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single1-Nov-2005personal habitsCGTREE by votes51952.1%


Do you clean the inside of your nose on a regular basis?

28Yes I do.
10No I don't.

posted 2-Nov-2005 11:22pm  
Yeah. I have this dream about being in a large crowd and having people pointing at me. No one says anything. When I go into the restroom, I glance in the mirror and see this huge booger hanging from my nose. So, yeah, I've kind of got this fear that the dream will come true. So I make sure my nose is all clean.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:00am  
If picking it counts, yes.
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:11am  
Yes I do...everyday after work....I'm a carpenter so lots of saw dust gets in my nose...its really I have to do some major cleaning when I get home...
(reply to romkey) posted 3-Nov-2005 12:13am  
Oh it does...
Iseult Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:20am  
I don't clean it, I pick it, thank you very much.
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:32am  
clean? like pick? i blow my nose when i need to, but i don't perform any daily cleaning regimen if that's what you mean.
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:44am  
Clean in what manner? Do you mean do I pick my nose? Or do I use some facial tissue to remove mucus and boogers from my nose? You're going to have to be clearer if I'm going to be able to give an answer.
posted 3-Nov-2005 1:05am  
Yup, grab me the garden hose and put on a good movie.
posted 3-Nov-2005 2:35am  
yes, with q-tips, sometimes when my nose gets dry it bleeds and scabs up. Gross I know but I do have to clean properly so I don't walk around w. gross stuff hanging out.
paulyw Survey Central Subscriber Gold Star Survey Creator Gold Qualifier
posted 3-Nov-2005 10:56am  
Yes I do. Having allergies etc, I have to do it.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Nov-2005 12:18pm  
If blowing it counts, then yes. But I don't use a neti pot or anything like that.
posted 4-Nov-2005 11:26am  
with my finger haha
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 4-Nov-2005 11:27am  
 * laughing out loud *
posted 4-Nov-2005 12:45pm  
Depends on what you mean by clean. I use tissue up there occasionally, but I don't shove a hose up there or use soap inside my nose.
posted 4-Nov-2005 5:55pm  
Are you asking if I pick my nose or something else altogether?
FauxLo Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 5-Nov-2005 7:49am  
Uh huh... on some days, hourly. *giggle*
posted 6-Nov-2005 9:37am  
Yes, I guess I do. I blow it and keep the wild hairs trimmed.
posted 6-Nov-2005 12:51pm  
i was told by a man that was 105 yrs old that what made him live so long was cleaning the inside of his nose daily. It cant be that wrong,besides i breath better,and it never whistles or rattles.
posted 6-Nov-2005 5:04pm  
Yes I do. My nose is quite inflamed up the top so I have to blow it at least twice a day and I have a spray that brings down the inflammation.
posted 8-Nov-2005 8:50pm  
(reply to docgbrown) posted 11-Nov-2005 12:12am  
Any way you want......its not my nose its yours.!...picking, kleenex, toilet paper, garden hose, q-tip, take your pick.
Updown Happy Birthday to Me
posted 11-Nov-2005 12:25pm  
Yes, but I wouldn't call it cleaning.
Updown Happy Birthday to Me
(reply to Amanda) posted 11-Nov-2005 12:26pm  
I think you mean "booger". A bugger is a "sodomizer". Or is that a buggerer?
(reply to Updown) posted 11-Nov-2005 7:23pm  
 * laughing out loud * You got me there. Yeah, bugger is someone who practices sodomy. No, I don't think I have one of those on my face. *looks in mirror* Yep. Yep. I'm good there!
Updown Happy Birthday to Me
(reply to Amanda) posted 14-Nov-2005 10:11am  
Just trying to help.
posted 16-Nov-2005 5:11pm  
i hafto so i can breath out my nose
posted 18-Nov-2005 1:19am  
Yup, just like all my other body parts.
(reply to CGTREE) posted 24-Nov-2005 6:23am  
Oh. Well I blow my nose as needed. I do nothing further.
(reply to docgbrown) posted 24-Nov-2005 7:59am  
Alrighty then.

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