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essay11-Oct-2006pets/animalssuperduper by votes54654.1%


What dog breed would make a good watch dog and a pet?


posted 12-Oct-2006 12:35am  
We've had Weimaraners are good pets as well as watch dogs. Presently we have a German shorthair...another excellent pet and watch dog.
posted 12-Oct-2006 12:44am  
I don't know, I'm not a dog person.
posted 12-Oct-2006 1:00am  
German Shepherd. Anyone looking to enter your home sees a German Shepherd and they move on. Ours, Heidi, has one sort of bark reserved for unusual sounds in the night and it is usually me trying to be quiet. She lets out one bark that would cause any intruder to wet their pants. They do best with at least basic training because they are strong. They aren't aggressive (unless you do something to make them that way but that is with any dog). They are an excellent judge of character. They just know when some one isn't right. They are easy to train, obedient, like family life. Our Heidi LOVES children. She doesn't run at them or jump on them. She sits quietly and lets them pet her. She just smiles and wags her tail. She also follows them with this worried look on her face like she is worried about their safety. This is all pretty typical of the breed. The only draw back, as they get older hip problems can arise. This is Heidi, she is a big dog, over 100 lbs. She is more representative of the earlier breed, before WWII. Now you usually see them smaller with their back more sloped down toward the tail. They come in different colors, white, black, some have shorter hair and some have longer hair. Their ears stand erect on their own, no cropping needed.
As a puppy.
Now at about 10 yrs

posted 12-Oct-2006 2:36am  
Not got a clue.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2006 7:09am  
German Shepherd?
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2006 8:16am  
Black labs and Golden Retrievers are great dogs.

If you're looking for protection, female dogs seem to be more protective than male.
posted 12-Oct-2006 8:32am  
Labrador Retriever
posted 12-Oct-2006 8:50am  
I think it's more in how consistently and how well you train them than in the breed.
posted 12-Oct-2006 12:06pm  
Jack Russell Terrier if you can keep up with one of them!
(reply to LJD) posted 12-Oct-2006 12:07pm  
> We've had Weimaraners are good pets as well as watch dogs. Presently
> we have a German shorthair...another excellent pet and watch dog.

Two of my favourite breeds. Weimaraners are so beautiful and I grew up with a German Shorthair Pointer who was the smartest dog ever.
posted 12-Oct-2006 1:58pm  
Here's a picture of MY idiot.... I mean.... Dog. Weimaraner.


posted 12-Oct-2006 1:59pm  
posted 12-Oct-2006 2:05pm  
Doberman. They're so lovely.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 12-Oct-2006 2:05pm  
Such a cutie pie!
(reply to Iseult) posted 12-Oct-2006 2:41pm  
He was much cuter as a puppy. smiley:::smile

posted 12-Oct-2006 2:44pm  
Strong and (potentially) fierce dogs can make exceptionally good pets, but there is always the issue of children. Perhaps a labrador is a compromise insofar as they generally have gentle natures, but are physically strong at the same time, and capable of aggression as far as I know. I have to say I know little about dogs, despite having had a small sandy-coloured mongrel (originally a Spanish stray or something of that sort) as a family pet for about 12 years. He was a pretty good watch dog, but I doubt if he would have ever attacked an intruding person. He was far too sweet-natured. But he made alot of noise. He sure was a cute fellow.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 12-Oct-2006 3:37pm  
Aw smiley:::smile He's so grey.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 12-Oct-2006 4:33pm  
FordGuy, you're surely kidding? Weimaraners are beautiful, intelligent dogs...great hunters.
(reply to Enigma) posted 12-Oct-2006 4:38pm  
Yes German Shorthair Pointers and Weimaraners are intelligent dogs, beautiful breeds. Our Shorthair loves to swim, she's a beauty, loves to play ball, very fast on her feet.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2006 7:13pm  
I don't know much about dogs.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Oct-2006 7:32pm  
German shepherd.
posted 12-Oct-2006 8:31pm  
Black labs? My lab would be a horrible watch dog only because he's as nice as he is. But alot of people are afraid of him just because of his size...108lb black'd be afraid too!
The dog across the a little itty bitty thing..and it attacked him. The only thing he did about it was sit down. He didn't even bark.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 12-Oct-2006 10:56pm  
That is one sweet looking dog you have there. smiley:::smile
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 12-Oct-2006 11:57pm  
German SHepard OR a Doberman Pincher (Large Breed)
(reply to paulyw) posted 13-Oct-2006 1:35am  
There is a small breed of Doberman Pincher?
posted 13-Oct-2006 6:12am  
Way to many to list.
posted 13-Oct-2006 6:19am  
(reply to RGirl) posted 13-Oct-2006 8:04am  
> There is a small breed of Doberman Pincher?

