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multiple23-Mar-2004personal habitsromkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber by votes65759.7%


How do you dispose of old financial documents?

Bills, bank statements, credit card statements... things that may have information like account numbers on them that you'd like to keep confidential. How do you get rid of them?

24I tear them up
18I shred them
14I throw them out in the trash, intact
10I never dispose of them
9I burn them
3I get rid of them some other way
2I hide them somewhere no one will find them
2I don't have any financial documents
1My documents are online, so I just delete the files when I'm done with them
1Somebody else deals with this for me
0I bury them
0I eat them
0My documents are online and I use a disk wiping utility to remove every trace of them from my computer

posted 24-Mar-2004 8:48am  
Some I keep, some I shred.
posted 24-Mar-2004 9:34am  
I tear them a bit then put them in the same bag that I throw kitchen garbage -- like chicken bones and other greasy food-stuff, then tie the top of the bag and toss it in the garbage can -- not the paper recyclable bags.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Mar-2004 9:52am  
Some I keep for years, others I just throw in the trash.
Hm.... now that you mention it, I should probably be more careful.
I could burn them, that would be fun.
posted 24-Mar-2004 9:55am  
I mostly just keep them all. If I were to go through them and get rid of some I would burn them in my firepit.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 24-Mar-2004 10:31am  
I keep them around in files for a long time, and I always want to get a shredder, but they're a little pricey, so I haven't. I usually just end up throwing them in the recycling, although sometimes I tear them up first. Not that that does much good.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Mar-2004 11:07am  
We tear them up.. We've had a shredder since Mary was a baby, but never got to use it because she was so afraid of it.. When we finally pulled it out of the closet to use it recently, it had died! So now we tear.

Great Survey!
posted 24-Mar-2004 11:22am  
Ha! No, I don't think so. I'm am far more likely to be the rejected than the rejectee.
posted 24-Mar-2004 11:29am  
I either shred or tear them. I save all financial documents at work and at home for 10 years to be safe from "Big Brother", err...I mean the IRS
posted 24-Mar-2004 11:48am  
After so long I usually burn them.
posted 24-Mar-2004 12:05pm  
laughing out loud "I eat them"
(reply to romkey) posted 24-Mar-2004 12:13pm  
I thought this was a bill survey smiley:::wink Good job I like it smiley:::grin
posted 24-Mar-2004 1:05pm  
I only shred the incriminating ones.
posted 24-Mar-2004 1:39pm  
See my accountatnts in Switzerland take care of that.
posted 24-Mar-2004 2:32pm  
I think you're confusing me with dabprovin. I agree that she's beautiful though.
posted 24-Mar-2004 2:58pm  
I either tear them up or shred them.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to bill) posted 24-Mar-2004 4:29pm  
I enjoy burning mine...
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to they) posted 24-Mar-2004 4:30pm  
thank you! smiley:::smile
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to ASB) posted 24-Mar-2004 4:31pm  
I was wondering who you thought it was!
posted 24-Mar-2004 5:40pm  
I have a drawer overflowing with such things. I also have a couple of boxes. Somewhere in the back of my head there is an intention to go through all that crap, sort out the stuff I want to save, and burn the rest. It just seems like such a big chore, and it gets bigger all the time.
posted 24-Mar-2004 7:37pm  
I recycle them, sometimes torn up, sometimes not. Not very smart I guess, but I can't be bothered to do more.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to romkey) posted 24-Mar-2004 7:39pm  
You are welcome smiley:::smile
posted 24-Mar-2004 7:39pm  
I have two shredders, which I sometimes use. Other times, I'll just burn them. smiley:::smile
posted 24-Mar-2004 10:29pm  
tear them up, and toss them
posted 24-Mar-2004 11:24pm  
Hah. Sometimes there's been broken glass in with the food and old docs.
posted 25-Mar-2004 2:20am  
I can them before trash day. I tear checks in half, and some things....I must shred!
posted 25-Mar-2004 8:37am  
Rip 'em up in small pieces and put them in a bag of something gross, like used kitty litter, to go out to the trash.
posted 25-Mar-2004 9:22am  
I keep all my documents.
The letters that come with PIN numbers on them are shredded and thrown in the bin.
posted 25-Mar-2004 12:09pm  
I shred them. This stuff is just too important nowadays to be careless with.
posted 25-Mar-2004 3:32pm  
I like to think I'm beautiful on the inside. That'll have to be enough.
posted 25-Mar-2004 7:40pm  
Oh if I have another nose job I'm going to look like Michael Jackson.
posted 25-Mar-2004 9:20pm  
I either never throw them away, shred or tear. I also use a black marker
posted 25-Mar-2004 9:56pm  
So true.
posted 25-Mar-2004 10:53pm  
Oh, no. I have this really cool aviator jacket that I wear. smiley:::wink
posted 26-Mar-2004 8:03pm  
I don't like turtle necks--they give me a feeling like I'm being choked! smiley:::surprise
posted 27-Mar-2004 6:58am  
I just throw them in the bin.
posted 27-Mar-2004 6:06pm  
who would eat them!!!!!!
posted 28-Mar-2004 6:59pm  
Only when they are over 10 years or older, by then most of any important info is outdated.
posted 2-Apr-2004 3:55am  
I use a comercial document disposal service.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (6 minutes ago)
posted 19-Apr-2004 2:19pm  
They get shredded.
posted 1-May-2004 7:02am  
Oh, dear. I just throw them in the bin - intact.

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