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single1-Nov-2005personal habitsCGTREE by votes51952.1%


Do you clean the inside of your nose on a regular basis?

28Yes I do.
10No I don't.

posted 2-Nov-2005 11:22pm  
Yeah. I have this dream about being in a large crowd and having people pointing at me. No one says anything. When I go into the restroom, I glance in the mirror and see this huge booger hanging from my nose. So, yeah, I've kind of got this fear that the dream will come true. So I make sure my nose is all clean.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:00am  
If picking it counts, yes.
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:11am  
Yes I do...everyday after work....I'm a carpenter so lots of saw dust gets in my nose...its really I have to do some major cleaning when I get home...
(reply to romkey) posted 3-Nov-2005 12:13am  
Oh it does...
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:20am  
I don't clean it, I pick it, thank you very much.
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:32am  
clean? like pick? i blow my nose when i need to, but i don't perform any daily cleaning regimen if that's what you mean.
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:44am  
Clean in what manner? Do you mean do I pick my nose? Or do I use some facial tissue to remove mucus and boogers from my nose? You're going to have to be clearer if I'm going to be able to give an answer.
cloudhugger Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Nov-2005 1:05am  
Yup, grab me the garden hose and put on a good movie.
posted 3-Nov-2005 2:35am  
yes, with q-tips, sometimes when my nose gets dry it bleeds and scabs up. Gross I know but I do have to clean properly so I don't walk around w. gross stuff hanging out.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Nov-2005 10:56am  
Yes I do. Having allergies etc, I have to do it.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:18pm  
If blowing it counts, then yes. But I don't use a neti pot or anything like that.
posted 4-Nov-2005 11:26am  
with my finger haha
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 4-Nov-2005 11:27am  
laughing out loud
posted 4-Nov-2005 12:45pm  
Depends on what you mean by clean. I use tissue up there occasionally, but I don't shove a hose up there or use soap inside my nose.
posted 4-Nov-2005 5:55pm  
Are you asking if I pick my nose or something else altogether?
posted 5-Nov-2005 7:49am  
Uh huh... on some days, hourly. *giggle*
posted 6-Nov-2005 9:37am  
Yes, I guess I do. I blow it and keep the wild hairs trimmed.
posted 6-Nov-2005 12:51pm  
i was told by a man that was 105 yrs old that what made him live so long was cleaning the inside of his nose daily. It cant be that wrong,besides i breath better,and it never whistles or rattles.
posted 6-Nov-2005 5:04pm  
Yes I do. My nose is quite inflamed up the top so I have to blow it at least twice a day and I have a spray that brings down the inflammation.
posted 8-Nov-2005 8:50pm  
(reply to docgbrown) posted 11-Nov-2005 12:12am  
Any way you want......its not my nose its yours.!...picking, kleenex, toilet paper, garden hose, q-tip, take your pick.
posted 11-Nov-2005 12:25pm  
Yes, but I wouldn't call it cleaning.
(reply to Amanda) posted 11-Nov-2005 12:26pm  
I think you mean "booger". A bugger is a "sodomizer". Or is that a buggerer?
(reply to Updown) posted 11-Nov-2005 7:23pm  
laughing out loud You got me there. Yeah, bugger is someone who practices sodomy. No, I don't think I have one of those on my face. *looks in mirror* Yep. Yep. I'm good there!
(reply to Amanda) posted 14-Nov-2005 10:11am  
Just trying to help.
posted 16-Nov-2005 5:11pm  
i hafto so i can breath out my nose
posted 18-Nov-2005 1:19am  
Yup, just like all my other body parts.
(reply to CGTREE) posted 24-Nov-2005 6:23am  
Oh. Well I blow my nose as needed. I do nothing further.
(reply to docgbrown) posted 24-Nov-2005 7:59am  
Alrighty then.

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