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multiple14-Nov-2007personal preferencesGalomorro by votes42567.9%


Do you donate to any charitable organizations?

18Yes, I donate to:
8No, I'd like to but can't afford to.
6No, I don't donate to any charitable orgs.
1Yes, but only because I'm pressured to do so at work.

posted 15-Nov-2007 2:28pm  
No, I became disenchanted with donating years ago. Too much of the money donated goes to adminstrative costs instead of to the cause I donated for.
posted 15-Nov-2007 2:40pm  
Humane Society, ASPCA sometimes. I donate materials to the local shelter on Christmas. This will be the first year I do that here.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 15-Nov-2007 2:50pm  
> No, I became disenchanted with donating years ago. Too much of the
> money donated goes to adminstrative costs instead of to the cause
> I donated for.

So true! I became "disenchanted" when the hospital I used to work at was bought out by a larger hospital (Promedica) In the past every year for christmas we would get a Christmas bonus based on your years of service, it was my year to get a $500 bonus, but INSTEAD we all got these lovely cards with a message inside stating that such and such amount of money has been donated to charity in the spirit of the holidays.......blah blah bla bla...... >frown
we were all so pissed, a lot of the people sent the cards back with their own message such as " Merry fudging christmas" Of course I would never do something like that >smile
(reply to labjog) posted 15-Nov-2007 3:03pm  
laughing out loud Of course you wouldn't. winking raspberry
posted 15-Nov-2007 3:07pm  
No. Well, sort of. I buy rather a lot of books from charity shops, but only because they're cheap books.
posted 15-Nov-2007 3:20pm  
No, would like to donate to some, like a history org, a historywalk org, animal orgs but aside from a few dollars donation, say, like after a historywalk, can't afford to. Long ago I donated for maybe 2 years to United Way but then stopped because I didn't appreciate being pressured to donate. One time I refused and my supervisor actually donated a buck in my name just so the office would have 100% participation. I simply don't like being pressured to give to anything or anyone -- AND I need to feel very certain that my contribution is going to be used the correct way, i.e., what it really says it is going for. I've heard various negative stuff about United Way and some other large corporation charities that made me reconsider. I don't think any companies should try to force or coerce employees to give to anything. They should be more low-key about it. We were actually forced to attend a film on United Way where I used to work. They'd preprint your name on the form and come around and collect. You had to actually sign your name even if you didn't give anything. I also donate used items to a certain thrift shop that gives their proceeds to AIDS research, but mainly because it's also a friendly and reasonably priced place that I like. And I'd go to garage, book sales, etc. to help out the library and other good causes if they were selling things I'm interested in and can afford. So that I feel like I'm purchasing something I want and at the same time the money's going to a cause I believe in.
posted 15-Nov-2007 4:04pm  
American Lung Association, Heifer Project International, Salvation Army, National Rosacea Society
posted 15-Nov-2007 5:34pm  
posted 15-Nov-2007 6:46pm  
Not recently. I used to have a $5/mo. charity budget, but that doesn't spread far. That put me on mailing lists, and I'm sure the cost of mailing further donation requests to me has exceeded anything I've contributed.

Habitat for Humanity and the Kucinich campaign were the main ones besides the orgs I was involved in like CFWP (Coalition for World Peace).
(reply to Galomorro) posted 15-Nov-2007 6:55pm  
Unless you're buying food or llamas, it all comes down to paying for people time, which could be looked at as admin costs.

Consider a theoretical example of a one person org dedicated to saving the Pink Los Angeles Flying Frog. That person needs to eat and pay rent. Your $20 donation allows them to dedicate an hour of their life to saving PLAFF's, and they are an expert is doing such. In an hour they can connect several petioning resources or send info packets to concerned senator assistants, much more than you could do for FLAFF's with $20 or an hour of your own tiime. But that's what they call an admin expense.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 15-Nov-2007 7:01pm  
Is he the one that's been trapped in the middle of the freeway for the past 4 months?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 15-Nov-2007 8:01pm  
Thanks for the explanation.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 15-Nov-2007 11:11pm  
posted 15-Nov-2007 11:17pm  
Yes, odds and ends kids school stuff, sports activities. Paralyzed Veterans of America. And that goofy tree organization in Nebraska. Like Nebraska has trees, ya know.
posted 15-Nov-2007 11:32pm  
No, I'd feel weird, like everyone would be watching me do it.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 16-Nov-2007 12:06am  
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Nov-2007 6:32am  
I donate to Goodwill and sometimes the Humane Society.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Galomorro) posted 16-Nov-2007 6:36am  
My company gives the best parking spots to people who give the most to United Way. The parking lot is huge, and it's a long walk into the building.... but if you give a lot of money to United Way, you buy yourself a parking spot right next to the handicapped ones.

