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If you have a crush on someone, is it better to hint at your feelings or confess them?

5Confession is good for the soul.
13Dropping hints is the way to go.
20Depends on the crush and whether he/she would respond better to hints or a confession.
14Depends on your level of shyness.
15Depends on your ability to play the hinting game.
9Depends on something else...
4Other throughts...

posted 26-Jun-2001 11:00am  
Is there something you are trying to tell me?
(flutters eyelids)
posted 26-Jun-2001 11:22am  
Depends on who you are.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-Jun-2001 11:29am  
duck duck goose
hint hint confess
posted 26-Jun-2001 11:45am  
Dropping hints is the way to go. I prefer the subtle approach. Lots of flirting, a big bouquet delivered to her house with a nice card, little trinkets..."I saw this and thought of you..." Don't be TOO subtle though, you have to get the message across.
posted 26-Jun-2001 12:26pm  
It depends on what kind of a person you are. There are people who simply don't have the self-confidence to confess something like that.
posted 26-Jun-2001 1:10pm  
It's been so long since I've been single that I forget how to play the mating game.However,if my husband ever died before me I wouldn't want another mate.
posted 26-Jun-2001 1:18pm  
Depends on who you have a crush on.
Are you a teenage and s/he's a teacher? No. Don't go there.
Your best friend's parent? Again, don't go there.
Best friend? Tough call.
Boss? No.
Casual acquaintance? Eh, maybe.
posted 26-Jun-2001 1:38pm  
I would have to say that dropping hints is good unless it drags out for like a year or something.
I have never had to do this though, the guys usually act first, and pretty quick.
(reply to jkiehart) posted 26-Jun-2001 1:40pm  
Heh, my boss hinted at me for about a year till he actually said something finally, then we ended up moving in together.
(reply to mary) posted 26-Jun-2001 2:20pm  
You're naughty!

Mmmm... forbidden love...
posted 26-Jun-2001 2:21pm  
I'm lost on this one. Neither have worked well for me. I end up with people claiming to be oblivious of my ever dropping hints.
posted 26-Jun-2001 2:37pm  
Hint until they hint back, then it will just happen.
posted 26-Jun-2001 6:46pm  
Depends on who the crush is, and how I think he would react
posted 26-Jun-2001 6:56pm  
Confess. Then commit suicide... smiley:::frown
(reply to jen) posted 26-Jun-2001 7:35pm  
It got weird between us, didn't it? I thought we wouldn't let that happen...
(reply to jkiehart) posted 26-Jun-2001 8:56pm  
posted 26-Jun-2001 9:15pm  
I've had bad experiences with both. Your best bet is just to keep your mouth shut and hope the other person is eqwually interested in you.
(reply to was_Frostbrand) posted 26-Jun-2001 9:54pm  
And if that other person is equally interested but follows the same advice and keeps their mouth shut, neither of you ever find out. My history has been to keep my mouth shut for a while (sometimes years) then confess and find out they're either not interested or not any more. That's not an approach I recommend either.
posted 26-Jun-2001 11:01pm  
See how they respond to hints. Proceed from there. I used a confession to snag my new guy. :)
posted 26-Jun-2001 11:38pm  
I have a crushes on a bunch of people. I'm stupid that way. I don't tell them. I just keep it all inside and cry and bite my lower lip a lot, thinking about how it would feel to touch them, hold them, kiss their little toes.
(reply to was_Frostbrand) posted 27-Jun-2001 3:19am  
I got married a year after I graduated high school. A year after that I found that a gal I had a terrible crush on for a couple years had had one on me too.
posted 27-Jun-2001 4:35pm  
Awww...does the SC have a crush on someone?
posted 27-Jun-2001 6:56pm  
Hint. That way if they don't hint back, your feelings don't get hurt and it's not as awkward afterwards.
(reply to Maarten) posted 27-Jun-2001 9:37pm  
huh? why?
posted 27-Jun-2001 10:18pm  
stalk them, hang out where they work and live, get to know their routine, make it your routine, sit outside their house every spare moment, call them at all hours breathing into the phone, write them anonymous letters....whoops I hear sirens gotta go
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to dab) posted 28-Jun-2001 12:17am  
I remember Jo Sagarin told me she had a crush on you... but that was 10 years ago. smiley:::raspberry
posted 28-Jun-2001 12:50am  
delicious, isn't it!????
(reply to ASB) posted 28-Jun-2001 3:03am  
Because she said no...
posted 28-Jun-2001 3:26am  
(reply to smurf) posted 28-Jun-2001 4:03am  
Gorgeous. .^ ^^^
(reply to smurf) posted 28-Jun-2001 4:18am  
I just got my doctoraTE IN ARt. pm.
with asides in psycholgy "Hello, ow, ? oh hmm sorry. hmm I love you. i love you I'd die on a rock for you"
(reply to Maarten) posted 28-Jun-2001 4:20am  
Well it isn't the end of the world. There are plenty of people that would not be so foolish smiley:::smile
(reply to Maarten) posted 28-Jun-2001 5:13am  
looks like maarten beat me to it.
(reply to bill) posted 28-Jun-2001 4:22pm  
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 29-Jun-2001 10:43am  
Well, for Pete's sake, have you ever read one of your own esoteric responses?

Outside of flashing someone, it might be difficult for the rest of the world to get your message.
posted 29-Jun-2001 4:57pm  
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 30-Jun-2001 3:51am  
laughing out loudsmiley:::smile
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 1-Jul-2001 12:16am  
it depends on whether being honest or getting what you want is more important to you.
posted 1-Jul-2001 10:51pm  
drop hints for a while and then confess, this way you can make it a little sexy mystery and then break out and say 'i like you' and they'll be like 'yes!!!!' and then you will make sweet sweet love
(reply to romkey) posted 2-Jul-2001 12:44pm  
They are the same for me.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Jul-2001 12:52pm  
I think getting what you want is more important for a lot of people, though
(reply to romkey) posted 2-Jul-2001 1:31pm  
I spent a lot of this weekend trying to explain to my friend that they're not mutually exclusive, and in fact even detriment each other. {she had someone threaten to sue if she moved a day late} My attempts at manipulation have failed. My honest humbleness got me far more than I would have expected I could strive for.
posted 8-Jul-2001 1:15pm  
For me personally I can't do either because I'm really shy, unless of course I was really drunk or something, but even then it would only be hinting.
posted 6-Aug-2001 12:31am  
I had a major crush on a college acquaintance for 3 years but I was too nervous to pursue it...I know my crush liked me for awhile, but I did nothing about it. He graduated and I haven't seen him since. I now regret my behavior. I tried to drop hints about my interest in him but I was way too subtle (either I would avoid him outright or fail to respond normally whenever he spoke to me). If you like someone and have any kind of sense drop those hints and do something about it. A confession does not have to be awkward, it can be as simple and straightfoward as admitting that you like someone to his or her face...and watching his or response. Make it light...take the first step...I sure wish I had done so.

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