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single9-Jun-2007personalitygambler by votes51657.3%


Would you consider yourself a "tactile" person?


1. Perceptible to the sense of touch; tangible.
2. Used for feeling: a tactile organ.
3. Of, relating to, or proceeding from the sense of touch; tactual: a tactile reflex.

What I mean is are you a touchy-feely type person?

Do you hug/kiss, when you greet people?, When you talk to people do you touch them on their sleeve/hand? You get the idea

15Yes, somewhat
4Yes, very
2I am not sure
0Despite your explanation, I have no clue what your asking

posted 10-Jun-2007 5:31pm  
I'm a love-a-hug person. I, at times, do touch another person during conversation.
RainingFeathers This user is on the site NOW (2 minutes ago)
posted 10-Jun-2007 5:58pm  
My instinct was to say yes, but then I saw the phrase "touchy-feely".

I do not like touching or being touched by others at all. I really dislike physical contact.

However, I am very sensitive to touch. There are some things (like satin, clay, or metal) that I love the feel of, and others (like raw wood, cotton balls, or styrofoam) that I am actually unable to touch. I'm also a tactile learner. I need to hold things, or take them apart and put them back together, in order to understand them.
posted 10-Jun-2007 6:19pm  
Yea, I am a touchy feely person and living in Jamaica, where its accepted and no one respects personal space has only made me worse
posted 10-Jun-2007 6:24pm  
Within reason.
posted 10-Jun-2007 6:28pm  
No, not really
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Jun-2007 6:32pm  
not really, i am with some people i know very well but not with most. people seem to like to touch me though for some reason!
what's with the first 1. at the top of the definition......... ??
posted 10-Jun-2007 7:43pm  
With a very few people. There are some others with whom I'd like to be, but I have no reason to think it'd be appreciated.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Jun-2007 8:02pm  
Yes, somewhere between somewhat and very.
posted 10-Jun-2007 8:13pm  
No. I can do the kiss/hug greeting thing but I usually do not initiate this unless it's someone close to me that I haven't seen in a long time. Expats here, though, tend to do the kiss or kiss/kiss greeting thing which is a bit odd to me. Plus I never know if they're going to do one kiss or two. I don't like having someone touch me while they are talking to me---sounds like they would be in my personal space.
(reply to jettles) posted 10-Jun-2007 8:24pm  
Hi Jettles, I did notice your needs work, ........... LOL, It seems to be a big issue for you?... I edited the description from, because it had an example I chose to delete it and obviously it got a little/tiny/miniscule messed up.
posted 10-Jun-2007 9:22pm  
Somewhat, but not really with people, mainly things.
posted 11-Jun-2007 12:36am  
No. I think I'm quite the opposite. I don't like people in my space. There are very few people that can get away with hugging me or touching me.
posted 11-Jun-2007 1:10am  
I guess somewhat. What I mean is that I am only like that with select few people. I am very tactile with Anne. With close family I hug and touch. I used to be very shy when it came to this but as an adult I realized how much these people mean to me and that they enjoy the touch. That is enough for me. Like my grandmother. Knowing how much it means to her makes me comfortable with doing it.

Now with things I am particular, especially my clothing. I am sensitive to things brushing my face, like hair. It can be painful in a way. When I have PMS my clothes become a big issue.
posted 11-Jun-2007 4:18am  
Yes, raised that way, but not as much now.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to gambler) posted 11-Jun-2007 5:25am  
not a big deal........
(reply to jettles) posted 11-Jun-2007 9:41am  
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Jun-2007 12:36pm  
I'm very sensitive to being touched and touching other people has a big effect on me. ...which is why I tend to avoid touching people.
posted 11-Jun-2007 2:20pm  
No, and I am uneasy with people that do this to me. They're interfering in my personal space bubble.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (3 minutes ago)
posted 11-Jun-2007 5:39pm  
I'm British, so no, not usually.

There are a few people that I would hug when greeting - my mother, my younger brother (but not my father or older brother) and a few very close friends. I feel very awkward when anyone else tries to hug me or touch me in any way other than a handshake. I wouldn't kiss anyone except my mother or younger brother (or a partner, obviously).

*However*, I am a very different creature when I am working. My job is *very* tactile in nature and I don't feel at all awkward having very close personal contact with people when I'm working. (EDIT: Have just realised that makes me sound like a prostitute, to clarify: I am a nursing assistant). Patting someone on the shoulder or stroking their hand is part of my job and I often touch people as I am talking to them. But that doesn't seem inappropriate as I am responsible for assisting with the intimate personal care of many of my patients.

posted 11-Jun-2007 5:58pm  
Yeah I am a touchy person.
posted 11-Jun-2007 10:52pm  
Depends on how well I know them. Relatives, yep. Kids I know well, yep. I tussle toddlers hair if I know the parents. I hug my friends.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 11-Jun-2007 10:53pm  
I want my own personal space bubble! How many MPG does it get?
posted 12-Jun-2007 9:56am  
With my partner and my child, yes. Everyone else, no.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jun-2007 3:36pm  
Not with strangers..... Only touchy with Ben and Mary really.
posted 12-Jun-2007 7:08pm  
somewhat. I used to be very huggy, but the last year or so I feel like I am hugged out. I don't particulary care for when people touch me on the hand or sleeve when they are talking to me. so instead of hugging people I love, sometimes a big ole smile will be satisfactory.
posted 13-Jun-2007 2:05pm  
Yes lots of times I do and I will reach out and touch you
posted 14-Jun-2007 12:13am  
posted 14-Jun-2007 4:29pm  
No. I don't touch anybody except my partner and my daughter, and I feel very uncomfortable when I get tricked into having to hug someone.

Personal space please people!!
posted 15-Jun-2007 2:12pm  
I am tactile when it comes to my husband. But I am not a touchy-feely person outside of being affectionate with FG. I do hug friends if they are upset or if I haven't seen them in a long time. But they are good close friends, not just casual friends.
posted 17-Jun-2007 9:50am  
I'm not at all a touchy-feely type, There are very few people I touch, even fewer that I kiss or hug. I shake hands with some, especially when they offer a handshake, so as not to be rude. Gentlemen should aways stand when shaking hands, women may shake hands while seated. I don't put my hands on people, and prefer them not to touch me.
posted 21-Jun-2007 2:02am  
I have to pick 'I am not sure'.... I used to be, but the last couple years I have been so on guard over everything, the joy is pretty much sucked out of life... and that includes the whole 'tactile' thing. I do still enjoy touching/feeling certain fabrics against my skin, though.
(reply to Biggles) posted 21-Jun-2007 2:06am  
Not odd.... it's your job, your chosen profession. You, your brain, your psyche all know this. They just simply shift gears for the situation.
posted 31-Jul-2007 9:32pm  
I am not, but I go to school with people that, a little awkward.

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