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multiple21-Jan-2015monkeeeeeeeFordGuy by votes25256.3%


What condition is your condition in?

12My condition is:
2Only under one condtion... (other)
1I am unable to state the condition of my condition.

posted 21-Jan-2015 2:56pm  
My condition has been reconditioned.
posted 21-Jan-2015 3:29pm  
sometimes in control, sometimes not
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Jan-2015 4:06pm  
Only under one condition will I state the condition of my condition! By the way, I'm good.
posted 21-Jan-2015 7:24pm  
My condition is undetermined
posted 21-Jan-2015 8:31pm  
Looks like I managed to avoid getting a cold last week. I'm pretty happy with my condition.
posted 22-Jan-2015 5:36am  
in remission. Hopefully not heading to perdition.

But otherwise I am doing ok.
posted 22-Jan-2015 6:59am  
Excellent as usual!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Jan-2015 8:04am  
My condition is conditional on the condition of my condition, conditionally.
posted 22-Jan-2015 10:33am  
My condition is critical mass?
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Jan-2015 11:36am  
Tired and a little anxious.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Jan-2015 12:58pm  
Worse than I let on but probably not as bad as I worry it is (I hope lol).

My extreme anxiety about spending money (even when I have the money) is going to be the actual death of me. I have a hard time getting the doctor visits in, the tests I need done, and medications I need because I just can not bring myself to spend the money on it.
posted 23-Jan-2015 4:39pm  
posted 24-Jan-2015 10:03am  
Tired and sleepy
posted 27-Jan-2015 1:55am  
I saw so much I broke my mind
posted 27-Jan-2015 12:13pm  
I suffer from diabetes, ill health. Don't get diabetes. Stay away from all sugars, as sugar comes in various forms, i.e. sugar, corn, refined grains, pasta, pizza, breads, sweet drinks, sodas, the list goes on.. The American diet is geared towards the sweet taste...deadly.

If only I knew 50 years ago, what I know today, I'd be in better health. My doctor told me recently, that I should avoid wheat, wheat gluten. He told me 100% the reason for my weight gain, was hypothyroidism. I'm a blood type O+, born with hypothyroidism, ALL type O's the same. I was told when I was 20 years old, I'll never be able to eat carbs well, but being 108 lbs, I didn't really understand at that time. Check out the book "Eat Right for (4) Your Type" by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.
posted 30-Jan-2015 9:29pm  
Sober :(
posted 3-Feb-2015 4:09pm  
Pretty damn good.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Feb-2015 3:21pm  
pretty freakin good

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