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single16-Dec-2013personalityJessicaWoman99 by votes30160.3%


Are you considered to be a shy person?

Maybe you are one of those who would rather be alone and not being around other people etc.


posted 16-Dec-2013 5:25pm  
I wouldn't use the word "shy." More like congenitally (all my life) antisocial. I always prefer to be alone, never get lonely, and being around others makes me nervous and uncomfortable.
posted 16-Dec-2013 7:17pm  
No I am not shy at all I am very social and get involved with other people I can speak or sing in front of large crowds I love being around people and doing things with my churchsmile
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 16-Dec-2013 8:55pm  
I think actually, people do not usually realize I am shy and assume instead that I'm a dick.
posted 16-Dec-2013 9:02pm  

As a child I was really shy though. Our front door was a large old solid wood with a full window. When people would come to the door and mom would go answer I would duck behind it and peer through the hinge gap to see without being seen. At least in my young mind. That's a cute and warm memory, thanks for helping me have it. :D

I was once told that I'm like my father, "he doesn't talk much but when he does say something you know it's worth listening to." That makes my chest swell a little. I think I talk more than he does but it was still nice to hear. Both about me and about my father.
(reply to they) posted 16-Dec-2013 9:03pm  
It's always sad when they've got a case of RBF.
posted 17-Dec-2013 12:34am  
No. I can strike up a conversation with anyone. My husband laughs because I can go to a store and strike up a conversation that lasts for up to an hour.
posted 17-Dec-2013 4:50am  
I don't believe I am shy but I do like my solitude.
posted 17-Dec-2013 7:11am  
Absolutely not.
posted 17-Dec-2013 10:20am  
I'm something like that. I don't tend to think of it as "shy". Maybe introverted, but even that doesn't quite fit. Someone once said I seem aloof. I don't tend to initiate social contact and like 'they' said, this may seem like I'm a dick (and maybe I am on some level since I don't reciprocate with friends consistently). I'm somewhat variable, so it's hard to answer. I can be quiet, but other times very talkative even domineering. Someone I know from a website met me in person and said I was much quieter than I seemed online. Often, the way I behave seems to be because I care too much about things. I care what other people think and want them to like me, so saying anything or doing things with other people is really hard because I'm concerned about every little detail and how they may react to each one. Thus, I may say nothing or just avoid doing things. And, when I do things, I often spend hours after replaying what was said and done, scrutinizing it. It's exhausting and thus easier to just avoid all that. But, I know I can be judgmental of other people too. And, sometimes have mean-spirited thoughts toward others. So yeah, sort of shy but it's complicated and hard to pin down too.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to bill) posted 17-Dec-2013 10:34am  
Yes! This! Everything you just said. All of it. These are the words I should have used.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to bill) posted 17-Dec-2013 10:38am  
> And, when I do things, I often spend hours after replaying what was said and done, scrutinizing it. It's exhausting and thus easier to just avoid all that.

Amen. After working at home every day all day for years, it can be very tiring to go into the office for a few hours, because every moment lingers with me for so long afterward.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Dec-2013 10:46am  
I used to be, as a kid. It gradually wore off, mostly in my early 20s. I can sometimes be a little too self conscious, depending on the situation and my perception of the other person, but most of the time it isn't hard at all for me to have conversations with strangers.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 17-Dec-2013 10:53am  
No. I'm not always the most social at parties, but I'm not shy.
(reply to they) posted 17-Dec-2013 1:22pm  
I think being with people more actually makes it easier in some ways because you get overloaded and just have to get over it. But, I've had the luxury of not having to do that for a while now.
posted 18-Dec-2013 5:44am  
I'd say in general, yes, I'd be considered by many perhaps even most as a shy person, although I certainly don't think I was born shy, and was an outgoing child, and even now, I tend to be very friendly when dealing with people.
posted 18-Dec-2013 10:18am  
I used to be so shy I would darn near pass out to talk to anyone. In high school I put myself into the drama group because I thought it would help. It did a bit, but may have caused more trauma than not lol I am a bit shy now when it comes to celebrities I stutter and stammer and sound like a silly groupie but all in all I am not shy.
(reply to they) posted 18-Dec-2013 10:19am  
OOooooooohhhhh. surprise
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 18-Dec-2013 10:30am  
> OOooooooohhhhh. surprise

What? laughing out loud Did you just realize I'm not actually a dick?
(reply to they) posted 18-Dec-2013 10:33am  
> Yes! This! Everything you just said. All
> of it. These are the words I should have
> used.
But you didn't because you are a dick laughing out loud
(reply to they) posted 18-Dec-2013 10:34am  
oooooops hahahahaha
jen Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 18-Dec-2013 10:34am  
I'm introverted but not shy
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 19-Dec-2013 6:44pm  
I think of myself as shy, but I suspect that most people who meet me nowadays wouldn't think so, especially at work where I cope well with constantly meeting and speaking to new people. People who get to know me a little better now probably think I'm reserved and not very sociable because I do like spending most of my time alone outside of work, but I don't think that they would say I was shy. People who knew me longer ago (school friends), probably would describe me as shy.
posted 21-Dec-2013 2:30pm  
I am socially awkward.
(reply to MysticKat) posted 23-Dec-2013 7:28am  
That's why you fit in here so well... you're just like the rest of us!
posted 26-Dec-2013 1:00pm  
I doubt it. I'm much more restrained in forced social circumstances, like a party where I don't know too many people. At work, I'm very out-going.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 28-Dec-2013 5:48am  
Nice to know I am among others. LOL!
posted 28-Dec-2013 1:47pm  
The general consensus is that I am an extrovert, among other things.
(reply to MysticKat) posted 30-Dec-2013 9:05am  
Yeah, I think I am the only normal person here. wink
(reply to FordGuy) posted 31-Dec-2013 1:50pm  
Not anymore! You got me!
(reply to MysticKat) posted 2-Jan-2014 7:23am  
Ok, we can be the only two normal people.
(reply to MysticKat, FordGuy) posted 2-Jan-2014 10:32am  
I like my abnormal self, and very happy with it.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 2-Jan-2014 11:03am  
Me too!
posted 2-Jan-2014 8:49pm  
Highly unlikely. I'm a hermit, but if I am with people, I'm a social butterfly.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 6-Jan-2014 1:49am  
Yeah...I'm normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(reply to Lysannus) posted 6-Jan-2014 1:50am  
To quote "Young Frankenstein", I am "Abby Normal".

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