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Describe Your Dream Room

If money were no object and you could create any type of room where you live, what would it look like and what would you put in your dream room?


posted 27-Aug-2002 1:55am  
Well it wouldn't be where I live now. I would prefer it to be part of my dream house and I would have everything built-in. A new computer, scanner, laser printer, a monitor big enough to watch movies on, cable modem or DSL and in one corner of the room away from the electronic equipment would be a hot tub. The room would be atmospherically controlled so the moisture from the hot tub wouldn't damage the electronic equipment.
posted 27-Aug-2002 1:58am  
My dream room would have three walls of floor to ceiling bookshelves and lots of houseplants that always looked beautiful but needed very little care. One large patio window would look out onto a park-like landscape full of flowers. The room would be full of musical instruments, recording equipment, a computer, and a nice stereo. There would be one really comfortable chair for reading and listening to music, and a couch or loveseat for when other people were visiting my room. What the heck, let's live it up and add a wet bar with a small refrigerator. Perfect!
posted 27-Aug-2002 2:10am  
An Edwardian style livingroom, painted white with black trim. Paintings by Dali, Ernst, Delvaux, Bosch...1940s style couch with psychedelic fabric, 1960s style coffee table, recessed lighting, black carpet, fully stocked bar, top of the line stereo system, black drapes...that ought to do it... smiley:::smile
posted 27-Aug-2002 2:35am  
posted 27-Aug-2002 4:23am  
Okay, you know the elephant room from Moulin Rouge. The boudoir? Well, that basically. I'm not being cheap and unimaginative. That was always my idea of a dream room. It contains a bed, indian designs in warm colours, textures, sumptious fabrics and lots of gold trim and elegance.
I'm secretly very camp when it boils down to it. smiley:::wry smile
posted 27-Aug-2002 5:41am  
Mansion type with sliding glass doors facing the mountains, 10 bedrooms for the homeless children, a full time live in maid, a built in pool.
posted 27-Aug-2002 8:02am  
I just want a balcony. I had one while we lived in San Francisco and our house in Costa Rica is all one-level. Too modern for me.
(reply to Dino) posted 27-Aug-2002 8:03am  
Gitchy-gitchy ya ya ya ya smiley:::raspberry
posted 27-Aug-2002 8:06am  
Hmm... antique furniture... HIGH ceiling... many windows, bay window... computer so I can go onto SC... a nice big bed... and a bireou desk.
posted 27-Aug-2002 8:08am  
Oh god, it would be huge. It would have a kitchen/bar, and entertainment area, a pool table area, a bathroom, a wardrobe, a make-up & hair station, a bedroom area, and...I can't think of anything else rigt now. I'd go into details, but it would take forever.
posted 27-Aug-2002 9:51am  
It would be a game room. Lots of mahogany and an exquisite gaming table, good for D&D gatherings as well as for more conventional poker games and the like. Bookshelves filled with leather-bound volumes. A few overstuffed leather chairs; an oriental rug on the hardwood floor.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Aug-2002 10:38am  
Just the other day my SO and I were talking about dream bathrooms. We both want a Japanese-style bathroom, but I have another dream bathroom as well. It would be huge room with some sort of stone floor and walls in a warm, tan sort of hue, with a raised platform with a big jacuzzi-style bathtub right smack in the middle of the floor. There would be floor-to-ceiling windows along one wall with a lovely scenic view. There would be pithoi randomly scattered about, and thick, cozy towels by the dozens. I'd also have all the other regular fixtures off to the sides of the room (shower, toilet, sink), but the main effect of the room would be "big room with bathtub."
I have plenty of other dream rooms, too.
posted 27-Aug-2002 2:45pm  
I have no idea. As long as accessories include at least three big screen TVs (40 inch or so), one for watching TV, one for watching movies, and one for playing video games, which would mean the room would also include a VCR, DVD, all the movies I love, every type of game system ever created with their games and accessories of them. Am I going overboard? Put me in a state penetentiary type room with these items added and I'd be in heaven.
posted 27-Aug-2002 3:31pm  
It would be my own private library with built-in bookshelves and every book that I have ever wanted, but have been unable to afford or find on those shelves. It would have a comfy recliner and a good reading lamp plus a stereo system to play classical music on.
(reply to Dino) posted 27-Aug-2002 3:34pm  
I can see you now dressed in one of the outfits from the Lady Marmalade/Moulin Rouge music video. Let's see...who would you look best as? Christina, Maya, L'il Kim...? smiley:::wink
posted 27-Aug-2002 6:25pm  
An empty dungeon where I could beat the crap of a co-worker of mine and leave her there. Rats would be a nice touch. I would torture the crap out of her.
posted 27-Aug-2002 6:26pm  
