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Describe your favorite area or room in your home

Home: A place where one lives; a residence. If you don't currently have a home or don't have a favorite room or area in your current home, then please feel free to describe a favorite room or area from a home you have lived in previously.


posted 30-Aug-2002 3:27am  
It's not in my current home, but the one I grew up in and it's the kitchen. Tons of counter space, lovely knotty pine cupboards, a nice view from the kitchen window to make doing dishes more pleasant, tons of storage place. Basically the exact opposite from the kitchen I use now. The house was built in 1953 and has 3 bedrooms, but suprisingly the kitchen is rather small in proportion to the rest of the house. Whomever designed it didn't seem to bother consulting with whomever was going to cook in that kitchen or the kitchen would have been wider (it's narrower than some apartment kitchens) and there would have been more counter space and cupboard space. If I'm cooking then Mark has to stay out of the kitchen as there is absolutely no room for two people to comfortably move around. It could also use an upgrade in the wiring. When it was built the idea of so many small kitchen appliances was probably not a twinkle in an inventor's eye. If the washing macine (which is through a door into the untility room which is right off the kitchen) is going through it cycles I don't dare use the microwave or the circuit breaker for it and the refrigerator will flip and both will stop running. I miss my kitchen that I grew up with and learned to cook in! smiley:::frown
posted 30-Aug-2002 7:22am  
My bedroom. It uninspires me as far as decor goes (it blue) but I like my bed. I love bedroom activities. Sleeping, lazing around, whatever.
I go to bed at night and think 'Ah, good'
I wake up in the morning and think 'Oh, fudge'
Such is the pitiful existense of my life where the only comfort is sweet oblivion. I consider myself lucky that I do not take drugs.
posted 30-Aug-2002 7:54am  
The solar. It's a bright, open little room enclosed by our back yard. There's a comfy couch, and best of all, a big-screen TV where I can get my daily dose of pop culture smiley:::raspberry
posted 30-Aug-2002 8:54am  
I like the dinning room. I can't recall what's the last time we used it for eating purpose. It has nice table made out of full wood, and the wallpaper is dark green.
posted 30-Aug-2002 9:04am  
We just moved here less than a month ago. It's a 950 sq ft apartment. I guess my favorite room would be my kids' room. I like the way the sun comes in through the door.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Aug-2002 9:27am  
I really like my study, which is painted a deep sort of brick-red which, appropriately, was called "Burning Bush." It's got my big oak teacher's desk, two filing cabinets (one big, one small), a comfy black upholstered chair, a wicker table shaped like an elephant, two bookshelves, a dark red Indian-style rug, and a sheepskin on the floor. It's a very small room, but it's cozy and I really like it. It's also decorated with lots of pictures and my degrees and really amusing Bible and ancient Near East-related tchotchkies that friends have gotten me over the years--I have an Ark of Covenant [sic] and a full set of Bible action figures, among other things.
posted 30-Aug-2002 9:40am  
I like the bedroom. I do a lot of my best sleeping there.
posted 30-Aug-2002 11:17am  
I like the living room. It's big, has blue carpet, flower curtains and wood walls. There's also a big opening that's shared with the dining room. I put a portable wall there, though because my 1 year old likes to climb on the couch and across the shelf and onto the table.
posted 30-Aug-2002 11:28am  
My bedroom. I really love my bed as it's so comfortable and huge! I like being able to roll around in it as much as possible without being concerned about falling off because it's too narrow.
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posted 30-Aug-2002 11:44am  
My bedroom. It's very small but it's my space. I like to be able to shut the door and have somewhere private to go.
posted 30-Aug-2002 12:57pm  
Probably my bedroom. I just bought a new waterbed recently and I love it. It's one of those that has the waterbed encased in a mattress-like covering and is much easier to make than my old waterbed. I don't have to buy special sheets and don't need a waterbed heater any longer either.
posted 30-Aug-2002 1:10pm  
Out of the 2 rooms I don't have a favorite.
posted 30-Aug-2002 1:15pm  
Our bed.
posted 30-Aug-2002 2:59pm  
In my dorm room? That's home for me right now. I like it on my bed, because then I know I'm getting some sleep. Yeah, sleep...
posted 30-Aug-2002 3:14pm  
Well, the room I spend the most time in, is what I would call the livingroom. I'm pretty sure I've described it before, but I'll go again.

