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multiple14-Nov-2007monkeeeeeeeKristal_Rose unsorted44570.0%


About dangling shoes..

What's the story behind shoes dangling from phone and electric wires? Where do they come from? (What's your best guess?)

4This is a game of skill practiced by those discarding their own old shoes.
2This is a display of public humiliation to those whom did not willingly part with their shoes.
0The shoe companies do this in hopes of starting a profitable trend.
9It has some secret meaning known only to a select crowd.
1Klick-klacks became unavailable.
1They are artifacts of human flight misfortunes.
0They serve some maintenance marking or physics purpose for the utility companies.
3I've had some other theory.
0Never thought about it before, but here's a another possibility.
1I know for sure how some of them got there.
0I've had my own shoes dangling from wires.
0They're still up there.
0..or at least part of them are.
2I've seen even stranger things dangling from wires.
1I've tried removing dangling things from wires.
0..didn't have any luck though.
1..and succeeded.
0..and was seriously damaged in the process.
0..and ended up doing serious damage.
3I've never seen shoes dangling from wires.
0The nicest shoes I've ever seen dangling from wires were:
3Thank God it's just shoes.
2Birds do it.
7Other: {It's an infinite universe, full of boundless possibilities}
1Other: {It's not an infinite boundless universe, but there's still something relevant not considered here yet.}

posted 15-Nov-2007 3:20pm  
I thought it was gang territory. I'd do this if I had an old pair of ratty shoes. Very cool survey!
posted 15-Nov-2007 3:51pm  
Theres a pair in town that have been dangling off the wires on main street as far back as I can remember. I've often wondered where the hell they came from, how they got up there, & why havint they fell off by now.
posted 15-Nov-2007 4:04pm  
We have very big vultures in these parts, the shoes on lines around here are from kids who are playing out side and become a victim of a hungry vulture, as they are being carried away by the scruff of their necks they kick their legs so hard that the laces get tangled together and their shoes go flying, sometimes the shoes land on the wires and become a sort of memorial to the child. People have been warned to keep their children chained to the ground, but some people just don't listen.
posted 15-Nov-2007 4:16pm  
They are there to establish gang terrorities. Plain and simple...
posted 15-Nov-2007 6:35pm  
Someone in LA hangs purple dove signs over intersections, counter-balanced by padlocks. Not sure what the intended message is.

It only just occurred to me the other day (hence the survey) that people didn't part with their shoes willingly. I'm glad I stayed ignororant of this grim possibility for 44 years.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 15-Nov-2007 8:27pm  
I've only ever seen this on The Simpsons.
posted 15-Nov-2007 9:27pm  
Well, I always thought it was a bunch of jerks. My friends mom said though, that they always used to do that right before the new school year after they bought new shoes. I like to think the shoes willed themselves up there, and were too scared to get down.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Nov-2007 10:01pm  
They play this game in the streets, "Who can kick the highest?" Only just like their pants, they wear their shoes 8 sizes too big. They tie them together so they stay near when they fall off as they walk. Easier to find that way. Anyway, when you compete high-kicks in oversized shoes under a powerline, sometimes the shoes win.
posted 15-Nov-2007 11:31pm  
It's an Australian thing and it means; drugs are sold here, seriously, I lived in suburbia and there are a few around here the rural region I live in, yeah country kids do drugs too.
posted 15-Nov-2007 11:52pm  
I have not seen shoes dangle from a wire somebody must be doing drugs here
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 16-Nov-2007 12:04am  
I don't know.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Nov-2007 6:30am  
I thought it was supposed to mean it's a drug dealer's house?
posted 16-Nov-2007 10:40am  
It involves being wasted.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Nov-2007 1:56pm  
I think it's just kind of fun, you know? ... a kind of almost whimsical vandalism. They do well in trees too... I wonder if someone has already posted the picture of that shoe tree...
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Nov-2007 1:57pm  
Oh dear, I didn't realize it was gang. OK, maybe that's not "fun".
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to bill) posted 16-Nov-2007 3:18pm  
I think it seems more like littering than vandalism, unless the shoes damage the line somehow. (I think sticking stickers to things is more like littering than vandalism too, but the law says it's vandalism. That's weird.)
posted 16-Nov-2007 7:55pm  
Secret meaning. I have heard, but don't think it is true, that it designates a neighborhood where drugs are sold.
posted 17-Nov-2007 3:08am  
Glad I asked. Gangs and drugs hadn't occurred to me eiher. I liked the loose shoes theory. I really loved the 'willed themselves up there' theory.
posted 17-Nov-2007 9:41am  
Military people throw boots when they get out, I think. I think people do this when they move out of a neighborhood. I'm not sure. I know there is some reason behind it.
posted 17-Nov-2007 9:42am  
I guess I was way off. lol
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 18-Nov-2007 5:34pm  
Don't take anyone elses opinions here as gospel. Unless they're in with those who actually dangle shoes, they don't know for sure either. It could be done with diverse motives or meanings, and probably is.
posted 18-Nov-2007 10:27pm  
The options made me laugh.... someone was thinking way too hard way too late in the night.... with a canister of coffee... sugar only. Good
(reply to cabinfever) posted 19-Nov-2007 8:03am  
Yeah, that's about it, but I was genuinely wondering a touch, and was mindful of composing for humors sake.

In retrospect the syle is a bit like like the opening credits of Monty Python's 'Jabberwocky' ('My sister was bit by a moose'). Part of what makes this survey work is indicated by one of the options, none of us really know for sure.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 20-Nov-2007 12:48am  
The part about 'My sister was bit by a moose' reminded me of my poem on the 'What's your problem?' survey. Funky, out there things mixed with the mundane.
(reply to cabinfever) posted 20-Nov-2007 3:21am  
Don't recall, I'll have to revisit.
posted 21-Nov-2007 1:06pm  
I have heard in theory it marks where the drug houses are. And all the ones I see in town are just next to drug houses. So I am not sure, but that is what the kids tell me.
posted 24-Nov-2007 9:32pm  
I must admit the time and effort required to compose this survey was great! So much so that I really have no other answer I could contribute, so I chose "Thank God it's just shoes"
posted 25-Nov-2007 5:49pm  
In and around military bases, departing service-personnel will sometimes leave their tied boots up there hanging, indicating that they, and no one else will ever use those boots again for military service. Me, well I still wear mine as I'm still in the military.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Jan-2012 6:44pm  
There were lots of dangling shoes in Liverpool. I think someone told me it was a gang territory thing. I'm not sure I believe that.
(reply to Biggles) posted 29-Jan-2012 5:32pm  
I'm not sure about Smithdown, but in Kenny there are some strung up over the most popular dealing spot. It might be coincidence though, because there is another pair further down the street where nothing happens... inconclusive either way really.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Liss) posted 29-Jan-2012 5:48pm  
I used to see them on the streets off West Derby Road a lot - especially in the vicinity of Sheil Road.
(reply to Biggles) posted 29-Jan-2012 6:07pm  
I've only driven through that area, but it seems quite similar to mine. I've enjoyed the proximity to University but we chose a terrible house... Cycling up and down Smithdown Road should keep me in shape at least smile
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Liss) posted 29-Jan-2012 6:19pm  
That's a long, long road! I think some of my ancestors are buried in Toxteth Cemetery and my great, great grandparents got married at a church near there too. I'm thinking about having a family history trip to Liverpool in June or July - I'd like to visit some of the places my ancestors lived. I hadn't researched that side of my family before I lived in Liverpool.

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