My bedroom at my parents' house was my dream bedroom. A beautiful shade of lavender-blue on the walls. The bedspread has a floral watercolor impressionistic look to it. Beautiful oak wooden furniture. Every little decorative thing either matches or has some meaning to me that made me leave it on display. I have a number of TY beanie bears and other animals as well as candles and pictures in frames decorating my walls and furniture tops.
posted 27-Aug-2002 7:08pm  
Black or blue walls.Blue is better.Black is my favorite color but blue walls will be fine.I don't like white painted walls,like the house I live in.Mother loves white walls,so I'm used to them,but really not my style.A big room,but dark paint would make it safe and comfortable.I think I must suffer from a light form of agoraphobia.I don't have problems with open space,only with closed wide space (supermarkets!malls!hospitals!).So definitely NOT white walls.Nothing to make the room BIGGER.About the rest I have an idea,but as I told before,my knowledge of the names of furniture in english language is poor.
I'm learning more while I play The Sims anyway.smiley:::smile
posted 27-Aug-2002 9:30pm  
It is half between my Internet Cafe & The Hare Krishna Temple. smiley:::smile
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-Aug-2002 12:55am  
A large room with an HO scale trian set in it.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 28-Aug-2002 4:03am  
EEK!! Christina looked like a poodle. Definately not me.
(reply to dora) posted 28-Aug-2002 4:06am  
My fave item (for the weird families) is the Laboratory equipment to make potions. One of them created an evil twin who terrorized the other house members and guest for a couple of hours. I could use one of them in my room. A potion maker! >smiley:::smile
(reply to Dino) posted 28-Aug-2002 12:32pm  
Well...which one then? smiley:::winking raspberry
posted 28-Aug-2002 5:49pm  
But seriously folks, I want a big glass enclosed room that resembles a large enclosed porch. White wicker furniture, floral border, soft aqua walls, a gardenlike bathroom, a nice computer and stereo system, DVD player,VCR, etc. The windows would be unbreakable and treated so that I could see out but no one could see in. Oh, what the hell...a bar and a refrigerator and a microwave,too. Books, my cat, there, it looks great. Oh! And it should be overlooking the ocean.
posted 28-Aug-2002 8:47pm  
Sunny. Faces the south for maximum sun and warmth for my plants. Outdoors is a sturdy, rustic wood deck and below that a small yard. The walls inside are white wood planks. The floor is the same. NO wall-to-wall carpet. I would put my Moroccan rugs in here and some hanging plants. I probably would not have curtains unless it was really necessary for privacy, since I'd want the maximum light and sun that I can get. This would be my bedroom. I might have a loft bed or futon. My computer would also be in here as would be my stereo.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Aug-2002 1:50pm  
It would have my brand spanking new laptop in it smiley:::smile I love it!!!! I've spent all day with it getting the battery to fully discharge so that I could charge it right up. It took me a while because I had the battery upside down to start with smiley:::wry smile
posted 30-Aug-2002 1:03am  
First of all, there would be a full-length aquarium, extending from the entrance to the exit, winding around all four corners of the wall, and it would be completely illuminated with dim lights, so that when the main lights of the room, or the lamps, were off, the room would radiate with a sea-like glow. Then, I would have the floors done in white marble with black swirls between the tiles, and a sprawling spiral staircase made of glass, and the banister would be pearly white marble, winding from the base to the end like a treble clef. Basically, the room would be divided into two floors, the bottom being the entertainment area, with a full-equipped entertainment center made of marble, with a high definition television set, surround sound, etc, and there would be hidden speakers in the design of big white rocks, that would be situated alongside the sofa and massaging recliner chair as coffee tables, with a wrought-iron base, and the stone speaker would look like a table top. Anyway, then, there would be an enclosed jaccuzi area, surrounded by glass walls and there would be a nature tape cassette hidden in the secret speakers that you could adjust to fit the desired mood - such as rainfall, thunderstorms, crickets, etc. And you could set the music so that it would add to the swirling sound of the jaccuzi whirlpool and mimic an actual experience in nature, without having to leave your house. Then, upstairs, there would be a canopy bed, with a mirror at the top, and the bed would be surrounded by plush velvet drapes, with light reflecting particles embedded into the material, so that there would be a night-time like glow that would illuminate the would-be darkness of the enclosure. Anyway, there would be more, but this is enough for now. Oh, plus, I'd have Paul Walker or Leonardo diCaprio hired as my personal towel-boy for whenever I got out of the jaccuzi...
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Aug-2002 9:49am  
What kind of laptop did you end up getting?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 30-Aug-2002 12:04pm  
It's spanking new one......