There certainly is. The Miniature Pinscher, or Mini-Pin as they're often referred to. They look exactly like a full size Doberman only smaller. They're a little bigger than a Jack Russell. Hilarious little things.
(reply to LJD) posted 13-Oct-2006 8:11am  
> FordGuy, you're surely kidding? Weimaraners are beautiful, intelligent
> dogs...great hunters.

Yeah, a little sarcasm there. He's not the brightest Weimy on the planet - but he's a really good dog. A good friend, very faithful. I don't hunt - but he does - for ROCKS! No, really. But you're right - he's a good boy.
(reply to RGirl) posted 13-Oct-2006 8:12am  
> That is one sweet looking dog you have there. smiley:::smile

Turbo says, "Woof, rrrr, woof woof!" (Which I think is dog for, "Aww shucks, thank you.")
(reply to LJD) posted 13-Oct-2006 8:16am  
> Yes German Shorthair Pointers and Weimaraners are intelligent dogs,
> beautiful breeds. Our Shorthair loves to swim, she's a beauty, loves
> to play ball, very fast on her feet.

I'll agree that Weimaraners are beautiful dogs, but I don't find them to be particularly intelligent (not stupid, just nothing special). Add to that the fact that most Weimaraners I've dealt with are total neurotic messes and wound like a spring. I'm pretty sure pet psychiatry came about specifically because of the Weimaraner breed.

I do love looking at those pictures by William Wegman of the Weimaraners posed in different positions. They certainly are adorable.

As for the German Shorthair... a great choice.

posted 13-Oct-2006 9:18am  
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
(reply to RGirl) posted 13-Oct-2006 9:54am  
Yes there is, it is called a miniature doberman pincher. Looks just like the large breed, but a lot smaller. I think it is the size of a chihuahuah.
posted 13-Oct-2006 11:19am  
A mutt.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 13-Oct-2006 11:51am  
I see, I knew you had to be joshing me....I saw the picture of your Weimaraner, and he's a beautiful pet. Oh he likes rocks, perhaps he's bored, hunts rocks instead of duck, or quail....smiley:::smile Weimaraners are known to be good hunters. We loved our Weimaraners. I remember when our pets passed on, my husband cried. With Dolly, my husband found her curled up on her bed in the backyard, very stiff, evidently died in the early night. As he picked her up, I remember, the tears rolling down his cheeks...he really loved her. One time, Dolly got out of the yard....was missing for a day, my husband sulked, couldn't eat his dinner. Luckily, a nice man, a few blocks over found her, called our house, and you'd think my husband had won a lottery, he was so happy. Our other Weimaraner, Radar, we had to put him down, become ill, unable to move, he was almost 16 years old.. My husband cried taking him in to the vet's. The passing of the dogs, was hard on the family, we all cried. We had both dogs since their birth, they were a part of our family. .