I don't really know anything about United Way. I don't donate to them though. My SO was on a United Way poster when he was a child.

posted 16-Nov-2007 10:42am  
Charitable organizations should donate to me.
(reply to they) posted 16-Nov-2007 12:33pm  
Well that's a good and interesting way to bribe people to give!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Nov-2007 2:07pm  
yeah, a bunch... most are just local things. I give to the Cornish Rescue Squad and to the school or other town (Cornish) for things that come up (there was some old barn they are trying to save, the school needed a playground, a new firehouse, etc.). I've given to the Claremont Soup Kitchen, which is the (poor) city next to us. The soup kitchn is a little religious, but I try to ignore that. We usually give money to The Upper Valley Humane Society, the local animal shelter.

I always buy wrapping paper from my neighbor's daughter, though it's really starting to pile up, because I don't use it very often. Next time, I'm going to ask her if she'll just take money without me having to buy anything. It's for something at her school. There's another daughter there too, and some dance they are doing to raise money for a school trip. But, we're not really "dance" people. But, maybe I'll just try to send them some money in support of the trip.

I give to the CCFA (Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America), but that's kind of self-serving because I have Crohn's. I've made random contributions to the Red Cross, especially when a disaster happens (Katrina, Tsunami, 9/11, etc.) I sent stuff to the troops in Iraq. I give clothes away to the Salvation Army from time to time, also I'll stick money into the red kettle thing when they've got a bell ringer. If I'm at some event and there's a box to give money to support it, I'll usually put money in the box.

None of all this really amounts to that much... I guess I feel good about it, though.
posted 16-Nov-2007 4:25pm  
Thrift stores around here i donate to
(reply to LindaH) posted 17-Nov-2007 2:48am  
laughing out loud
(reply to Galomorro) posted 17-Nov-2007 2:59am  
I worked at the United Way of the Bay Area. They typically got 7-11% for a campaign, for funds that were in turn distributed to roughly 7000 agencies. It takes a huge IT structure to manage that. We had like 11 name fields for donors because they would want their names published differently in different contexts. The salaried staff there were huge donors themselves. Most everyone there except the data-entry temps did it because they were dedicated to the cause, or used it as VP type experience to move on. It was matrix managed, and to some extent training it's own employees was one of their charities. I got my start in IT there. They let me invent whatever new software I thought could help between programming reports.
posted 17-Nov-2007 8:46am  
I donate my time and energy to the fire department up here. I'm a volunteer dispatcher for the area...this coming up year, i'd like to donate my time to the D.o.W (dept. of wildlife). 'Tis something that my 13 yr. old would be into as pretty stoked about it.
But as far as monetary funds go...we do not donate.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 17-Nov-2007 8:52am  
> Yes, odds and ends kids school stuff, sports activities. Paralyzed
> Veterans of America. And that goofy tree organization in Nebraska.
> Like Nebraska has trees, ya know.

Yeah...i saw that one tree going from wisconsin to colorado...then i thought i saw it again and decided that we must be going in circles, but then decided that that idea has to be invalid since i was driving in a straight line the whole time...then thought it must be a parallel universe, or that some force picked up my car and kept dropping me back further and further, or driving through a time warp, or...

