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In your current home, how long have you had the possession you have had for the longest?

Not: How old is your oldest possession? but How long have you had the thing you've had longest?

0Less than a year
0One to four years
0Five to nine years
0Ten to fourteen years
1Fifteen to nineteen years
1Twenty to twenty-four years
1Twenty-five to twenty-nine years
2Thirty to thirty-four years
3Thirty-five to thirty-nine years
5Forty to forty-four years
1Forty-five to forty-nine years
2Fifty to fifty-four years
1Fifty-five to fifty-nine years
2Sixty or more years
1I don't know
0Other answer

Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Sep-2017 12:14pm  
The dresser in my son's room was my dresser when I was growing up. I think it was purchased in the town where I was born, which means I've had since before I was a year and a half old.
posted 5-Sep-2017 1:00pm  
I have this old Antique floor lamp that I bought at a flea market a very long time ago far back as I can remember
posted 5-Sep-2017 2:06pm  
I still have my copy of the original Dungeons and Dragons rules, which I got about forty years ago,
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 5-Sep-2017 4:11pm  
I don't think I've got anything here that I've had since early childhood (though there are things I've had since birth in my parents' attic). I've used the same summer coat every year since I was about 13 (so twenty years) and I can't think of anything in this house that I've owned for longer than that. I have a beanie polar bear that I may have had a little longer than the coat - maybe twenty two years?

Oh wait, I had forgotten something that is from my early childhood. I have a soft Peter Rabbit clip that I got with some Beatrix Potter books, probably for my third birthday, and that has been clipped to every set of bedroom curtains that I've had. It's just like this one. So that's nearly thirty one years.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Sep-2017 10:01pm  
I know there are a number of things I've had for 16 years (mostly clothes, but a few decorative items from the bedroom I had as a teenager too).
Can't think of anything I've had longer; will update if something else comes to mind.
posted 5-Sep-2017 11:23pm  
I have a soldering iron I got when I was in junior high school so something over 40 years.
posted 6-Sep-2017 6:56am  
About 35 years, my tool box.
posted 7-Sep-2017 6:47am  
I've photographs of myself as a baby and an infant, and a lot of material from my adolescence.
posted 7-Sep-2017 9:10am  
I have a clay bowl that I made in 6th grade art class about 37 years ago, I think.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Sep-2017 9:27pm  
Nearly 41 years. Some things were given/issued to me at/prior to birth.

I have a birth certificate, stuffed donkey, and other books and toys. Many of my childhood things were pulled down from my parents' attic when I gave birth to the first grandchild --- and eventually followed us home. Now there are old books and toys in my own attic that were mine when I was young. There are even some dolls up there that belonged to my mom when she was young (but that's not what the survey is asking).
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Sep-2017 10:27pm  
40 to 44 years. A jewelry box. The latch is broken. I'm pondering repairing it.
posted 14-Sep-2017 12:31am  
My home, 54 years
(reply to LJD) posted 14-Oct-2017 2:05pm  
Jean did you survive the wildfires in California or did you lose your home?

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