:52pm  
I have no idea.
posted 9-Aug-2007 3:14pm  
Just in color...and sometimes really weird dreams...okok...let's say all the time, despite the sex related dreams. :P
posted 9-Aug-2007 5:09pm  
I dream exclusively in technicolor.
posted 9-Aug-2007 5:53pm  
I frequently have dreams that villianize my mother.
posted 9-Aug-2007 7:42pm  
Color, never black and white.....that would be weird, and why would you? You mind registers colors!!! The only exception may be watching a lot of black and white movies before going to sleep (which people do).
posted 10-Aug-2007 12:18am  
In full living colour. I can't imagine what it's like dreaming in black and white... people dream in black and white?
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Aug-2007 3:57am  
I dream exclusively in color.
posted 10-Aug-2007 12:15pm  
I don't know if I dream in b&w, or color.
posted 11-Aug-2007 5:38am  
I dream in both black-and-white and color.........................I think!!

(reply to Richard47, Enigma) posted 13-Aug-2007 3:21am  
Yep... my mom dreams almost exclusively in black and white. She thinks I'm weird because I dream only in full color.
(reply to cabinfever) posted 13-Aug-2007 12:40pm  
> Yep... my mom dreams almost exclusively in black and white. She thinks
> I'm weird because I dream only in full color.

Was she invented before color processed film??
(reply to Richard47) posted 14-Aug-2007 2:17am  
laughing out loud No, and we have color pics of her to prove that.
posted 9-Oct-2007 11:45pm  
I should qualify that by saying that I dream in color about 99% of the time.
posted 25-Oct-2007 8:00am  
i always dream in colour
posted 14-Jun-2008 3:18pm  
my first dream with zombies in it was black and white. after that they were all in color. at least i kick ass in them.
posted 6-Dec-2008 10:16am  
most of my dreams are in black and white, or so gloomy-looking that it seems b&w...
I have had some color dreams before, but very very rarely... poker face
posted 17-May-2009 6:14pm  
I generally dream in color, but my dreams are often monochromatic.
posted 21-Jul-2012 12:45pm  
My weirdest dream (which happened to be my first lucid dream) was when I walked around some room without going anywhere and then going all "I'm dreaming!" and everything was bright, stuff was in freaking SLOW MO, everything was clear, it was just amazing... kind of, like, I walked around and started flying. I hovered over the ground, feeling the wind and movement, then my eyes shut themselves and I couldn't open them. I tried really hard, but I then opened my real eyes and I woke up. No SP or anything. I went off my bed and told my mom I just had my first lucid dream and told her this. It was really strange. laughing out loud Later I wrote down my dream in a journal.

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