-Suspended T-bar drop ceiling tile grid.
-White walls
-Four oil paintings I did myself between 1984 & 1989.
-A happy-face paper plate, a family photo, and a Japanese wall hanging also decorate the walls.
-Turquoise couch from the 1940s
-Black drapes
-A desk with my computer, 4-track reel to reel tape deck, amplifier, synthesizer, CDs, bunch of candles, misc. books and such.
-One of those rolling office chairs with a plastic floor pad to sit on.
-Enormous speakers on either side.
-A rack full of cassette tapes, from the 80s mostly.
-Kitchen table and three chairs mid 20th century vintage.
-On that is a really cool lamp of similar vintage.
-A big bookshelf full of books, mostly non-fiction. Large sections of it are devoted to certain topics; religion, biographies of cult leaders, serial killers and dead pop stars, travel books, art books, books by Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut Jr., atlases, and an enormous collection of books about music.
-A female mannequin torso, spray painted gold, wearing a black baseball cap.
-Purple indoor-outdoor pile wall-to-wall carpet that definitely looks like it was installed by vandals.
posted 30-Aug-2002 4:18pm  
My favorite spot is on the couch with two big green pillows and my favorite blanket, watching TV. I rarely have time to do this, so it is a treat.
(reply to confetti) posted 30-Aug-2002 4:19pm  
That sounds nice!
posted 30-Aug-2002 5:53pm  
The chair in front of my computer, hanging out at SC.
(reply to spidertea) posted 30-Aug-2002 6:10pm  
It IS nice smiley:::smile I can't stand to be inside for a long time, but when I'm feeling sleepy, I can get that half-inside half-outside feeling.
posted 30-Aug-2002 6:45pm  
My favorite area in my house is in my bed, surrounded by feather pillows, snuggled under a soft comforter, with my cats sleeping on my neck and shoulders. I feel so completely safe and surrounded by love and warmth then.
posted 30-Aug-2002 9:13pm  
I like all 3 rooms in my place. My favorite, however, is out on my fire escape where I like to sit in the sun and read. In the bathroom I like to read in a warm tub. In the main room of my studio I enjoy sitting in front of the computer doing various stuff and playing my music CDs. Bed's nice too, especially when I can sleep in. The main room's also great when there is something I can watch on TV. The kitchen is cool cause I have several potted trees in there, since one window faces south and the other, usually kept open, faces east.
posted 30-Aug-2002 10:39pm  
My favorite area,besides the little room where the computer is,is my bedroom.
I can't describe it because I have an hard time with furniture names...I really do.I know I have a bed,chairs,walls,floor,ceiling,dressing table,mirror,dresser,cupboard..but the rest?
Well the stuff I mentioned is all black and green.
I can't do it,sorry. smiley:::frown
(reply to herbalkate) posted 31-Aug-2002 12:10am  
That sounds so cosy on a cold winter night! smiley:::smile
posted 31-Aug-2002 12:24am  
I'm living with my parents right now. In their home, my favorite place has always been the study. For as long as I can remember, I've always loved to come in here and curl up in the big armchair and read for hours. It's so comfy and nobody usually bothers you.

In my house, my favorite room is my bedroom. It's painted navy blue and has white and gold tile flooring. I'm always able to relax in there. There is a huge picture window that overlooks my flower garden. It's beautiful. I can always find peace while in my bedroom.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 31-Aug-2002 12:30am  
It is cozy on ANY night. I love my kitty monsters! Honey still thinks she's a kitten and tries to sleep on my neck. However, she weighs 11 pounds and not quite so kittenish these days. But it is nice to wake up with them close by.

I do find myself waking up, lying flat on my back, with Ruby, my youngest cat, on my chest and my arms around her, petting her. I have no idea how this happens. I go to sleep on my side and never on my back. Mothering must be in my blood or something.
(reply to herbalkate) posted 31-Aug-2002 12:47am  
laughing out loud That's funny! My son has a kitty named Tilly and she will wake him at 6:30 a.m. demanding that he gives her attention. She's very persistant and will meow and purr in his ear until he complies! We both are cat lovers.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 31-Aug-2002 1:22am  
I don't think I'd mind the meowing so much as Ruby's way of waking me up.