My husband has always been a hunter until the last few years, and he always loved his pets. He feels about his dogs, like he feels about his sports. He paid more attention to his dogs, than he did the children or me....LOL
(reply to Scott) posted 13-Oct-2006 1:30pm  
I agree German Shorthair's are intelligent dogs, but from our own experience with Weimaraners, they're intelligent. Macy our German Shorthair, is a literal doll. She is so disciplined, but fierce when a stranger tries to come into our yard. Whenever, the pool man, or the utility man try to come in our yard, I have to rush out, let the dogs in the house until they leave. My husband, at one time, had 6 huge hunting dogs in our yard....what a time he had.
(reply to Scott) posted 13-Oct-2006 7:08pm  
Nunno. I have a min pin. Her name is Penny. image
Min pins aren't miniature Dobermans. They are a seperate breed all of their own, and their breed is much older than the Doberman. In fact, Dobermans were bred to look like Min Pins.
(reply to Zang) posted 13-Oct-2006 7:10pm  
If you are looking for a hardy healthy dog, the mutt is the best. Mutts tend to have such unique and interesting personalities and can be trained just as well as a purebred, better in some cases.
(reply to paulyw) posted 13-Oct-2006 7:17pm  
I think you mean Miniature Pinscher. They aren't small Dobermans, they are their own seperate breed. See my post to ScubaScott to see my Min Pin Penny. smiley:::smile
posted 13-Oct-2006 7:26pm  
I have two dogs. a lab that is great for teaching commands to and is great with the kids. But he doesn't let me know anyone is around til they are right up on us. Our dachshund however lets me know when anyone or thing is even in sight of our house. So we have the best of both worlds. The little yapper that makes a great alarm for awareness and the big dog that is trained on command to use his muscle. Cops will tell you the yapper is your safest bet for keeping away intruders though. It lets you know ahead of time about trouble. The big dog is good but most of them are better for the times people get too close. If you have kids you need to make sure they are a kid friendly breed. A friend of mine has a daughter that was attacked and is going through major surgery's due to an attack by a caine corso...good luck
(reply to FordGuy) posted 13-Oct-2006 7:26pm  
(reply to llamamama) posted 13-Oct-2006 7:30pm  
we have had several labs. by nature they want to please their owners, play with kids and love everyone. But with proper training they can be trained to do many things to protect.. but by nature they aren't good yappers so they only really come in handy when an intruder is already in your house
posted 13-Oct-2006 7:36pm  
If you want a watch 'dog' buy some geese. Nothing beats geese when it comes to watch dogs.

(reply to RGirl) posted 13-Oct-2006 9:00pm  
From what I understand, they tend to make the best pets all around. Unscrupulous breeding practices are responsible for a lot of health problems with dogs. If I was going to get a dog, I'd just go down to the pound and pick one out. For a watch dog, I'd get one that was going to be medium to large, fully grown.
(reply to Zang) posted 13-Oct-2006 9:11pm  
We've got a mutt. She obviously has a lot of black lab. She is goofy, about 3 years old. She wasn't a guard dog until recently. It appears as though our old German Shepherd has handed over the job. She's retired and it is now Temper's job. She's not the best at it. When she barks at a stranger she does it from behind one of us. She's still a bit timid with people. She is strong, smart and healthy.
(reply to RGirl) posted 14-Oct-2006 1:40am  
She's beautiful. My dad had a German Shepherd named Dago. He was an awesome dog, very smart. I miss him. smiley:::frown
(reply to Maarten) posted 14-Oct-2006 3:11am  
Geese are scary. Have you ever been chased by geese?
(reply to RGirl) posted 14-Oct-2006 7:21am  
Well, actually this summer in the Czech Rep. Luckily they was a fence between us. The noise those 15 geese made was amazing! smiley:::smile
posted 14-Oct-2006 8:27am  
beats me
posted 14-Oct-2006 8:42am  
(reply to gazelda1) posted 14-Oct-2006 5:32pm  
he was supposed to be a drug do but failed
posted 14-Oct-2006 11:14pm  
Rotty; I have one (his name is Stiffy), and he's the greatest animal God ever made.
posted 15-Oct-2006 6:28am  
border collie
posted 15-Oct-2006 9:33am  
Staffordshire Terriers - properly trained are great family pets. Devoted, brave also known as the Nanny dog because it's so good with children.

I prefer them without their ears and tail trimmed - they look friendlier...
(reply to RGirl) posted 15-Oct-2006 2:32pm  
Yeah, she looks like she's got a lot of black lab goin' on there. My folks used to have a dog that looked a lot like that. It was a black lab/water spaniel. Very nice temperament.
posted 15-Oct-2006 5:03pm  
German Shepherd
(reply to Irene007) posted 15-Oct-2006 6:11pm  
I am completely against altering a dogs appearance unless it is necessary for it's health. My min pin came without her ears cropped, to leave it up to the new owner, but her tail was already docked. I would have left it alone.
posted 16-Oct-2006 1:05pm  
Thanks to all who replied.
Yes, I guess there would be many breeds available that could handle the job.