I'll try to find it online but the website had a benny last time I tried.

It was pretty much this one: but with upgraded memory and hard drive. It's very nice smiley:::smile But rather heavy. It's got a great LCD display though, nice and big (15.1") and no funny pixels. The touchpad mouse is a bit too sensitive though so I'm going to get a proper mouse. It's very exciting smiley:::grin
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 30-Aug-2002 12:07pm  
Okay, that link may not actually work properly. Stupid website!!!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Aug-2002 2:24pm  
You can usually tinker with the cursor speed and that might help with the mouse being sensitive. But an external mouse is better for your hand anyway.
I'm glad you like your new toy! What other kinds of features does it have?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 30-Aug-2002 7:43pm  
It has a CD rewriter and I can run DVDs. The picture's not great, but it's easily watchable. I've got a TV-out port, an infra-red "thingy" (that's the technical term smiley:::smile), an ethernet card, a modem......

I just put The Sims on it today and it runs so well! A lot better than on our family PC and even better than on my brother's desktop PC which was top of the range when he bought it last year. I haven't got a decent word processor yet though. When I go to uni I can get Microsoft Word and a few other bits of software in a student package for a lot less than I could otherwise but it means waiting. I haven't saved anything on it yet though!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Aug-2002 8:22pm  
Sounds awesome!
Open Office makes a good word processor; it has pretty much the same features as MS Word, but it's free. You can download it here . I think it has spreadsheets and other things, too.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 30-Aug-2002 8:29pm  
Wow thanks! I'll take a look at that smiley:::smile
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 30-Aug-2002 11:45pm  
It's pretty much all I've been using lately and I really like it. Like any word processor, it's got its little annoying "features," but overall I find it is comparable to anything else I've used. You can save documents on it into Word format, and it will read Word documents as well. I hope you like it!
posted 1-Sep-2002 9:40pm  
How about those rooms in the Ikea books and displays? Hahahaha
posted 2-Sep-2002 11:06pm  
The moon shines bright through a vast skylight,
a ceiling of glass above my room,
and shines upon wall to wall eggshell blue rug
upon the floor of my dream room.
A giant bed of uncreaking oak
with a decoratively hand carved headboard
which frames an inlaid mirror
in the center of my room
is surrounded by candles.
Live plants fill this room.
The air is clean and there is not even a hint of dust upon the dark green walls.
A large glass door opens up directly to a patio,
of finest marble and carved stone
It's where I go to be alone and read. I listen to morning birds as they speak there greeting words while shaking dew from their feathers. Then I dive into the in-ground pool. Wouldn't you?
posted 21-Sep-2002 11:50pm  
I can't remember my dreams after I wake up.
posted 3-Oct-2002 7:52pm  
waterbed, stereo, tv, fridge,
posted 6-Nov-2002 4:23pm  
lots of pillows cool air tons of stimulus girls and beer as far as the eye could see wait i guess it would be the Playboy Mansion
posted 7-Feb-2006 3:47am  
I want a room on the Star Ship Enterprise. Clean surfaces and straight lines. The toilet will come out of the wall and when you are done it will retreat back to where it came from.
posted 10-Aug-2006 1:17pm  
A four-poster bed with lacey drapery. A solt, billowy mattress to sink into (kind of like a feather bed). One wall of the room would be made entirely of glass and look out over a body of water. Hardwood floor, a rocking chair. A doorway leading into a private bathroom with separate bathtub (extra deep) and a large size glassed in shower stall with multiple nozzles and a hand held spray attachment. No computer, tv, radio, etc. Completely silent and quiet except for the sound of the water outside and the purring of my cat.

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