You see, when she was a kitten, she was so darn adorable that I couldn't get enough of her. When she was sleeping, I couldn't help but tap her on the nose and say "boop". So now, to wake me up, she taps me on the nose or mouth. It gets real annoying because she's extremely persistant. I have just enough time to fall back asleep, then she taps me again and it scares the crap out of me all over again and wakes me up. When I try to bury myself under the cover, she sticks her nose and paws in there to find me and I can't get away.

She's my little fuzzy alarm clock.
(reply to herbalkate) posted 31-Aug-2002 1:53am  
laughing out loud I'd love to have such an alarm clock!
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 31-Aug-2002 4:48am  
Give me your address and I'll mail her to you. :)
(reply to herbalkate) posted 31-Aug-2002 11:07am  
laughing out loud Mail-order kitty!
posted 31-Aug-2002 8:50pm  
When I was growing up I used to really enjoy reading in my comfy armchair. It was probably a bit more severe than what you may be imagining - my folks got it at Scandinavian Design so it had to have these painful teak armrests. But if you curled up just right you could get very comfortable.
posted 31-Aug-2002 10:51pm  
I don't really have a favorite area right now...I'm wanting to do way too much fix up work in out apt. lately because of this fact alone. I'm sick of this place and I need to paint and strip the nasty wall paper off in the bathroom and clean the carpets. When I've painted our bedroom, and it's all fixed up, that will probably be my favorite room in my home.
posted 1-Sep-2002 3:16am  
Bedroom, only because it's the only place I get to rest.
posted 1-Sep-2002 2:14pm  
Wherever the television is
posted 1-Sep-2002 9:15pm  
My bedroom.
posted 2-Sep-2002 2:39pm  
When morning dawns,
oh end thee night,
my window pane
with sun's first light.
I take my routine daybreak flight...
To the bathroom.

Oh porcelain
and tiled wall
you are not far
I walk the hall
in prancing heed to the pressing call
of the bathroom...

Oh Bathroom,
room of rooms.
It is you I greet each day,
to brush and wash and sometimes play.
Such a friend is this sweet room.
With a fragrant candle to end the reeking gloom
of the fragrance that may emanate
whenever I eliminate.

My ode to thee.

posted 3-Sep-2002 12:08am  
I guess my favorite area is my kitchen, since I love to cook, and spend a lot of time in there. I tend to keep it cleaner than any other room, too. It is no where close to my ideal kitchen, though. I definitely need more counter space, one of the cabinet door hinges just came off, (need to get that fixed) they installed a new stove last week and didn't push it against the wall--arggh. But I like the dark green flooring, and the cheerful VanGogh print and a piece of folk art my mother gave me. I don't like the electric stove so well, by the way. I miss my gas stove. smiley:::frown
posted 3-Sep-2002 12:13am  
The computer room up stairs. It's got all my arts & crafts in this room.smiley:::smile
posted 3-Sep-2002 9:27am  
My bedroom. It is about 20 feet x 25 feet. TV, couch computer, bed, coffee table, comfortable chair, dressers, shelves, lamps. Rustic wood interior that reflects light as though I am in the woods. A four panes bay window overlooks the back yard where there are so many large trees that it is eternally shaded, the way I like it. Nice, big deck with eastern exposure. It usually contains my beautiful lover, as well. It is a good room.
posted 3-Sep-2002 5:50pm  
My room. It's where my bed is and my computer is. I am comfy here.
(reply to Bibliophile) posted 4-Sep-2002 12:51pm  
My son and his roommates are just the opposite of you as to type of stoves. They just moved into a new place with a gas stove in the kitchen and all they have ever used is electric, but they are learning to use the gas stove. They do miss having an electric stove, though.
posted 5-Sep-2002 11:01pm  
The room I have with my desk where I can leave the papers messed up and just close the door
posted 7-Sep-2002 7:35pm  
I live with my parents so it's pretty hard to get privacy, so my room is my favorite place in the house
posted 8-Sep-2002 8:54am  
in the closet underneath the stairs
(reply to Anekee) posted 8-Sep-2002 4:51pm  
laughing out loud Harry Potter I presume! smiley:::wink
posted 8-Sep-2002 7:19pm  
The bedroom I share with my SO. It's a comfortable room for me to relax in, amongst other things...
posted 8-Sep-2002 9:37pm  
My favorite room is not really a room; it's my back porch. If I sit on it early in the morning, as the sun comes up, I can see deer at the tree line and all sorts of wild animals in the field behind my house.
posted 9-Sep-2002 8:37am  
I'm a bedroom hermit!
(reply to Cleo) posted 11-Sep-2002 3:20am  
Thought you might get a kick out of this article about cooking with lava:|6~Cooking|8~dOAl5h95b|9~2|