(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 17-Nov-2007 11:58am  
Interesting. I've always been one of the low-paid word processors myself so wasn't dedicated to anything corporate.
(reply to justjulie) posted 18-Nov-2007 12:32am  
sweeeet, I might have paid for that tree with my yearly love donations.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 18-Nov-2007 6:42am  
t'was the healthiest single tree i think i have ever healthy it was hugging the clouds. smile
(reply to Galomorro) posted 18-Nov-2007 5:13pm  
I intend to use the same business model I learned there for my own company some day, but to go a step further with co-ownership by permanent staff. I'd own 52% though (to maintain control, just in case), even though I'd volunteer my own profits to the employee-owner democracy.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 18-Nov-2007 5:15pm  
What's this tree thing about?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 18-Nov-2007 6:23pm  
What kind of company will it be?
(reply to Galomorro) posted 19-Nov-2007 7:48am  
Digital music instruments. My products are still in 'working' prototyping stage, and I can't really talk about them yet.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-Nov-2007 9:07am  
yes, many different ones that i am loyal to and a few that i contribute to in larger amounts. i refuse to do the united way thing at work because they take at least 20% off the top............. crazy!
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 19-Nov-2007 12:07pm  
Ah, thank you. Well, let us all know when it finally happens, and good luck.
(reply to jettles) posted 19-Nov-2007 5:29pm  
When and where? By 1996 in SF they had dropped to 7-11% They compete with each other too, for who can do it for the lowest percentage.
(reply to justjulie) posted 19-Nov-2007 7:53pm  
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 19-Nov-2007 7:59pm  
My donations. Arbor Day. It's all about the trees and it's based in Nebraska. It is kinda ironic, but I guess if they can get a forest to grow in Nebraska, than they can do almost anything.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 19-Nov-2007 9:52pm  
i live in jacksonville florida and i volunteer for a non profit who is a "write in" for united way. a few years ago they had told me that united way percentage had gone up.......... obviously this is hearsay but i could not find on the local site exactly how much they do take for organizational fees etc..... whereas when i look at other local united ways they seem to display their's somewhere in the site. so maybe it's true. i did find this on one of the the sites from another city: "National guidelines allow up to 30 percent of donor gifts be spent on marketing and administrative costs; we spend less than 12 percent. Read full 2007 report." so this also means it could be true............... but even 10 or so % is crazy when i can give directly and bypass that.
if you weren't going to give if you didn't give through united way at work then i think it is great but if you are going to give anyway and you can do so directly then i don't see the point.

(reply to cloudhugger) posted 20-Nov-2007 3:08am  
So many folks are looking for answers to excess CO2, elaborate industrial processes to clean the air. Seems simple enough to me, grow more forests rather than keep cutting them down.
(reply to jettles) posted 20-Nov-2007 3:19am  
Makes perfect sense. If I had stuck around there I would have moved on to implementing the ideas I had '96, to build applications for donors to find causes most to their liking, and monitor them better.

I had a related concept of combining our voting and tax forms, such that people distributed their taxes on the fly to gov't agencies and NGO's, for instance sponsoring schools, aqueducts, NASA, Aids research, and reforestation, but not the military. They could defer their vote on chunks of tax distributions to other agencies if they wanted. The problem with that system is that all the agencies and depts would end up having wastefully expensive marketing and PR depts to ensure that their services were most funded by tax payers.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 20-Nov-2007 6:22am  
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 20-Nov-2007 8:58am  
smile Indeed.
posted 25-Nov-2007 4:25pm  
No, but I might once I'm out of school and have money to spare.
posted 25-Nov-2007 5:49pm  
Too many to mention
posted 27-Nov-2007 11:35am  
Rarely. I don't have enough money to be donating it to any cause.
posted 2-Dec-2007 2:51pm  
I'm not sure if this counts, but I donate non-perishable food to Cans for Carriers.
posted 2-Dec-2007 6:39pm  
Yes I donate but not in a philanthropist kind of way more spontaneous, and not always to organizations. I feel more comfortable taking right to the source of the need, like seeing a homeless person begging for money. In that situation I drive to the nearest restaurant and return with food instead of giving money, or donate food to food drives. But I do donate at work as well!

My biggest donation always goes to my beer fund! laughing out loud
posted 7-Dec-2007 12:18am  
No, if you mean money.
Yes, if you mean time.
posted 1-Jan-2008 10:27pm  
Yes - I sponsor a World Vision child, and I give regularly to RSPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children), and Parachute Music (NZ). I also sometimes give to organisations such as the Ambulance Service, Blind Foundation, Canteen (Teens with Cancer), Ronald McDonald House, etc.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to kcthedog) posted 1-Jan-2008 10:31pm  
Does your biggest contribution go to your beer friend?
(reply to LindaH) posted 1-Jan-2008 10:43pm  
> Does your biggest contribution go to
> your beer friend?

Absolutely, when I drink beer with friends I usually contribute heavily.

LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Jan-2008 11:02pm  
When I drink beer with friends, I usually chat and dance heavily.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jan-2008 4:13pm  
Yes, but not so much lately. I'm looking forward to having a disposable income again, and not being in debt. I have savings at the moment, but I'm in debt more than the value of my savings so I don't feel I can justify donating significant amounts to charity. I do put money into collecting tins for various charities when I see them - I always give to the poppy appeal, Cancer Research UK, the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Oxfam, etc. when I see their collectors out.
posted 31-Aug-2012 8:11pm  
the church

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