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multiple4-Dec-2012ethics/moralityKristal_Rose unsorted34159.1%


Would you do a doll?

The premise of the TV show 'Dollhouse' is that an organization has the ability to wipe minds and imprint them with other personalities and objectives. They can essentially program a person to be your ultimate lover. The 'Dolls' volunteered for this for lots of money, or to reduce prison sentences. They do not recall any of their experiences as a doll afterwards, and at the end of their contract will be restored to their prior memory in good health.

Presuming you are single and up for dating, would you, for free, be up for a date and having sex with one of these dolls set up to your personal specifications?

13No, for ethical/compassionate reasons.
12No, for some other reasons.

posted 4-Dec-2012 10:39am  
Absolutely never not, on ethical grounds. I appeared on a game show once, and had the chance to appear on others, but didn't. If I were ever to appear again, it wouldn't be on any show of this kind.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Dec-2012 10:44am  
No, for ethical reasons.

Also, I really liked that show.
posted 4-Dec-2012 11:58am  
posted 4-Dec-2012 12:32pm  
What the hell?
posted 4-Dec-2012 12:34pm  
If she's set up to be perfect for me, then a date would have lots of nerdy conversation but no sex.
posted 4-Dec-2012 12:55pm  
Not my cup of tea. It's basically casual sex with a prostitute. I'm sure if I was conditioned to do it somehow, I could change. I mean if one of these ultimate lovers was unleashed on me, I'm not sure I could resist (be definition). But, I've never pursued such things. I guess that's partly ethical and partly just some apparent innate aspect of myself (perhaps some form of sexual repression on my part).
posted 4-Dec-2012 12:59pm  
Who says you have to be single. I think something like this would be ideal.
posted 4-Dec-2012 2:58pm  
No, for some other reasons. Dating for the ultimate lover? No thanks. I think it would suck on so many levels. How could I look this person in the eye afterwards, because you know you would eventually run into them again. Human nature is much too fragil for this and it's barbaric prostitution. Not good with it for either end.
(reply to bill) posted 4-Dec-2012 3:04pm  
It wouldn't be such a struggle to decide if you understood that the consequences would be too great. Every moment in fantasy is a thousand moments away from reality. Adventure or skills would be fantastic, but sex..? I believe a small part of me would be taken away each time. For some, sex is personal, morals and ethics aside, it's too much of the personal space invaded rather than invited.
posted 4-Dec-2012 4:59pm  
Maybe, I don't know. If I was looking for a good time. They sound like really fancy hookers. smile
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 4-Dec-2012 5:59pm  
I agree.
posted 5-Dec-2012 9:12am  
No No and No
posted 6-Dec-2012 12:08pm  
No. Still doesn't seem right, even if they agreed to let this happen. I probably would enjoy it though. As I see it, the experience wouldn't be different than with anyone else, except that I was lucky to find the right person. Because it's known in advance however to be a one night stand, and a doll, I couldn't fool myself that it might mean more on my part. It would essentially be like physically experiencing a movie, not a real experience.

..and ultimately, no matter how the experience was, it couldn't justify supporting some underlying person being in that predicament.
posted 7-Dec-2012 2:10am  
No, too creepy.
posted 7-Dec-2012 4:03pm  
I find this disturbing.
posted 17-Dec-2012 8:48pm  
Hell yea...that would be the perfect woman...and personally I would like to keep one in my basement...if I had a basement...
posted 20-Dec-2012 8:34am  
No, for ethical and compassionate reasons.
Also no, for personal neurotic reasons. I can't see the fun in getting intimate with someone that wasn't really into me - without programming.
posted 16-Oct-2013 4:34am  
I prefer sex within a relationship generally, but if i were going through a break up again and needed to put my mind somewhere else i probably would. (if the doll was attractive lol)
(reply to LJD) posted 27-Nov-2013 1:42pm  
Very strange and weird survey?
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 27-Nov-2013 1:56pm  
(reply to LJD) posted 27-Nov-2013 2:02pm  
Happy Thanksgiving I am on a library computer about to sign off
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 27-Nov-2013 2:09pm  
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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