I was thinking about a German Shepherd because of the intimidating looks that it gives off, plus the gentleness of the breed if trained to be gentle.
posted 16-Oct-2006 7:31pm  
The two generally don't come together in one dog. I guess mainly you want a dog that barks at anything. Little runt dogs are good for that. Mean dogs like pit bulls/rottweilers I wouldn't want around children. Depends I guess on what level of "watch dog" you want. A dog that barks at doorbells, any sounds or one that attacks strangers in your yard.

I wouldn't want either. My Golden Rretriever has barked maybe twice in 5 years, only because a wild animal in the yard scared her. She loves people and welcomes anyone in, even strangers.
(reply to superduper) posted 16-Oct-2006 9:54pm  
If you go with the GS, or really any breed, I highly recommend basic training classes. Sit, come, down, etc. It does wonders to the dogs tempermant. They enjoy it and it makes them feel comfortable and confident. Our GS was actually on the timid side and the vet recommended basic training. Said it gave them direction and self confidence. It did wonders. She was the perfect guard dog/family dog.
(reply to llamamama) posted 17-Oct-2006 8:26am  
lol.......he just has a really big heart
posted 17-Oct-2006 9:06am  
I am honored and flattered that you would think I know the answer to that question.
smiley:::poker face
(reply to Irene007) posted 17-Oct-2006 10:01am  
That looks like an awesome dog, did you know anyone who had one? Do they et along with cats????????
Puddles wasn't a gaurd dog, she was too busy doing other things.

I am really starting to miss having a dogsmiley:::frown
btw-Sinbad passed last week, he is buryed in the yard next to Puddles and Smoky's ashes. Sinbad was the Maine Coon. There's a nice rose bush there nowsmiley:::smile
(reply to gazelda1) posted 17-Oct-2006 8:22pm  
yup..sure does
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 22-Oct-2006 9:41am  
Oh too bad... What happened to Sinbad?

About the staff; I had one. I got her as a full grown dog and was a little weary about her until I got to know her. What an intelligent, expressive dog - she was truly amazing. She got along with the cats fine - funny thing though; the house cat was friend and never foe - we used to mess with her head and tell her to get the cat. She'd get up like a bolt, rush out the door, run right past our cat and frantically look for the "intruder" cat! Once, while she was in deep sleep; Ben told her to "Get the cat!!" while it was pouring rain. She hated rain so she gave Ben one dirty look when she realized that she rushed out only to get totally soaked! She was the best dog I ever had...
(reply to RGirl) posted 22-Oct-2006 9:54am  
> I am completely against altering a dogs appearance unless it is necessary
> for it's health. My min pin came without her ears cropped, to leave
> it up to the new owner, but her tail was already docked. I would have
> left it alone.

Same here - Lady still had her tail and man, that thing was like a freakin' whip! When greeting anyone at the front door, she didn't seem to realize the enclosed area and would often whip her tail into a bloody mess because of the railing leading to the basement that was by the door... It's like she didn't have anymore nerves in there...
(reply to Irene007) posted 22-Oct-2006 2:45pm  
Sinbad had many tumors. He started to go downhill after Puddles passed, I think he missed her that much.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 22-Oct-2006 2:57pm  
Could be... Poor pet!
(reply to Irene007) posted 22-Oct-2006 6:50pm  
What kind of dog was Lady?
(reply to RGirl) posted 23-Oct-2006 6:00am  
A Staffordshire Terrier - like the picture above but she had uncut ears and tail. She looked much more friendly!
(reply to Irene007) posted 23-Oct-2006 8:57pm  
My uncle had pit bulls and their tails would leave bruises!
(reply to RGirl) posted 24-Oct-2006 7:36am  
Yeah - I know what you mean! Got a few myself...
posted 1-Nov-2006 10:55pm  
German Shepard.
posted 2-Nov-2006 11:23pm  
I'm not a dog person.
posted 26-Nov-2006 3:18am  
Almost all breeds can fit the bill if they're raised right.

I personally like German Shepherds.
posted 4-Feb-2007 2:24am  
I want a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or a Mastiff. All three are good family dogs who protect their property.
(reply to superduper) posted 4-Apr-2009 11:57am  
South African Boerboels are the best for guard dog, family pet combo.

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