posted 16-Sep-2002 11:28am  
I don't have a favorite room now, but I think that once our new couch and chair get here, the family room will be my favorite. Right now all we have is an old, ratty, hand-me-down loveseat.

The living room in my parent's house was my favorite when I lived there because it had chairs perfect for curling up and reading a book.
posted 17-Sep-2002 9:25pm  
I love my bathroom because it is all white with alot of purple accessories and a little blue too. It has some dragonflies and butterflies also.
posted 19-Sep-2002 7:02pm  
My most favourite room in my home is my bedroom. Actually, come to think of it, my old bedroom. It was the biggest room I have ever had, and it was beautiful. Every morning, I'd wake up and draw the curtains, and a big ray of sunlight would creep in and light up the whole room. If I looked out the window I had a clear view of my whole street. I had lots of space for games and toys and books etc. My bed was nice, big and comfortable. I loved that old room.
posted 20-Sep-2002 3:37pm  
My game room. I have a pool table, fuzball table, air hockey table, 65" TV with Playstation 2, dartboard, and in the adjoining room... a hottub built into the floor.
posted 21-Sep-2002 5:45pm  
I have a love hate relationship with my apartment. When it's clean I absolutely adore it, almost every single inch of space. But when it's cluttered and dirty I can hardly stand to be at home. But it's pretty much a dream apartment. I really do like it a lot.
posted 21-Sep-2002 7:10pm  
floor: I can do anything I want on it- nap, play, paint, walk, ignore, collate, land on, decorate, litter...And I can find it in any room of any place, at any point of my life. Unlike it's polar opposite- the "always-just-out-of-my-reach" ceiling (with it's needy light fixtures).
posted 25-Sep-2002 4:08pm  
living room
posted 2-Oct-2002 5:15pm  
posted 11-Oct-2002 7:14pm  
(reply to Cleo) posted 19-Oct-2002 6:25pm  
grmbrand sent me his address at basic training. I've posted it (Oct.19) in Forum.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 20-Oct-2002 3:51pm  
Oh? Did he re-enlist in the service or was he never out? What branch is he in?
(reply to Cleo) posted 20-Oct-2002 4:54pm  
I can't remember what branch he's in, but I believe this is his first time in.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 20-Oct-2002 5:09pm  
Oh! Well, in that case I hope he'll be alright. How old is he?
(reply to Cleo) posted 20-Oct-2002 5:15pm  
I don't really know. I don't recall if he ever brought it up.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 21-Oct-2002 7:10pm  
smiley:::frown Darn it!

Just nosey I guess.smiley:::smile
(reply to Cleo) posted 21-Oct-2002 7:47pm  
I wouldn't say you're being nosey. Curious maybe, but that's just human nature. smiley:::smile
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 21-Oct-2002 8:16pm  
Thanks Kate you always say JUST the right things.**runs off to bake you some macadamia nut cookies**smiley:::smile
(reply to Cleo) posted 21-Oct-2002 8:44pm  
Mmmmmm! Cookies! smiley:::smile
(reply to Cleo) posted 24-Oct-2002 3:38am  
Speaking of macadamia nuts, here is a site that might interest you:
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 26-Oct-2002 11:43pm  
Okay going to put that in my folder of thingd for Hawaiian stuff.
(reply to Cleo) posted 27-Oct-2002 1:23am  
Enjoy! smiley:::smile
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 27-Oct-2002 6:34pm  
Thanks Kate,I will smiley:::smile ((((((HUGS))))))
(reply to Cleo) posted 27-Oct-2002 8:57pm  
posted 31-Oct-2007 12:27pm  
my bedroom
posted 4-Mar-2009 2:09am  
my office

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